now all i need is a pigeon to sit on my head :p

Notes: I’ve noticed I’ve been leaving out Loghain, and I will gladly add him if someone requests it.


Alistair Theirin - He was always more of a dog person, ever since he watched his cat swallow a pigeon whole. Those kind of things stick with you, ya know. They don’t just go away after a while. In fact, if anything, that moment had been burned into his mind. He was positive he had watched the cats jaw unhinge. But when he stared at the small feline in the Wardens hands, a soft ‘Awww’ had slipped out. With a stealthy look around, to make sure the dog wasn’t looking, he gave the feline a small scratch on the head. The warden wouldn’t be getting the kitten back, ever. Soft mewls could be heard from the inside of his shirt or the helmet tucked under his arm.

Alistair Theirin (Romanced) - He didn’t know what was cuter, the wardens hopeful face or the kitten in her palms. Haha who was he kidding it was definitely her. He would tilt his head down, pressing a soft kiss against the wardens mouth, mumbling a soft thanks as he picked her up and the kitten. 

Zevran Arainai - Felines were truly elegant creatures. All long, sinew limbs, slipping through small cracks and crannies, fast to strike and even faster to run away. How could this animal not represent him completely? Well, other than a crow, of course. He would chuckle at the Warden, taking the kitten with one hand and looking it over. “Although, I am charmed, I will have to decline, my dear Warden. Although I am absolutely charmed with the little beast and of course, you as well, I can not accept a living thing. I am a Crow, do you not remember? Well, ex-Crow, which is worse! The poor thing would not last a week with me.” He’d then deposit the kitten back in their hands and head off before they could force the feline back in his hands.

Zevran Arainai (Romanced) - He would hesitate, staring at the small kitten. It was small, vulnerable and weak in his hands. And young. So, very young, orphaned and now in his care. He’d gently turn it onto it’s back, running a finger up and down it’s stomach as it mewled. “I will accept this gift, My Warden.” He said softly, a rare, small and soft smile on his face. And then his smile would grow lascivious. “I do love p-” He’d chuckle as he was smacked softly on the shoulder. After, he would sit alone with the kitten, humming. It would be nice, to have something to remember the warden by.

Leliana (Romance/nonromance) - The soft gasp that would leave her lips would be between something akin to shock and something akin to wonder. “Really? you really mean…?” Her hands would go out, pulling the kitten to her chest, practically cooing over the thing as if she were it’s feline mother. She’d press a soft kiss to it’s wet nose and her eye’s would twinkle, glancing up at the Warden. “Thank you. Almost as cute as Schmooples.” (If Romanced) “Almost as cute as you.”

Morrigan - “If you are unable to take care of the beast yourself, Warden, do not push it upon me under the guise of a gift. If I had wanted a pet I would have my pick of the entire forest I dwelt in.” She would deny the cat outright, but the kitten would disappear from the Wardens tent the night. In the morning that kitten could be seen padding after Morrigan, bumping into her ankles and purring. Her face would go red when stared at and she’d huff. “What? What? It is not my fault that the beast follows me! Keep your gaze to yourself.”

Morrigan (Romanced) - She’d be amused at first, gently prodding and petting the kitten slowly and softly. “Why do I need this creature when I already own you? Tis pointless, My Warden.” She’d reach over, gently petting the hair with a chuckle on her lips. “You are much more fun then some feline. Though, if it will please you, I will care for the creature.”

Ohgren - Ohgren would grunt, eyes narrowing. “S’that’s what one a those look like?” He’d reach out, snatching up the kitten. His face would fill with alarm as it mewed and he’d be gentler, cupping it in his hands. “Shit. It’s softer than a nug. Probably tastier.” The Warden would squint, hands twitching for the feline. “I ain’t gonna eat it! It’s not even fattened up yet, Stone…” He huffed, holding the kitten away from the warden. Despite his comments, he never ate it, and it grew up to be a great attack cat. 

Shale - Shale would look disinterested, walking away. “It kills birds.” That would stop Shale right in their tracks. They’d slowly turn around, holding their hand out. “If it finds pleasure in destroying in the feathered ones, then I will take it.” Shale is commonly seen with the kitten on their shoulder, and just as promised, bats away any birds that may try to poop on the Golem. 

Sten - He would grunt, eyebrows furrowing. “Why would you give me such a thing? I have no need for it.” He would scowl when it mewled at him, begging to be pet. “Take it away! It’s…looking at me like that.” Of course Sten would eventually relent, but looking none to pleased about it. The kitten grew up to be the most spoiled thing in THEDAS. Somewhere, Leliana is whispering ‘Softie!’ And Sten is groaning. 

Wynne - She would not mind taking the gift, smiling and giving a small nod. She’d be flattered, really, but. Despite her motherly nature, she would have no idea what to do with the feline. In fact, she’d be downright awkward. What did it need to eat? Why couldn’t she change it’s sleeping schedule so it could be easier to travel, not having a sleep cat in her arms or on her shoulders? Of course, she’d get the hang of it, happy for the gift. Someone to keep an old woman company.

Dog - He would snuffle at the kitten, nosing it until it fell over. The dog would gently take the nape of it’s neck into it’s jaw and would wander off with it’s new charge, lounging around the camp with the small kitten in between the dog’s paws, ruffing softly whenever someone came too close. 


Notes: This is adorable. I find this adorable. Does this make me egotistical?

carrier pigeon

Yoonkook Week, Day 4: Free Day (2 /2) [~1.3k words]
(have some HAPPY mutual crushing!!!!! from bff & golden hyung Hoseok’s POV)


Hoseok looks up from his phone to find Jungkook standing over him, fiddling with a flash drive with a lanyard wrapped around it. The noise begins to die down around them as the other members of their dance crew trickle out of the studio. The younger has a towel around his neck, wiping away the sweat that’s gathered throughout rehearsal. Hoseok stretches his legs out in front of him, back to the mirror, and wipes his neck with the collar of his shirt. “Kookie! What’s up?”

“You’re going to see Yoongi-ssi, right?” Jungkook holds the bundle out for Hoseok to take. “Can you give this back to him? He let me borrow it for my production class and, uh, can you thank him for me?”

“Sure,” Hoseok says, taking the flash drive. He recognizes the lanyard now, a free gift Yoongi had gotten at a concert a while back. “You know you can come with me if you want. He’s just over in the Music building.”

Jungkook takes two steps back and begins wiping at his nose with the towel, covering his face. Hoseok can’t help but frown a bit at that. “That’s okay, hyung. I’m gonna stay behind and work on choreo for a bit.”

It’s hard to tell with the lighting and the towel in his way, but Jungkook’s cheeks look pink. Or, pinker than they’d usually be at the end of a cool down. “You sure? It’s getting late.”

Jungkook nods. “Please tell him thank you, and that it really helped.”

Hoseok stands and shakes out his limbs. He reaches out to ruffle Jungkook’s hair, wincing at the sweat still drying off. “I think he’d like to hear that from you, Kook, but sure.”

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