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At some point can you do a 10 texts/sexts list from which we'd try to guess who sent it, Viktor or Yuuri?

Top Ten Texts/Sexts From Viktor Or Yuuri:

10) Let’s be real number 10 on this list has to be all the nudes they presumably sent each other when they were still long distance because that was definitely a thing that happened (more on Viktor’s side than Yuuri’s because he was more confident about it and has much less shame but Yuuri definitely did it a few times as well)

9) “Wear red tonight, you know how much I like it” Phichit saw this one and decided he didn’t want to know

8) “Now you’ll be thinking of me even when you’re skating. You did want me to make you remember me after all” the context of which you can decide for yourselves

7) “I can’t decide when you’re more beautiful, when you’re skating or when you’re moaning under me. Maybe you should come to visit me and we can find out”

6) “I’ve been taking my language lessons very seriously” followed by a string of very explicit statements in the other’s language that shall remain untranslated

5) A picture of certain items that don’t need to be mentioned captioned ‘If you win today we can have some fun tonight’

4) “We don’t have practice tomorrow which means that tonight you can fuck me so hard I can’t walk”

3) “You seemed to enjoy being on top of the podium today but I think you’ll love it more when I’m on top of you tonight”

2) A picture of Yuuri on a bed in the Eros costume taken by Phichit that someone mentioned in a previous ask, because if you’re going to sext your long-distance boyfriend you need to do it with style and it’s a best friend’s responsibility to make sure Viktor was very regretful that he was still stuck in Russia

1) “You promised you’d kiss my gold medal if I won so you better be prepared to get down on your knees tonight to do it.” “Gold definitely isn’t going to be the only thing I’ll be kissing tonight” 

(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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bfl (boyfriend bestfriend lover)

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,545 words

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

opening line: “Although your boyfriend is highkey a manipulator and gets petty at times, you still love Jung Jaehyun for being there for you when you need it the most.” 

*happy birthday jjh you make me swerve too hard for you but I still love you very very much, you dimpled cutie.* 

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  • <p> <b>How I captioned my art 4 years ago:</b> I made this a while ago and I never posted it! Sorry about that!! ;m;!!!It took me FOREVER to get the nose right!! I need to get better with that ;//w//;,,, ANYWAYS!!!! I'm working on a few other things right now so be sure to look forward to that!! ^w^ 💕💕💕<p/><b>How I caption my art now:</b> gay boy takes a tumble<p/></p>

so, i found this at the back of my cupboard this morning, my flat tummy tea, that i had shipped to me all the way from america, yes, it cost me a fortune, but i thought it’d be worth it to have a flat stomach. that was all i ever wanted. let me tell you i HATE herbal teas, i don’t know why, i just always have, so having this first thing in the morning was rancid, but i put myself through it anyway. i even remember posting it on instagram with the caption “please give me the body i want” and i got LIKES??? and, now i realise, how silly i was to buy into the diet culture, for one, because i doubt these things even work, and for two, because… MY TUMMY IS DAMN FINE, and it doesn’t need to be flat, MOST TUMMIES AREN’T FLAT… and i should have just let my tummy be, and my body be free! the best part is, i don’t look at it and think “maybe i should try it again” or “i do need a flat tummy” i look at it and think “I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK YOU AGAIN, AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THE BIT OF EXTRA CHUB ON MY TUMMY, I’M ROCKING IT, AND I VOW TO NEVER BUY INTO THE DIET CULTURE EVER AGAIN” and it feels amazing to be in that mindset! i thought about chucking it away, but honestly, i’m going to keep it at the back of my cupboard, as a reminder that i love my body enough now to not drink some herbal tea, that i hate, in hopes that i get a “flat tummy”, it’s a reminder that i’m now free!

ps, not happy with my make up in this pictures but posting them anyway because the smile 😄😄😄

Be Kind

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1171
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request either a Jensen or Jared x reader (your choice!) where she their PA on set and they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time, but she’s afraid to move forward because she knows how harsh the fandom can be and she’s scared of getting close to him?

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         “Good morning, Y/N,” Jensen smiled as soon as you walked onto the set with two cups of coffee and your usual planner to keep track of everything Jensen was supposed to do that day and the coming days.

           “Good morning,” you smiled as well. Being a personal assistant for Jensen Ackles was the best job you could have ever asked for. Not only did he treat you like a normal person, but he treated you like a friend, “I have coffee.”

           “Because you’re amazing,” he said, taking the coffee you offered him.

           “I try,” you grinned, taking a sip of the other coffee.

           “So, what’s on the agenda for the weekend?” Jensen asked as the two of you walked toward where he was going to be filming a scene.

           “You’re actually free this weekend,” you told him.

           “So, that means you’re free?” he asked.

           You nodded, “I guess that’s what it means too.”

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Jack Eichel x Reader

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Warnings: Slight language, feminine pronouns, being rude to McDavid (but in a friendly way)

POV: Second

can you write one about jack eichel? Not enough love shown for that boy on here

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

“Stupid fucking Connor McStupid and his stupid playoff team.”

Your eyes went wide as you heard your boyfriend grumble next to you, still scrolling away on his phone. “Babe, I thought you were friends,”

“We are,” He said, not even looking away from his phone. “I love that Davo.”

“Why are you calling him stupid?”

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Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

You snapped the picture, adding the caption ‘Romantic bubble bath… now all I need is a man’ before sending it off to your friend Carla. The two of you often joked about how much you needed a significant other in your life, so pictures like this weren’t out of the ordinary.

Castiel’s phone lit up with a snapchat notification while he was sat in a diner with Sam and Dean, the three of them on a case while you were back at the bunker.

He opened it, revealing the picture of your legs in the bath, his mouth going dry as soon as he saw it.

“What’s up?” Sam asked, frowning at him.

“I’ve… I’ve got to go,” Cas told them, vanishing from the room in the blink of an eye.

Dean rolled his eyes, taking another mouthful of pie, “Friggin’ angels.”

Your eyes shot open and you sat straight up, splashing water from the tub when you heard the telltale flutter of wings that let you know an angel had arrived.

“Jesus, Cas,” you gasped, your hand coming up to your heart as it pounded with anxiety, “You scared me.”

“I- I’m a man,” he told you, his eyes flitting around the room.

You smiled fondly, confused, “Yes, you are.”

“You said, all you need is a man,” he reiterated, “I’m a man.”

Your jaw went slack, “Oh.”


Anyways! Sorry about that, guys. The anon has been blocked and we’re moving on now.

I want to make it clear that my blog is absolutely here for everyone of all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t aim to exclude anyone. However, it’s important to keep in mind that fat people are treated much, much more differently than skinny people are and deserve more positive representation because fatphobia does exist. My dash is constantly swamped with images and ads of fat celebrities with photoshopped, skinny versions of themselves in a before and after picture with captions like “___ is smoking hot now that she lost weight!” which perpetuates the idea that people are only beautiful when they’re not fat. So yes, fat people are treated like utter crap unlike skinny people, and being a skinny person myself I can tell you I’ve never really been made fun of for my weight but my fat friends? All the time.

Fat people deserve respect, they deserve positive representation and we need to kill the idea that people can only be beautiful when they’re skinny or have lost a lot of weight. It’s a very toxic mindset.

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Don't be sorry it was never your fault *cries forever* thank you for the hugs, I have read all the fluffs, and I couldn't write today (cause headaches) and I really need something right now, even a paragraph of fluff would do, even a caption on an Alex Maggie picture would do, I just need something. The fic I read was really well written, it included consent and all, but it was like the 5th in a very short time that had beating, it's overwhelming. Your kink fics are amazing, I really love them.

She tells her that the days of her pushing her feelings down are over, and god, does she mean it. Because last night, Alex held her and kissed the back of her neck and whispered sweet nothings – sweet everythings – into her ear until she fell asleep, because Maggie had come home upset about a confrontation she’d had at work. And this morning, Alex had gone on her run extra early and woken Maggie up with breakfast in bed. And last week, she’d kissed every centimeter of her face with a reverence that Maggie was still reeling from. Alex Danvers was perfect: and Alex Danvers deserves only the best of all things. Alex Danvers deserves, for once, to be put first. And that’s exactly what Maggie’s going to do, because the days of Alex pushing her feelings down are the days before they first kissed, the days before they started dating, the days before the tumbled into the same abyss of falling in love with each other.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

a more ‘realistic’ idea of how being in a relationship with calum would be like:
  • he won’t hold your hand or kiss you in public, if he does, it’s more rare than often, and he probably thought no one was watching. not because he’s embarrassed of you or anything, calum is just a really lowkey guy who doesn’t enjoy pda
  • also, he would probably only do it publicly when he hasn’t seen you in ages and he misses you so much that he just doesn’t care about the watching eyes
  • he would actually put in A LOT effort to know about the things you like. be it your favourite book or favourite tv shows. he’d research about it so you guys can enjoy them together
  • date nights will include pizza at the studio while you help him brainstorm ideas for his album
  • date nights will also include going to bookstores and bars with a live band playing, probably jazz
  • date nights will also definitely include his head on your chest/lap while you watch whatever show he’s onto at the moment
  • stalking and following actors and actresses of said shows
  • “remember when you said in an interview that being the small spoon might just be the most emasculating thing? what do you have to say for yourself now, huh?” “shut up. no one needs to know,” he’ll mutter and pout. he might sulk a little
  • fights about how there’s a lack of communication will be pretty common earlier in the relationship
  • he’ll listen more than he speaks
  • when he first posts an “official” picture of you on his social media, the caption will be very short and vague or nothing at all. he’d probably have “:)” as the caption
  • the tweets that don’t really make sense to the fans will be inside jokes between you two
  • very very VERY nervous calum meeting your friends and family for the first time
  • he would probably act as though he hates it when you wear his clothes but will purposely leave his hoodies and shirts at your place
  • he won’t be very verbal with his affection unless it’s through lyrics
  • asking your opinions on his songs
  • talking about deep stuff, but that only happens once in awhile. more rare than often
  • but whenever it does happen, calum swears he loves you so much. and he knows that because you bring out another side of him
  • texts that rarely have emojis and sappy shit. they’re usually simple but they show that he really cares.
  • “have you eaten?” “please call me back” “text me when you reach home”
  • you will ramble and ramble and calum will be silent, intently listening and staring at you. he gives you all his attention, and you’d catch him smiling to himself
  • he gets shy when you compliment him. he can get cocky, but when it’s YOU, he’s a lil shy
  • calum is just a very lowkey guy. and tbh even tho this is supposed to be a “realistic” idea of what dating him is like, we will never know bc he’s THAT lowkey and i can’t read him
  • i love my man calum so much
My Girl

Auston Matthews x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: Some bad words, mentions of alcohol?

POV: Second Person

Summary: After a breakup, Auston gets the reader back and needs to make sure everyone knows she’s his. 

NOTE: Originally, Sapphire was supposed to write this, but she did not. I combined this with another request that was similar, but sadly, I lost the prompt for that one so I’m hoping this works!

Originally posted by putpriceonthepp

“I’m just saying…”

“No, (Y/n), you’re not just saying, I know what you’re doing.”

“What am I doing, Matthews?” You folded your arms over your chest and huffed. 

“You’re trying to make me feel guilty.”

“Is it working?”

“No,” Auston scoffed. “I don’t feel guilty for spending time with my friends instead of you.”

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Busqué para tú (I searched for you)

“Calvin?” You asked from under the 7,000 blankets you were under.
No reply.
But then again, you were so sick you could barely talk, and when you did, a sandpapery sound was what you sounded like.
You say up, and immediately you felt yourself go lightheaded for a second, the you felt normal, well as normal as you could be at this time.
You looked around the dark room and sighed. You couldn’t see much, and your vision was kind of blurry.
You felt a sudden burst of cold flow within you, and your whole being felt like ice.
“Cal?” You called weakly again.
But again, nothing. He couldn’t hear your sickly soft voice from where he was in the other room, editing a video.
You sighed and shifted so that your legs were on the floor but you still sat on the bed.
You then stood up, and a felt a rush in your head, and you were dizzy for a minute.
When you adjusted to this new position, you started to walk very slowly to the door of the room.
You were shaking badly by the time you reached the door, and it only became worse as you staggered, most likely looking drunk, down to Cal’s editing and recording room.
The door was closed, and you reached out your arm to open it, but you were shaking so badly it took a minute to actually close your hand around it turn the knob.
You opened the door slowly, and saw Cal sitting on his chair, editing a video. He had his headphones on and you could hear bits and pieces of the music.
You walked over to him slowly and put a hand on his shoulder.
He took off his headset and smiled at you, but he then frowned.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’m…cold.” You answered in the less shaky voice you could muster.
“You are now? I’m not surprised, it’s cold in here,” he laughed, though you could see the worry in his eyes.
“I feel like ice,” you said.
He knew you were sick, and it didn’t surprise him. You always were needy when you were sick.
“Want me to come lay with you?” He asked quietly.
You nodded, and he stood, put an arm around your back, and walked you slowly back to your shared bedroom.
You laid back down in the bed and he got in next to you, cuddling you from behind.
He shifted and pulled all the blankets back on the both of you.
You snuggled closer to his warm body, and he rubbed your back slowly, and mumbled sweet nothings to you.
You fell asleep in minutes.
Calvin slowly pulled his phone from his back pocket, and pulled up Twitter.

‘No video tonight. Gf is sick and she needs me right now,’ he tweeted, and the support came instantly, and he smiled.
He actually looked at the clock, and it read 3:30am. It was kind of late. He wasn’t tired, so he opened up snapchat and starred to open uo messages from fans, and they were all cute little, 'Your the best!’ Or 'Hissss,’ like they usually were.
Cal took a picture of the dark room and captioned it, 'My girlfriend is sick and she got up to come get me because she was cold. But you still gotta love her :)’
He put the picture on his story and closed the app.
It was about 4:15 now, and he felt you shift, and he feared he woke you somehow.
But your eyes stayed shut and you sighed in you sleep.
He laughed silently and opened Twitter back up.
His tweet had gotten so many 'get well’ replies and he smiled, glad the fanbase loved you as much as he did.
You sighed in your sleep again, and cuddled yourself subconsciously closer to him, but then something peculiar happened.
Your started to talk, but not in English, in Spanish. Cal laughed quietly and opened up his camera and recorded what you were saying.
“¿Calvin? ¿Calvin? ¿Dónde estás amor? No puedo verte y tengo miedo! Sé que estás ahí, así que me siento mejor. Te amo Calvin, te amo.”
You stopped talking then, and sighed.
Cal didn’t know all of what you said, so he tweeted the video and asked someone to tell him, since he didn’t know Spanish.
The first reply was a translation:
“Calvin? Clavin? Where are you love? I can’t see you and I am scared! I know you are there, and I feel better. I love you Calvin, I love you.”
Cal smiled and then saw the second reply, saying to say:
'Busqué para tú, querida. Yo también te amo.’ It means, 'I searched for you, my dear. I love you too.’
Calvin tried his best to say the words, knowing fully that he butchered them completely.
But he felt you sigh and turn in your sleep so that you faced his chest. You nuzzled you face into him and said quietly, “I love you too Calvin.”
Cal put his phone on the bedside table and cuddled with you until he fell asleep a few minutes later.

[Hope you liked this lil thing :) I’m sick right now and this is honestly what I would lovee to happen.]

Today when I looked in the mirror and met my own eyes, I smiled and thought “I am so happy with you”. I never dared thinking I would ever love myself. And now here I am writing this post for all of you to encourage you: it is possible and you can make it! Do not give up on yourself, your life and your love. I promise you, you will get there. If you need anything I’m here.

[Please leave my caption intact!]