now all i need is a makoharu hug

can we talk about the fact that Makoto mentioned he wants to attend local university though it’s easy to guess he doesn’t really want that

can we talk about the fact that he’s making this choice just to get to be around Haru for a few years more

can we talk about that

Makoto loves Haru so much it’s getting disfunctional for his own future

When I realized that, it caused me so much pain - like, actual physical pain - it’s impossible to describe, cause all this time I thought Makoharu was the healthiest relationship, but now I’m feeling so bad for Makoto, and I want Haru to face him and give him a fucking 10 minutes speach in which he thanks him for every time he was supportive and adorable and a true fucking best friend to him, and then hug him and show he cares, cause things are getting so complicated that that “I appreciate you always being here for me” of season one doesn’t seem enough anymore

It’s definitely not enough anymore

I need Haru to make Makoto feel safe, I want him to assure Makoto everything’s gonna be fine and that they’ll work out a solution for their problems and be happy together (in a romantical way or in a non-romantical way, it’s up to you. I’d go with the first cause I think they’re soulmates and I can’t come out with a different ending for them tbh)

Haru in the supporting role

So we’ve all worried what it would be like for Makoto to sit in the stands and watch Haru in his hypothetical olympic glory with Rin. Makoto would, of course, be good at being the supporter. We know that. 

But here we see Makoto being in the limelight for once. And guess what. Haru is a perfectly good supportive boyfriend to him as well! Brings the food, brings the kids… what a perfect wife seriously

Haru, like Makoto, deals with jealousy too. Unlike Makoto he’s fairly obvious, far too obvious. Not even making an effort to conceal it. Though I suppose he’s deliberately pissy and huffy around Kisumi so that Makoto realizes. I don’t think he will tell Makoto, no, instead Haru is relying on Makoto’s ability to read his thoughts and realize Haru is uncomfortable with Kisumi. 

Kind of also makes you realize what an angel Makoto is for having hidden everything to himself. Maybe that’s because he’s not jealous of Rin or the Rin/Haru friendship (as Haru clearly is of Kisumi) but rather just of Rin’s ability to match Haru as a swimmer. Haru, however, has shown that he’s rather possessive of Makoto himself here, which I think is cute. He’s so used to being the one Makoto tells everything to, the only one who gets to monopolize Makoto’s time and attention… and that’s why he resents Kisumi. He even ignores Kisumi’s attempts at friendship with him, his priority is to just keep him away from Makoto. I could literally go on writing essays about this episode but I will end with this:

THANK YOU KYOANI, this is JUST what we needed, this is perfect. Jealousy and possessiveness from Haru’s side, Haru’s obvious discomfort at Makoto distancing himself and going his separate way… seems like Makoto has accepted that they will have to drift apart but Haru clearly hasn’t. It’ll be nice to see how it all builds up and finally explodes (hopefully in a fight with tears and then hugs yay) 

Also Kisumi you are #4 right now on my list of favorite Free! boys I effing love you so much (1 is Makoto, 2 is Rin, 3 is Haru) 

…and that’s the last random thing I write tonight, sorry for spamming!