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So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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5. Do you have other social media sights?

6. Tell us something that no one else knows about yourself

7. What is your favourite subject at school?

8. Who is your role model in life?

9. How would you describe yourself?

10. Give a list of books you have read.

11. Give a list of books which you plan to read.

12. What is your family like?

13. Do you have a big family?

14. What do you want to be when your older?

15. What do you want to accomplish in life?

16. Do you have a fetish?

17. What kind of people are you attracted to?

18. Who are your favourite bands/singers?

19. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

20. Do you believe in ghosts?

21. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

22. Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

23. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

24. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

25. Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken

26. Gin, vodka, or tequila?

27. What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you?

28. In your opinion, what is the best Disney movie to come out since Disney’s Golden Age?

29. Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always resonated with?

30. Which celebrities would you rate as perfect ten’s?

31. What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS?

32. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

33. What would your perfect Saturday be like?

34. What do most people think about you that is absolutely not true?

35. Is it okay to sacrifice one life to save ten? If you said yes, would you change answer if the one life was a friend’s life and the ten were strangers? If no, why not?

36. What should they teach in high school but don’t?

37. Who would you most like to sit next to on a 10 hour flight and why?

38. You have $100 to burn, all your friends are busy and you have the whole day to yourself, what do you do?

39. What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

40. What is something that can’t be taught and can only be learned with age?

41. If you could live your life again knowing what you do now, what would you change?

42. How much do you know about the world outside your country?

43. What is a cause that is worth dedicating your life to?

44. What should parents stop teaching their children?

45. Do you think that humans as a species have gotten better through the generations or worse? Why?

46. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?

47. What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are?

48. Do you think the present is better than 50 years ago? Why?

49. Do you think that war is inevitable or can it be ended completely?

50. If science makes it possible to predict which people will be more likely to commit crimes, should the highest risk individuals be jailed or killed before they can commit crimes?

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Missing You and You Only

“I’m glad you could make it,” Ethan rasped, his voice groggy from the morning and arising from the dead of sleep. Truthfully, he hadn’t had that peaceful of a sleep in a long time, more specifically, in a couple months -since the last time he was home with you.

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Little Witch (Part 2)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 1 563

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I cannot believe so many people liked Little witch. You guys made me so happy. After posting the story I went to bed and was really surprised in the morning when i saw that there were already 270 notes, 10 messages and 70 new followers. I’m amazed. You are awesome! ♥ I did my best to write this part and i know it may be a little boring but i promise the next ones (of course, if you want me to post them) to be more interesting. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to write from someone’s P.O.V. Enjoy ♥ (and sorry for the mistakes) 

Part 1

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All the avengers except Wanda and Bruce were now standing in front of the small medical center Tony had created a few months ago for situations like this. Through the transparent Plexiglas which was used as a wall, the heroes were looking at their new visitor. Wanda was inside with Dr. Banner, who was trying to find out and heal the wounds on the girl’s body.

“So what’s her name?”, Tony suddenly asked.

The whole group looked at Steve and Clint waiting for an answer. Since they came back, the girl was directly transported to the medical room, while the others were standing in the dark about what was going on.  

“She didn’t say it.”, Steve answered simply without moving his eyes from the girl inside.

“What exactly happened?”, Tony was eager to get at least some information.

“Yeah, the son of Col didn’t say anything about bringing a girl here.”

There was silent for a minute and when Clint saw Steve wouldn’t tell anything due to being sunk deep in his thoughts again, he recounted the story.

After the girl had recognized the American hero – Captain America, she gave them a chance to speak why they were here and what were they exactly doing. Wanda was the one who had talked most maybe because she knew how the girl was feeling at that moment.

“We are not Hydra’s agents. I know you are scared, probably frightened to death, but we just want to help you. ”, Wanda had spoken softly.

“How did you find me?”

“We have some sources that let us know when someone is in danger. There’s nothing you can be suspicious of. Come with us, we will give you food, clothes…answers.”, Steve had succeeded in attracting her attention.

“I-”, the girl had been glancing at the faces of each hero standing in front of her seeing the pure sincerity in their eyes. She hardly had come with a decision.

“If you don’t like us or feel threatened you can go, but give us a chance. We won’t let you down, I promise.”, with those words spoken from the brown-haired witch, who the girl began liking since the beginning, the little witch had accepted their offer still slightly suspicious.

“Through the whole flight Wanda was the only one who talked with her. I think she is the one who the girl trusts.”, Clint noted as he finished the story.

“Can we trust her?”, Nat questioned, “I mean, she is powerful, that can be seen, but what if it’s a Hydra’s way to get in here and collect important information about us, S.H.I.E.L.D?”

“I do not think so.”, Peter finally interfered with the conversation. He, as Steve, hadn’t stopped looking at the girl they found alone in the deep woods hours ago, “If you had seen her face when we came…”, her (y/e/c), full with tears and at the same time with rage appeared in front of him, “I have no clue what they did to her but it’s definitely not good.”

“I have the same opinion. We know what Hydra can do to their experiments. I saw what they have done to Bucky. It won’t surprise me if she had gone through the same.”

“Mr. Stark, I found the girl.”, Jarvis’ voice sounded through the corridor they were all standing in.

“You made him check her?!”

“Of course, Clint. I want to know who is coming in the base.”, Tony declared and then spoken to Jarvis, “What did you find out?”

“It was hard given the fact that her face hasn’t been seen by any camera in the world since ten years ago. However, I managed to do my job. Her name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). At the age of seven she was kidnapped from her parents as they were on a vacation in Russia. Strangely, it seems the parents weren’t that eager to find her. They ended the seeking after a year. ”

At the same time in the medical room, Bruce and Wanda were trying to understand more about (Y/N)’s conditional and powers.

“So you are a witch, too?”, (Y/n) asked as her eyes widened from happiness.

“Yes, (Y/n), I am, just like you.”

“How did you become? You were born with it or?”

“Sadly, my powers aren’t natural. I got them the same as you – Hydra gave them to me. ”, Wanda was sitting opposite the girl, while Bruce was doing his job, “Some years ago, me and my brother, Pietro, were taken my Hydra so they could do tests on us.”

“And what were they doing to you?”

“They used something like a scepter and did different things to examine our powers. That’s all I remember.”, Wanda gave a smile to this little girl who had probably went through the same as her.

“So your stay there was like a holiday in comparison with mine.”, the girl stated with a bitterness in her voice.

“Was it that bad?”, Bruce spoke for the first time since he came there to observe the girl, “We have seen what Hydra have done to some people, but-”

“But you can never imagine or feel what they did to me so don’t act as though you had a clue how they tortured me.”

“I-I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-”, Bruce began apologizing but the girl stopped him.

“I see you’re trying to make me feel comfortable and so on but there’s no need to exaggerate.”, the girl’s stomach groaned and she hurried to put her hands over it to silence the sound.

“How can I be so stupid?! We are here from hours and you haven’t eaten anything in days and we still haven’t given you water or something to eat. I’m coming in minutes.”, Wanda was almost out of the room when she turned around, “Do you want anything specific or whatever I bring?”

“Whatever you bring.”, the girl answered but Wanda had already used her powers to see what the girl longed for to eat.

Bruce and (Y/n) stayed in silence until the doctor decided to ruin it by asking a simple question.

“Do you know what powers you have?”

“No and I don’t even know how to control them.”

“We can befriend you to learn how to cope with them. ”, the girl was about to say something but Bruce hurried to finish, “I do know how hard it can be, if you’re wondering. I have some ‘angry issues’ as Stark tends to say. When I am angry I turn into a big green monster-”

“Hulk.”, (Y/n) stated calmly as she remembered a part of a conversation, she heard years ago.

“Yes, Hulk. If I do not control it, I would kill the people I love without having a clue or regretting about it.”

Seeing how hard it was for that man to cope with his behavior and the terrified expression that appeared on his face just because of the thought of murdering his friends was enough to show her that each one of the superheroes here had gone through so dreadful situations. It showed her that she wasn’t alone anymore and that she can trust them. They will help her to recover, to control and maybe give her the family she lost ten years ago.

“Will you teach me?”, a smile spread on Bruce’s face as he murmured a positive answer.

The door opened and Wanda entered holding a tray with food.

“I hope you don’t mind inviting the others.”, seven people followed the witch in the room.

“Hello.”, the girl gave them a small smile and wave.

“I am Natasha but you can call me Nat.”, a read-head woman spoke, “Here are some clean clothes you can put on after you -”, but before Natasha had finished her sentence the girl had attacked the food.

There was a huge burger with French fries and curry sauce. She took a big bite and barely managed to chew it before taking another one.

“Sorry, ju’t úngry .”

While (Y/n) was eating the heroes introduced themselves to her. She knew some of them given the fact they had ruined some of Hydra’s experiments and bases but not their personal names. She liked them all, maybe Tony was too cocky but she did like ‘em all.

“You’d probably want to rest and recover but I have to ask you some questions. Do you mind?”, Stark didn’t want to scare the girl but he did needed answers.

“Let her at least take a shower before overwhelming her with your queries.”, when Peter stated his opinion the girl looked at him with a thankful smile. He blushed a little but tried not to break an eye contact. Even in those ripped and dirty clothes, and the messy (y/h/c) he could see the beauty in her. Something in her eyes was pulling him closer. He wanted to understand what had happened to her, what had broken her in such a way and revenge.

“Peter, show her the bathroom. We will wait you in the living room.”, and with that the avengers exited the room leaving the two teenagers inside.

“So, Peter…”, the way (Y/n) pronounced his name, as thought tasting it, feeling how it would sound, created a strange feeling in Peter’s stomach, “Where can I clean myself?”, a smirked appeared on the girl’s face as she saw the blushing boy opposite her.

Part 3

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Can you do a blurb where Gemma and Anne don't like Harry's girlfriend and think she's using him for money. Harry doesn't know and then finds out and is really upset about it


“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you?”

“That I’m the fittest bloke you’ve ever laid eyes on?” She could hear the smirk through the speaker of her phone, knowing that he knew damn well what she was talking about. “As many times as you want.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” She wasn’t angry, per se- just overwhelmed, for lack of better words, at how much he spoiled her. “Just because I remarked how nice a bracelet was last week doesn’t mean I wanted it.” She sighed, the sparkle of the diamond on said bracelet catching the sun from where she had it laid on the kitchen table in front of her. “And if I did happen to want it, I could buy it for myself.”

“Know you could.” He didn’t sound the slightest bit phased because she put up an argument every time. “Just wanted to spoil my girl,‘s that really such a crime?”

“Yes.” She was quick to answer. “I don’t want you thinking I’m only here for the gifts and the money.”

“I know you’re not.” He shook his head, despite knowing she couldn’t possibly see him. “But it’s my way of showing you how much you mean to me.”

Admittedly, it warmed her heart how much thought and love was behind each and every gift, none of them were ever just a splurge of money because he felt like he had to buy her over.

“And I’m really thankful, but I honestly don’t need gifts to see that you’re genuine about us.” Her voice was much softer now. “Just- promise me you’ll stop spending your money on me all the time? I really do appreciate it but it would make me much happier to see you spend it on one of your ridiculously expensive scarves or something.”

“A’right I promise.” He sighed jokingly, as if she was asking a lot off him. “I hope you know I’m only going to go crazy on your birthday and at Christmas, though.”

“I guess I can live with that.” She reasoned and he chuckled.

He was one of only a few others sitting in the departures lounge of the airport and he was thankful for his own space in the corner, happier to bicker with his girlfriend than to make small talk with anyone else. After speaking for a little while longer, the voice on the speaker announced his flight, notifying him that there was only five minutes until the gates closed.

“I’ve got to go love but I’ll see you later on.” He stood up, throwing his carry on over his shoulder and making his way towards his gate.

“Ok, call me when you land safe.”

“Will do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


On her way to the airport, (y/n) decided she could kill a bit of time by calling in with Gemma as it would beat sitting on an uncomfortable metal bench for god knows how long until Harry’s flight came in. She also figured she could pick up his charger that he mentioned leaving there last week.

Having only been with Harry for just under 10 months, she had met Anne and Robin four times, Gemma three and Des just once. There was the whole formal ‘meet the parents’ meal a few months in and, afterwards, it was a rare occasion that she was able to travel with Harry to see them on his time off- she did have her own work commitments after all.

Despite that, she wasn’t entirely nervous about meeting with Gemma again; she seemed easy enough to talk to when Harry was present so she was sure going solo wouldn’t make a huge difference. After pulling up to the apartment block and being allowed to walk on ahead through by the security guard who had come to know who she was, she made it up to the fourth floor in a matter of minutes and gave a light knock on the oak-wood door.

“Hi!” She greeted the female clone of her boyfriend as soon as the door opened. “I was on my way to the airport to get Harry but figured I may as well drop in to say hello and pick up his charger for him.”

“Couldn’t he have done that once he landed?” She tried to ignore the bitter tone to her voice, deciding instead to laugh it off.

“He’s usually too tired to function after a long flight.” She laughed.

“I know.” She gave her a pointed look. “He’s been my brother longer than he’s been your boyfriend, y’know.”

This time, she decided to stay silent and chose not to address the bitterness in her voice. Without any further word, Gemma trudged back through her flat. Not knowing if she was welcome to follow or not, (y/n) hovered awkwardly by the doorway before deciding to just follow her anyway.

She could hear her talking to someone in the kitchen, but couldn’t make out – and didn’t really have an interest in- what they were saying.

“Hi, Anne.” She gave her a warm smile once realising who the voice belonged to on her arrival to the kitchen. “It’s lovely to see you again.”

“Thanks.” She gave her a tight lipped smile, not bothering to maintain any eye contact.

“I’ll just get that charger then-“

“New bracelet?” Anne nodded to the diamond link on her arm; the brand new one that had only arrived from Harry mere hours ago.

“Oh.” She looked down at it. “Yeah.”

“How’d you afford that?” The harshness in Gemma’s voice was painfully obvious now and (y/n) didn’t miss how her mother winced slightly at the tone she had certainly not been brought up to use, but she didn’t bother reprimanding her.

“Harry got it for me.”

“Of course he did.” She laughed a dry, bitter laugh. “Just like everything else you own.”

She was taken aback to say the least and couldn’t find any words to answer with, because what exactly could she answer with?

“What she means is that you seem to be getting an awful lot off Harry lately.” Anne tried to ease the awkward atmosphere in the room but didn’t back down on defending her son from someone she thought was taking advantage of him.

“I don’t-“

“I mean, if it’s not him taking you out everywhere and paying the bill every time, it’s you getting these expensive gifts off him.”

“I don’t ask him to.” She was making a poor effort at defending herself against the two strongly opinionated women, sounding nothing short of timid and nervous. “I don’t like when he buys me things all the time.”

“Sure you don’t.” Gemma rolled her eyes. “Listen, Harry’s an adult and neither of us two can tell him who or what he spends his hard earned money on. But we just wanted to make it clear that we can see you for exactly the way you are and we’ll never accept someone into the family who takes advantage of him.”


“No, Mum.” She snapped. “You said it yourself. Harry only thinks he’s in love and she’s taking advantage of that.”

She looked to Anne for confirmation that she hadn’t said such a thing after being so nice when Harry was there, but when her head stayed bowed down, eyes focused on the table, she took a deep breath and stuttered out a quiet “I’m sorry.” Before bolting to her car where she would be able to let out the hurt she was feeling.


Landed safe. Just getting my bags xx

In the café x

“Boo.” (y/n) jumped, startled from where she was in deep thought and didn’t have to fake the smile on her face when the familiar feeling of her boyfriend’s arms were engulfing her. “Well, somebody certainly missed me.” He laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I did.” She mumbled into his shirt.

“C’mon, let’s get home, yeah?” He suggested.

“Do you want a coffee before we go?” She asked, pulling a note from her purse that would cover the price of a coffee each.

“I’d love one, actually.” She stopped him when his hand went to the pocket of his jeans where he kept loose change.

“I’ll get it.”

“Love, ‘s only a coffee.” He smirked. “Am I not even allowed to treat you to that now?”

“Not when I’m fully capable of buying it myself Harry!” Her volume had increased slightly, but not to the point where she was drawing any unwanted attention to them. “I do have a job, you know.”

“I’m aware.” He spoke slowly, trying to read her expression.

“And could you please take this,” She pulled the bracelet off her wrist. “back? I’m sick of you throwing away all your hard earned money on me.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to stay right where she was until he figured out what the hell was going on in her head. “What’s this all about? Where did you take this notion?”

“I’m not taking advantage of you.”

“No one said you were, poppet.”

Everyone says I am!”

“Well I don’t care what everyone says,” He shrugged. “I know you’re not.”

“You only-“ She took a shuddering breath in. “You only think you love me.” His face fell at her statement. “And I’m taking advantage of that.”

“No this isn’t-“ He shook his head. “This isn’t you. Is this the fans? I’ve told you not to look at what they’re saying.”

“No, it’s not the fans.”

“Who, then?”

She didn’t want to tell him; didn’t want to be the reason for a possible argument with his mother and sister. But the desperate look on his face made her want to take away all his worries.

“It doesn’t-“

“Who, (y/n)?” He was more stern now.

“Your mum and Gemma just pointed out a few things.” She swallowed. “I don’t blame them for thinking how they did.” He looked confused, angry and hurt that two of the people he cared most about were saying such things about one of the other people he cared deeply for. “It could be true-“

“It’s bullshit.” He asserted. “Complete and utter bullshit.”


“Let’s go home.”


Much later that night, Harry crawled into bed after having a shower and could tell by how his girlfriend was breathing that she wasn’t asleep, but was still facing away from him. He decided to give her space but laid one hand on her hip, tracing mindless little patterns.

“I called mum earlier.” She didn’t respond with words but he seen how her shoulders tensed up. “I made sure she knew how wrong that was of them to say such things about you.” Still no response. “She just worries sometimes but I’ll not let them speak to you like that again.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Her voice was cracked with the emotion that had built up inside her all day.

“It’s because I love you.” He placed a kiss on her shoulder blade. “And I know I do.”

Yelling matches ( Pennywise x reader)

Prompt: Can you please do a penny x reader where the reader is penny’s gf but lately he’s been going through a phase of obsessing and only abducting young/teenage girls? the reader can be a teen too if you’re comfortable with it! and it just leads to a lot of insecurity and jealousy and angst and maybe some makeup smut?? it’s rly up to you, but i like the plot! if you’re not comfortable with writing about underage readers, then maybe they argue about why he’s so interested in young girls?? idk idk but!!

requester : @murphysconnors

Warning: Smut (first-time plzz i know its bad)

Here is my first completed request! I actually had so much fun with this, and it got my creative juices flowing! If any of you guys want to request anything, my box is open if you guys want to request anything else! This is my first go at Pennywise smut, so I hope it isn’t too bad, and I hope you guys enjoy!!

Originally posted by deadphilosophy

You paced back and forth in front of your desk, your thoughts going a hundred miles per hour as you felt your chest tighten uncomfortably with each step you room. Today, the children long were gone and lots of paperwork awaiting you, you felt as if you needed to do something about this large onslaught of feelings and thoughts before they consumed you completely.

You just had to be overthinking the disappearances, the disappearances of these girls that used to sit in the desks in front of you as you taught them their two times tables. Their innocent smiles were haunting the back of your eyelids, the obvious staring you right in the face but you were too ignorant to believe that it could be true.

Step, step, step, and turn. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

It had been going on for about a month now, nearly reaching it’s two as it reached the end of the school week. Young girls, not only in her class but from across the school and of all ages had started to go missing, vanishing without a trace. It was something that had been happening for a quite a while, the disappearances in Derry seemed to always stretch over a period of a year, but they had never seen such a large group of children in such a short space of time goes missing.

The tole reached 15 today, with the young Sophia Kevin being reported missing overnight by her worried parents when she had not returned home after a playdate at her friend’s house, who just lived down the street. She was only 12 years old, and it sent shivers down your spine to imagine what had happened to such a sweet and innocent girl that you saw frequently while teaching at the middle school.

There was only one logical reason for these disappearances no matter how much you hated to admit it, and that was Pennywise the clown. You knew there had to some way you could stop this, something you could say to the clown to at least slow down the abduction of the girls….

But thinking about this further, if Pennywise was abducting girls, ranging from ages 10 to all the way up to 18 and 19-year-olds who were believed to have simply run away, does this mean that he had finally gotten bored of you? Gotten sick of having you around and simply found it easier to devour and keep around younger girls to mess around with (scare, not anything sexual), and he was shoving you off to the side or would he use you as a snack?

It created a painful feeling in your chest, like Pennywise himself was plunging his talon-like claws into your chest and then ripping his claws back out again, your still beating and warm heart in his hands in your face until he swallowed it hole without another care.

He wouldn’t do that to you… would he?

Halting, you quickly gathered up the paperwork you decided you would finish later that night and shoved it into your carry case before quickly dashing out the door before a thought entered your mind to stop you. Your speed increased as you were now practically sprinting down the empty school corridors, soon reaching the front entrance and stumbling down the flight of stairs and into the teacher’s car park.

Reaching your car, you were quick to unlock it and shove your belongings onto the empty passenger’s seat before scrambling in yourself and quickly shutting the door while your other hand worked on putting on your seat belt. The second thoughts and the worry were seeping in as you started the car, the idea that Pennywise no longer wanted you made you squirm in your seat.

Starting your car, you pressed down on the accelerator and shot out of the school’s car park, out onto the cracking tar road and headed straight for Neilbolt road, straight towards that run down house that had never once given you the chills, but a feeling of comfort and love. Straight towards a fight you knew would happen, because with the tears of anger welling in your eyes you knew you wanted answers, and you knew how Penny acted when there was raised voices or anger involved.

But you couldn’t ignore it anymore, no you couldn’t let another kid get hurt because you were in love with the clown, well… maybe fewer children, as you also couldn’t stand the idea of your beautiful boyfriend starving…


It was a 9-minute drive on the way to Pennywise’s dwelling if you counted in the 2 red lights you had gotten on your way there. On a good day when there were no red lights it could take you no less than 5 to 6 minutes of travel to reach your boyfriend’s house, and this closeness had always been a comfort to you (and to Pennywise but not like he had ever admitted that to your face).

Pulling up out front, you wondered what people must have thought of you when they saw your car parked outside of the rundown house from time to time. You made a conscious effort to work over to the building, or Pennywise would simply visit you, so no questions would be asked about you entering such a deserted and unpopular area.

The small travel time between the school and Pennywise’s dwelling had let the thoughts intensify in your mind. In a rush of anger, you stood for the car door and slammed it as loudly as you could, knowing that Pennywise would know you were here whether you did this act or not.

It wasn’t for him, it was for you; to let out some of the emotions that you felt. Tears still clung to the side of your eyes as you trudged up the stairs onto the small desk, before pushing the door open roughly without bothering to not knock.

“Pennywise!?” You shout, not caring if anyone heard, all you needed was for him to know you were here. And you were sure he could smell the anger and growing fear and doubt simply by you being there.

It didn’t take but a second for you to hear that familiar sadistic giggle, bells ringing eerily as your head large feet clambered down the rickety and decomposing staircase. Slowly coming into view, the larger than life Pennywise reached the bottom of the stairs and in the blink of an eye he stood right in front of you, his gloved hands (stained with red, obviously blood) reaching up and gently caressing your cheek. His usual large grin on his face, his eyes shone in their usual way when he saw you, with a hint of lust but overall adoration.

“Kitty, kitty, kitty… So good to see you! Now, why is my pretty little girl yelling?”

But, as his large hand pressed against your cheek, you flinched back away from his touch and continued to hold back the tears in the corner of your eyes. His large frown dropped, an edge in his eye coming to rather a confused and angered look. You knew that Pennywise was easy to anger, and that made a shudder run down his spine.

“Pennywise, you have been taking all of these young girls haven’t you?”

As soon as you said this, the clown’s arm lowered and he let out a low growl, teeth showing out the sides of his mouth as his eyes met yours. They were smouldering with angered emotions, and he knew he had been caught. It was as if you had told off a cat that had killed a bird and brought it inside the house, but this cat was 2 times as big as you and got angry if you did the slightest thing they didn’t like.

Tears welled up in your eyes, your head shaking as you stepped back. As soon as Pennywise growled you knew the gig was up, this was something he always did when he was caught, when someone seemed to be attacking him. Penny’s eyes watched you still, his lips curled into a snarl, his large hand falling back to his side, and you now noticed the large amounts of blood splatters that covered his otherwise grew clown suit.

“W-why Penny? Am I not good enough for you anymore? Not young enough!? Not pretty enough!?” You scream at him, throwing all caution to the wind, not worrying if you would anger the clown or not with your yelling or words. You needed him to know how you felt, and that this wasn’t okay.

Another large angered, deep growl ripped from his painted lips, coming from the back of his throat like a feral animal that is trying to stand its ground. It sent a shiver down your spine, you knew he wouldn’t keep his cool much longer.

“Come on Pennywise! Tell me!? Am I not good enough for you anymore!? No one could love you like I do Penny, no-fucking one!” You screamed out angrily, your fists curling up as you wanted to hit something.

In less than a second, his hand shot outwards and curled around your neck, fingers digging into the sides of your neck as your small frame was slammed against the wall roughly. You were winded for a couple of seconds, and before you knew it Pennywise’s body was pinning yours against the wall of the house. His eyes were now golden, his fingers starting to curl deeper into your throat, cutting off your windpipe and making it hard for you to breathe.

His face came up to your ear, fear starting to slowly slip into your veins at the lack of oxygen that you were getting into your lungs. This was something he did when he was angry, pin you down and make you feel small to make sure you knew he was in power, and it caused adrenaline to run through your veins.

“Young girls… they are easier to catch than other children my dear, their fear more intoxicating and delectable in their flesh…” He admits, his tongue slowly trailing over your earlobe, causing you to squirm under his hand. You could feel him smile, his hips pinning you harder against the wall and you couldn’t help but feel the least bit aroused.

“But, my dear (Y/n), nothing can top your sweet taste, your delectable fear… You are mine and I have no intention of letting you out of my grasp anytime soon, those stupid little children mean nothing to me. You silly, silly girl” Penny growls, his lips touching your ear as he continued to talk, his teeth gently nibbling where he had licked earlier.

“Now my little kitten, do I have to fuck some sense into you? To make you remember that you are mine” Penny’s fingers dug in that little further at the word ‘mine’ “And that you always will be? Because I am more than willing to teach you the lesson my pretty little thing…”

“P-penny…” You croak, a wave of adoration and ease wafting over you at the words, the words of the clown both turning you on and reassuring you that you were his, and he did care about you in some messed up and psychopathic way only you could understand.

Pennywise’s other hand was travelling down your front, down the valley between your breasts, your stomach and to the belt that held your pants up. Quickly unbuckling it, his hand easily slipped into your pants, long fingers already groping and massaging your clothed pussy. Admittedly, you were already a bit wet from being pinned so hard against the wall, the feeling of his hips pinning you hard against it.

His giggles filled your ear, his lips now tracing down your throat and his teeth grazing early over your skin as you continued to squirm, buck your hips outwards into his hand that worked against your pussy “such a naughty kitty aren’t you, already wet for me!? So so dirty my little one…” He teases you, fingers continuing to rub your pussy with your undies still on, making you crave his gloves to be against your actual skin.

Mewling, you felt saliva slipping out of Penny’s mouth, also effectively turning you on as you felt the dampness grow between your legs as his fingers worked. Biting into your neck, Penny growls yet animalistically and you could feel him hardening against your thigh. It was a couple more movements of his finger before they skillfully moved your soaked panties aside, shoving his long gloved finger into your pussy. His fingers knew their way around quite well, knowing all of your crevices and sweet spots.

Moans left your mouth in between moans and gasps, your mind becoming fuzzy as you hands shot upwards and into the clowns orange hair, grasping it tightly between your fingers and tugging it out of pleasure causing even louder and longer growls to escape from the back of Pennywise’s throat, his teeth slowly starting to break skin as his hips ground against yours hungrily, lustfully.

Biting down hard, Pennywise broke the skin on your neck and you couldn’t help but gasp in shock, but also as it excited you, the feeling of being bitten causing your arousal to continue to build.

“You will always be mine (Y/n), Always!”

Pennywise growls animalistically, his mouth moving away from your neck, your blood smeared across his lips as they then smash against yours hungrily. Penny’s tongue forcefully enters your mouth, your tongues intertwining in a small battle which Pennywise won easily. Adding yet another finger, your whole body shook as you felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building up in the pit of your stomach.

Growing sick of the layers of clothes that hid your body from his eyes, Pennywise quickly ripped your clothes off your body with his claws, hungering for your body. You gave a small gasp as his eyes roamed your naked body, a feeling of excitement as he still had a hand inside of you while ripping off your clothes. Your nipples hardened in the cool temperature, and the rough wood against your back added another layer of pleasure to the experience.

Not wanting him to remove his hand from inside you, your fingers furiously worked on the buttons of the clowns uniform, tugging it down frantically off his lanky frame and onto the floor. His cock was hard and erect, and it caused you to clench your thighs in excitement. This caused Penny to giggle, watching how you reacted to him.

“Jump kitten” He snaps bossily, and you quickly did as you were told, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist before he lets out a small giggle.

Penny kept you pinned against the wall skillfully, making sure you didn’t fall. His mouth had now fallen to your chest, lips hungrily lapping and sucking at your nipples before biting them, causing you to moan and squirm harder in his embrace. Saliva dripped down your stomach, slipping onto the floor, his fingers still working to tease your pussy.

Your arms locked around his neck, his lips still working on your chest, leaving small bite marks and bruises across your chest to prove his ownership of you. His claim of you. As he felt you growing to a high, he could now tell from your smell due to a number of times you had fucked each other, his fingers seemed to immediately vanish form in you.

Whining, this caused another sadistic giggle escaped his lips as his now free arm locked around your waist, the other holding himself steady as he lined himself up with your wet pussy. Pennywise entered rough and hard, slamming into you without any warning and quickly sinking into you before bottoming out inside you. You moaned loudly, your fingers leaving his hair and scratching down his back, leaving red marks behind as you arched your back to make him go deeper.

“P-penny!” You cried out, the first thing you had said since you had screamed at him only moments before.

With another cheerful giggle, he pulls out before slamming back inside you, as hard and fast as he possibly could. His hips kept a fast pace, moving in and out of you reaching further and further, slamming into your g-spot causing you to create new red lines on his whine back over and over as you arched your back to meet his thrusts.

Pennywise kept up a high tempo, slamming you against the wall and you continued to moan loudly, saliva covering your body as Penny now gripped your hair, yanking your face forwards and forcing your bruised lips to smash against his once again. His tongue was soon in your mouth again, your moans flowing into his mouth as a low growl emitted from his throat, and you knew that neither of you would last this round much longer.

“I-I’m close Penny…” You whimper, his speed only seeming to pick up as he heard you whimper this, another giggle escaping his lips. Penny’s excessive slobber now slipped down both of your chins, both of you panting.

“Come for me (y/n), come for me my little kitten!” Pennywise growls, his tone low and demanding you, his lips once again against your ear as his teeth bit down onto your earlobe once again.

You only lasted a couple more seconds, coming hard as you bucked your hips harder as you rode off your high, Penny’s thrusts starting to become sloppy himself as he released also after large thrusts into you. Both riding off your high, the clown slowly lowered you back onto the ground, before sweeping you up into his arms and appearing in ‘his bedroom’. Pennywise had created a clean room with a queen sized bed for when you decided to stay over, and it was the only normal room in the house.

Laying you down on the bed, pulling up the sheets to cover both your body and his, Pennywise grinned at you, laying down on the bed beside you as you rolled onto your side. Long arms encircling your waist, Penny tugged your naked form to his side, your face nuzzling into his collarbone. Emitting a sigh, you closed your eyes.

“If it…. If it really bothers you so much kitty, I won’t eat any more little girls okay? I’ll stick to those little boys, okay?” The clown grumbles, his lips ghosting your forehead as he held a firm grasp on your form. It was always comforting, and it helped Pennywise control his protective notions between you.

“That you be nice Penny… as long as you don’t starve. I’m so sorry for yelling, I just thought that you were over me” You mumble, not opening your eyes as a wave of tiredness hits you, making you realize how long and strenuous your day had really been. Well, you also had to factor in the events that had just happened, but your mind was starting to grow fuzzy.

“I want my kitten happy” Pennywise huffs stubbornly, his mind made up as he watches you slowly fall asleep, your breathing becoming a slow and steady rhythm. “Goodnight kitten, remember that you will always be mine” This was the last you heard, his gloved fingers ghosting the large bite mark that resided on your neck.

Soon enough, you had fallen asleep in the clown’s arms, feeling no more fear and worry that Pennywise had moved on or was tired of you. He had you, and he always will. You would also always have Pennywise, watching you from the shadows and taking care of you, even if you didn’t know he was there.


Bad Match Part 11

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 2.9k

Warnings: angst, betrayal, self-loathing, if you squint your eyes you see some fluff, bad english.  

A/N: Shall we have a different POV of the last events?  

Feedback? Please!!!!

Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 


So soft.

Your skin felt so soft under the graze of his fingers tracing slow circles on your back. The slow movement of your ribcage pacing your breathing signalizing your slumber.

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Kill Zone - Part 10: Ghosts of the Past

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak, Agent Samuel Campbell, Agent Crowley MacLeod, Lisa Braeden, Cassandra Robinson (mentioned), Helena Spencer (OC - mentioned), Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Jo Harvelle (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury (mentioned), Rufus Turner (mentioned)

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Warnings: IEDs, Bombs, war is horrible, character death, self blame, injuries, Crowley is a dick.

Word Count: 7400ish

A/N: So sorry for the long wait y’all! I needed a break from the angst after angst day. I am back at it and hopefully I will get part 11 to y’all a lot faster!

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for almost killing me while editing this. This series would honestly suck without her. Thank you Ana for pulling the impossible out of me!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Crowley looked beyond exhausted. He had been trying to get Dean, who was just staring blankly into space, to talk for hours now. Cas had forced you to lay down on the couch in the precinct when you had returned after making your phone call. It couldn’t be long now. He had booked his flight and been out the door with you still on the phone. He had reassured you everything would be okay, but you weren’t so sure. You felt like the longer Dean was in that room, using his training to keep Crowley at arm’s length, he was slipping further and further away from you. He was slowly becoming the person he had tried so hard not to be ever since he got back from Afghanistan.

“I need to talk to him Cas,” you spoke quietly, fighting to hold back your emotions. If you let any feelings through, you would be crying in no time. Tears wouldn’t help Dean. If anything they would just insure you never got in that room with him.

“I know,” Cas answered you, taking a deep breath. “It can’t be long now.”

“Long before what?” You looked up at your partner, confusion written all over his face but he just smiled at you, softly shaking his head.

“You really think I didn’t know who you left to call? Sam will be here soon. He’ll offer us the distraction you need,” Cas answered you matter of factly, making your jaw drop. You were just about to make a million excuses for your actions, knowing they could cost you your job, but Cas laid a reassuring hand on your shoulder before continuing to speak. “If you hadn’t made that call. I would have. You’re secret is safe with me Y/N.”

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In case you’re having a bad Father’s Day (or even if you aren’t), here are some headcanons about David Wymack on Father’s Day that will hopefully make you feel better:

  • it’s habit for him to wake up early from so many years of morning practice, but today when he drags himself out of bed Abby’s already up making eggs
  • he wanders into the kitchen, puts the coffee on, and gets out some plates, and then he and Abby just sit at the table, enjoying each other’s company in the quiet light
  • at first he doesn’t even remember it’s Father’s Day; it’s not like he ever had any reason to celebrate it with his own father
  • but around 9am they hear the doorbell ring and Kevin walks in with Thea, Amalia, and his other two children
  • Kevin hugs his father and it’s slightly less awkward than every other time they’ve hugged
  • (just like last time was slightly less awkward than every time before it)
  • Kevin and Abby hug and Abby almost refuses to let him go
  • they spend the morning sitting together at the coffee table in comfortable conversation, talking about the Exy finals and all the new Foxes Wymack has signed
  • there’s four cards on the table, three with drawings in crayon and big, blocky letters, and one classy, understated store-bought card 
  • (which Kevin will never admit he spent five hours looking for and which both Kevin and Wymack will secretly treasure for months)
  • Thea’s outside in the back garden with Abby and the kids, playing around with a bunch of carefully planted petunias, when the doorbell rings again with Dan and Matt

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Daddy!Tom would be like

a/n: sin as always
This one is a sequel to this one
But you can totally ignore it if you want to
I tried to fuse to requests on one
The continuation of the “teasing Tom in inappropriate situations” the “Daddy!Tom” but hey anon tell me if you want one completely separate
I’d love to do it anyway

• Tom would be kissing and bitting your neck so hard
• he’d be really furious but in somehow this would let you even more wet
• his hands traveling through your body leaving the mark of his fingers in some places
• and you decide to tease him even more bc why not?
• “You have guests. Would be so disrespectful if you just dissappear at your own dinner”
• he’d smirk in the crook of your neck and would stand up letting you curious about what he’d going to do next
• “You’re totally right. So knees and hands. Now.”
• for some reason you decided to provoke Tom until his limit
• so you just sit in bed and stare at him
• oh boy, he’s completely engulfed with rage
• he’d grab your hair, pull your head back and make you look at him
• “Hear me, princess. You can do what I’m telling you to do for good or for bad. Now on your knees and hands.
• “Tom, what are you…”
• he’d grab your hair stronger making you bite your bottom lip
• you wouldn’t let him brake you so easily, you want to push him into the edge
• so he’d lead you by your hair and would make you be in the position he wanted
• before you even have time to think about something you’d feel his belt against your ass
• as you let a small cry out and would feel the leather burning on your skin but this time with more
• “If I were you, I would be in silence. You don’t want anyone to suspect about what’s really going on here right?”
• since you didn’t answer he’d slap your ass again and you’d have to bite the pillow to hold a whimper
• “Answer me, babygirl. Can you keep it quiet?”
• “Yes, daddy.”
• and with that he’d start to hit his belt against the soft skin of your ass again
• your eyes would filled with tears as you try in all the possible ways to old any kind of noise
• Tom wouldn’t stop until the area start to get purple with a few bruises
• you’d be able to see him breathing heavily as he walk to the wardrobe
• your butt would be burning so much but you’re going to be more wet than never
• “Daddy, can I please get out of this position?”
• you’d listen to his laugh but wouldn’t dare to move until he says so
• “Darling, you’re not going to move until I come back”
• and saying that he’d handcuff your hands on the bed
• you’d look at him in pure shock and he’d grab your chin passing his thumb over your bottom lip
• instinctively you’d lick it making him smirk
• he’d put one finger inside you and you’d have to hold a moan
• “You’re so fucking wet. I can’t believe. Being a bad girl turn you on?”
• since he didn’t get an answer he’d slap your ass again making your eyes tear up
• “You’re really rebel tonight. I will teach you a lesson to see if improves this behavior.”
• and you’d feel him pushing something inside you but it can not be what you thinking
• “I’m going downstairs and have fun with ours friends while you can be here thinking about what you’ve done”
• he really inserted the vibrator inside you and he’s leaving you alone incapable of moving
• “Tom… You can’t leave me like this. Please, daddy. Please.”
• “Sorry, babygirl. I have guests. I need to be polite and stay with them.”
• and then you’d look at him closing the door, your moth open in disbelief
• he really left you handcuffed on knees and hands with a vibrator inside you
• you’d sink your hands on the palm of your hand and bite your pillow trying to muffle your moans
• soon you’d feel the familiar knot on your stomach surging
• you just don’t curse Tom until his 3rd generation bc they’re would be your grandchildren
• suddenly your walls would clench around the sex toy and you’d have a long moan escape
• you could feel your ass still burning from the punishment and your face flushed
• your breathing would be heavy and your eyes tearing
• your whole body now would be relaxed but that thing inside you wouldn’t stop vibrating so soon you’d start to be tensioned again
• you have no notion of time so every second would look like an eternity
• you’d let a small cry and a series of whimpers out
• you knew it that was useless try to free your hands but you’d try
• and would fail letting you even more frustrated
• without even noticing you’d start to groan and cry Tom’s name
• your mind would flight to the that little shit and to all the stuff he still want to do with you
• and for the second time you’d feel your walls clench around the vibrator
• this time you’d feel your cunt all over your pussy and your body would be hot
• you’d feel string spasm through your body, a soft layer of sweat would cover you and your ass would still be throbbing
• you really wouldn’t be able to know how much time passed
• twenty minutes? half hour? forty minutes???? one hour?????
• you wouldn’t handle anymore, your eyes rolling up every time a little spasm run through your body
• now you’d be doing all kind of noises and at every 10 words 9 would be “Tom”
• you swear you’re close to a mental breakdown
• you’d be so lost in your own little hell that you wouldn’t notice the door open
• Tom would smirk at the scene of you sinking your head on the pillow trying to repress all your moans and the way you try to free your hands from the handcuffs
• he’d walk to your side in silence and whisper in your ear
• “Did you learn your lesson?”
• you’d quickly look at him making his dick twitch as the vision of your pretty flushed face with eyes tearing up
• “Yes, daddy. Let me move. Please.”
• he’d give you a weak laugh as he shake his head making his curly hair would fall on his face
• he’d slowly take the toy of inside you and you sight feel good your body more relaxed
• but instead of free your hands he’d pull your hair making you look at him
• “I told I would fuck until you’re not able to walk, princess”
• and you’d swallow hard for what is going to come
• as he drop your hair he’d take his t-shirt off and you’d admire his body bitting your lower lip
• doesn’t matter how times you’ve seen it you’d ever think he’s the most beautiful creature alive
• after he takes his pants he’d be gone of your field of vision
• you’d feel his climbing in bed behind you and that would make you tense again
• suddenly your feel his mouth cleaning all you juice from your pushy and you’d be a moaning mess at this point
• as his mouth move away from you, he’d start to rubb his cock on your entrance making you, instinctively, push your body to meet his
• “If you want me, beg for it.”
• he’s such a little shit
• “Tom… please.”
• he’d never stop playing with you and from fact was close to a mental breakdown
• “Please what?”
• “Please fuck until I’m not able to remember my name”
• and with that he’d push himself inside you at once making let out a throaty groan
• he’d with one on the hair in the back know of your neck and the other grabbing your hips as he thrust really strong
• you’d try to move your hands again and would cry at the failure
• “Daddy, please let me touch you. I need you, I need every inch of you. I promise will be good.”
• he’d stop and pull himself away from you
• you’d start to freak out thinking this is another part of the punishment but when he open the handscuff would almost cry in relief
• Tom would grab your throat and make you lay down being on the top of you
• you’d lace your legs around his waist and hold his hair in your hands even if they’re numb
• his other hand would be in your thigh as he push his dick inside you again without warning
• your nails are leaving a red trail in his back as he thrusts against you become more erratic
• everytime you moan or something like that Tom would be able to feel the vibrations through his hand and that would make him crazy
• you’d listen him mumble things like “so fucking tight” and “so warm and good”
• your mouth would be slightly open making him pull your bottom lips with his teeth
• you’d be a moaning mess and actually he too
• you’d feel that knot under your bellybutton and your knew that you’re close
• “Tom, can I come?”
• the hand around your throat would tighten stronger and he’d groan
• “Come for me, love. Come for daddy.”
• and with that you’d feel your walls clenching around him as you roll your eyes and crave your nails in his shoulder
• with a few more thrusts he’d finish realize inside you and lay his head on the crook of your neck
• your body would still be shaking as he pull you into a hug
• he’d kiss your forehead and you’d smile at him
• you’re feeling exhausted and all you want to do is sleep
• “Baby… I really expect you’re closing your eyes to get strength to survive through the rest of the night because I told you wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow”
“Oh my god… ”

Mile high club.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- smut and swears.

Just a little something I wrote on the plane.

You had done it together about a million times before. But this one was different. This one was the flight to end all flights in the sense of the amount of sheer time. Dan had surprised you with a birthday present of a lifetime. A flight to (your choice) it was going to be a two-week excursion of sunshine and relaxation. The only problem was just the thought of sitting on a plane for that long cramped, hot and most likely near some random dude made you want to go back home and just cuddle. You and Dan had tried all you could to get seats in the same row together but I wasn’t possible. So you would be across the walkway from Dan. Not even able to hold his hand or bug him. The worst would be the lack of ability he would have to distract you from the hours of travel. 

The two of you were sitting in the terminal eating some unhealthy snack before take off. You couldn’t help but want to cuddle into him. I mean the guy did buy you an experience of a lifetime. “Daniel.”

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Secret Rendezvous (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Secret Series Part 2! [1] 

Summary: In Germany now, and Peter Parker and Y/N Stark would like to have some fun before the big day. 

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading Secret Daughter; did not expect that many notes on one of my first fics. Hope you enjoy part 2 and I’m working on part 3 to be up in a few days!

Warnings: Make out !!! Sexual content !!! you write smut one time and suddenly you’re hooked

Word Count: 2k+

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Is It Cool If I Hold Your Hand?


Pairing: Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones 

Summary: Jughead Jones finally musters up the courage to take Betty Cooper on their very first date.

“You want to go on a date…” her eyebrows furrow before she continues, “with me?”

Jughead bites his lip and adjusts his crown beanie, the feeling of rejection that he had been consciously avoiding for the past three years coursing through his veins.

He knew he shouldn’t have asked her. She had been his best friend since they were little, for Christ’s sake. Betty Cooper? On a date with Jughead Jones? Only in his dreams. Actually, let’s be real, probably not even there.

“It wouldn’t be like a date date,” he quickly attempts a recovery, trying to dig himself out of the hole he’s already standing in, “more like a fun dinner…but with just us.”

Her eyebrow arches in that cute subtle way that’s made his heart flutter since they were 14 and he sighs, wishing he could bury himself in this damn figurative hole he’s dug.

“Jughead,” she says softly, reaching out to affectionately touch his arm, “I’d love to.”

He blinks, not being able to stop the smile spreading across his face as the reality of her acceptance hits him.

Jughead Jones is taking Betty Cooper on a date.

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Work or Vacation?

Pairing: Christian Yu x Reader

Summary: Christian and you go to another for his job, but it turns out to be more of a vacation than work.

Genre: Fluff, Smut!

A/N: lmao you guys are in love with Christian! thank you @sophiak62  for requesting! once again, I hope you guys like it. this is my first time writing smut in a year lol. enjoy! plus I kinda suck at smut lmaoo. 

You were sitting in your room finishing up work on your computer when your phone started ringing.

“Hello?” You answered.

“Hey love, start packing your suitcase. Make sure you bring a bathing suit too, just in case.” Your boyfriend, Christian, said.

Your eyes widened at his sudden request, “what?”

He chuckled before he spoke, “I’m on my way over. I have to go to Spain, I was hired by my old friend to shoot a music video for them. They paid for my ticket and gave me an extra one, so I wanted to surprise you. It’s currently 10:43 pm, our flight leaves at 12:03. Better start packing now.”

He hung up while you sat there, slightly panicking because you had less than two hours to pack. And for Spain? What the hell were you going to wear in Spain?

You quickly got up, pulled your suitcase form under your bed and started to fold your summer clothes while packing them.Your front door opened signaling that Ian was here, and you waited for him to come to your room before speaking.

“You’re not mad at me, right?” He asked as he rubbed your arm a little.

You stopped packing things into your suitcase and looked at him. He sat on your bed looking at you with a small, hopeful smile.

“Of course I’m not mad, it was just so fast for you tell me to start packing with less than two hours babe. I’m just worried I’ll forget something or mess up your time while being there.” You said as you sighed deeply.

He stood up and hugged you. “You won’t mess anything up for me, my love. As a mater of fact, its gonna be better for me if you come. I’ll be able to wake up to your beautiful face and we can try new foods and go to the beach…Plus if you do forget something we can just buy another one.”

You smiled while looking up at him and nodded your head.

“It’s 11:01 so lets get you finished packing so that we can head to the airport.”

You said okay and finished packing your clothes and he grabbed your other needed things. Eventually you guys finished packing your suitcase and loaded into the car.

The ride to the airport was filled with you guys singing loudly and eating snacks. When you arrived you guys moved quickly with your things and loaded onto the plane.

The plane ride was about 12 hours and you both slept through damn near all of it, and a taxi drove you guys to your hotel. You guys went to your room and you plopped onto the bed.

“I’m so tired.” You said as you buried your head into the pillow.

Christian laughed and plopped down next to you. You felt yourself doze off before he rubbed your back, scaring you a little.

“How much time do you have before work?” You asked as you laid on your side, reaching your hand to play in his hair.

“About three hours?”

“Good,” you said as you smiled, “that gives us time.”

You straddled him and started kissing his neck. He groaned at the contact and gripped your ass.

“Where’d all of this energy come from? You were just exhausted.” He said has he sat up for you to be sitting on his lap.

“Trust me, I get excited when it comes to you.” You answered as you took his shirt off and began marking up his collarbones.

Christian breathed heavily and let you work your magic. Eventually he stopped you, and he took off your shirt and your bra while kissing your mouth repeatedly, making you smile. You both locked eyes for a while before you noticed a look that he had in his eyes.

It was different…it wasn’t just lust, you could tell. It was so much more than that. You felt like the way he looked at you was just filled with all of his emotions toward you.

And that turned you on. Big time.

You stood up and pulled his shorts off of him. He grabbed you by your hips and pulled you onto the bed, getting on top of you. He took your shorts off while he kissed down your chest and stomach.

You let out a shaky breath and looked down at him. He made his way back up to your face, kissing you as he slipped a finger inside of your underwear, finding your soaked heat while sliding his finger into you. You groaned into his mouth and he slipped another finger inside of you, curling them fast but gently.

Your back arched, and you felt how wet you grew as he worked his fingers inside of you. He broke the kiss to quickly take your soaked underwear off and he connected his mouth to your swollen bud. You moaned loudly and pushed his head down into you, wanting more. He licked and sucked you harshly, adding two fingers while holding your hip down with his other hand.

You felt your legs shake as he pushed his fingers and tongue deeper inside of you. Your back arched more and your hand gripped the sheets, signaling him that you were close. He moved faster, making you hit your orgasm as you tightly shut your eyes and moaned his name loudly.

You looked down at him out of breath as he sucked his fingers clean and slightly smirked a little. He hovered over you while looking you in the eyes,

“You alright?” He asked as he rubbed your cheek lightly.

You smiled and held his hand, “yeah. It’s just been a while.”

You leaned up and kissed him while slipping your tongue into his mouth, and flipped him over so that you would be on top of him. He took his boxers off without breaking the kiss, and sat up so that your chests would be touching.

Christian gripped your ass as he lifted you up so that you could line his fully hard cock up with your dripping wet core. You slowly slid down onto him, making both of you groan. He knew you were still so sensitive from your previous orgasm so he thrust up slightly, letting you get used to him and the slight overstimulation.

“Go Ian.” You moaned.

He held the small of your back and bucked his hips up harshly, making you grip his shoulders tighter. You both moved in sync as moans and groans loudly filled the room, along with the sound of your skin slapping together. 

The whole room grew hotter as you two worked your hips into each other. He pulled you closer and buried his face in the crook of your neck, signaling that he was close to his climax.

His movements and breathing got uneven and he moaned louder as he kissed your neck and shoulders lightly. You pushed him back so that he was leaning on the bed and you began to ride him. You rolled and lifted your hips to slam them back down while holding his chest, and you felt yourself getting close.

He gripped your hips harder and bucked his hips up into you hard. His mouth fell open and you felt it as he came inside of you, still thrusting his hips softly. Your whole body felt warm as you came again. You moaned loudly as your legs shook, still slowly riding him to help carry both of you out of your highs.

You got off of him and collapsed next to him, breathless. He looked over at you and you looked at him, causing both of you to giggle. 

“Holy shit, it really has been a long time, hasn’t it?” He asked as he pulled you closer, kissing your forehead. 

“Yeah, we’re always busy with work.” You said as you snuggled into his chest.

You both lay there naked, breathing heavily and blushing like teenagers. You looked at the clock and poked him.

“You should probably get everything together for your shoot and get showered.” You said while looking up at him.

He looked down at you and smirked, “round two in the shower, love?“ 

You got up quickly and ran toward the bathroom with the sheet wrapped around you. 

“Depends on how long you take to get up. You’re on a time check and I’m not sure if I want to stop this time.” You yelled while looking back at him and smiling.

He smiled back and hopped out of the bed, while following you into the shower. You and him both knew that this was going to be a personal vacation more than a work trip. 

The Necklace


The open box sat on her bedside table, illuminated by only her velvet lamp. The apartment was quiet, except for a few quiet purrs from Meredith, who was strolling around, unbothered by the man sitting on Taylor’s bed. Joe had flew in from the UK a couple hours ago, and had managed to get access into Taylor’s NYC apartment after telling her bodyguards that he was there to surprise her. It was her birthday and she was out partying with her friends, completely unaware of the fact that Joe was waiting for her when she returned. He knew that she didn’t know he was there, and that’s what he wanted. They had been texting for the past week about how they had missed each other, and Joe had been saying how he wished he could make it to her birthday, and she was being hopeful too, although slightly upset that she couldn’t be with her boyfriend on her special day, but understanding as to why not. He was busy, after just landing a new role in a film with Margot Robbie, he had been in the UK for some time prepping for that.

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Luck of My Life

So I finally had the time to make it… Here’s chapter 1 of the childhood friends AU idea I had before- just in time for day 12 of adrinette month! <3 These kiddos are 9 in this chapter. 

Chapter 1

Adrien couldn’t stop crying as he stared at the remains of his toy in his shaking hands. This was the third time this week. He so badly wanted to scream, but he was worried that it would attract more attention. He may be allowed to cry, but he drew the line at wailing. He was an Agreste, he could stay strong. No one needed to know what he could do.

His sniffling sounds brought over his mother though.

“Oh kitty,” she said soothingly. “Don’t cry. I’ll buy you a new one. You can control it next time.”

He gave her a sad look that displayed all the longing he had to be normal. “But mama, I can’t! I’ll just destroy it again. I’m a monster.”

His mother gently shook him from his despair. “You’re not a monster, sunshine. Life may have given you this power, but it doesn’t make you a monster. You have a kind heart, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”

She cupped her hands over his, and took away the toy’s remains. “Now, let me take this. I’ll go buy you a new one. Thankfully no one saw you destroy that- they might not understand.”

She kissed his forehead and guided him to the playground swings. “I’ll be back. I love you.”

“I love you too, mama.” Adrien gave her a small lopsided smile while wiping away his tears. “Thank you.”

He sighed as he watched his mother leave. He was alone again. It wasn’t crowded in the park today- only 3 other children were there. None seem to be paying him much attention. One kid was off at the sand box building some sort of castle as he hummed under his breath. Another kid was hiding behind a tree, writing something down on a notepad she carried along while watching the boy in the sand box.

The last child was holding a cat stuff toy on one hand as she swung across the monkey bars. Adrien flinched when he realized that her gaze was on him.

Did she see him destroy the toy?

Fear suddenly gripped his heart. This was what his parents warned him about, people will finally look at him differently. He was going to be Paris’ monster. The child that destroys everything he touches. The child that brings bad luck.

He braced himself for the inevitable scream from the girl, but instead she gave him a toothy grin. He stared at her for a few seconds before giving her a small, confused yet questioning smile.

It must have looked weird because she giggled and dropped herself off from the monkey bars with a graceful flourish.

She approached him enthusiastically, not showing any signs of fear. Adrien relaxed, she couldn’t have seen him destroy the toy. But as she came closer, she had a glint of excitement in her eyes that showed that she knew something.

“I saw you.” She said simply.

Adrien’s heart dropped. He gripped the chains on the swing and readied himself to run away. The young girl realized what he was about to do and consoled him.

“Oh no, no, no. Don’t go! I won’t tell anyone.” She said frantically. “I-I just wanted to say that- that, you have a gift!”

He stared at her smiling face sadly, and almost regretfully, he told her. “It’s not a gift.”

“But it is!” the girl insisted fervently. “That’s what my parents tell me.”

“You don’t understand!” he said bitterly, new tears now streaming down his face. He embarrassedly hid his face in hands.  

“But I do!” she said patiently. “I have a gift too.”

He raised his head and looked into her eyes- her bright bluebell eyes. “You do?”

She sat down on the ground in front of him and smiled. “I do.”

Adrien gaped at her. “I’m not alone?”

“You’re not alone.” She repeated.

Adrien just stared at the girl in front of him, taking in her midnight dark hair, her gorgeous eyes, and her pretty freckles. This girl was just like him. And for a moment, everything was okay.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?” Adrien questioned after long moments of silence. “Aren’t you worried you’ll get dirty?”

“Well, there is not other seats around, and I didn’t want to leave you alone when you are sad.” She said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Almost at once, Adrien shot up from the swing and said, “Then sit here! You shouldn’t get your pretty dress dirty.”

“No, no, it’s alright!” she waved away his offer. “You were there first, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“N-no, I insist.” Adrien gave her a solemn look. “My daddy said that that’s what a gentleman would do.”

The girl contemplated it, “No, it’s alright. I’m fine on the ground.” She said firmly.

Adrien hesitated, but upon seeing her steely eyes, he gave in. “Alright, if you won’t take it, I’ll just sit down here with you.”

Adrien plopped down on the ground and gave her a friendly bump on the shoulder. “I’m Adrien. Ca-can we be friends?”

“Mari.” She responded, returning the bump with a wide beam. “And of course!”

They stayed there for a while, just talking about anything. Before today, Adrien didn’t allow himself to believe that he could ever make a friend. His first real friend.

It would be about half an hour before Mari’s parents would come by, and Adrien tried to make the most of it by joining her in the playground.

“I have to go,” Mari said as she saw her parents approaching. “But before I do, I want to give you something.”

She pulled him into the playground castle. It was a closed place, hiding them away from the rest of the slowly gathering crowd.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” she said nervously as she stared at him through her bangs.

He gave her the sincerest look he could possibly muster. “I promise.”

“Okay.” She said softly.

She stared at her hands, slowly opening and closing it as she shook ever so slightly.

“Uh, Mari?” Adrien asked questioningly.

“Shhh.” She said, giggling quietly. “I’m trying to focus.”

A bright red glow covered her hands. “Now, what’s your favorite color?”

“Black and green.”

She grinned and the red glow grew. All of the sudden, a stuff toy dropped out of nowhere onto her awaiting hands.

Adrien stared at it.  It was a medium sized black cat stuff toy. The ears were long and pointy and the electric green eyes were a little too comical to be realistic. A mischievous quality was almost visible and familiar to him, grinning at him in a liberating way.

“It’s for you.” Mari said shyly.

Adrien withdrew the hands that he didn’t even notice was reaching out to touch it. “I couldn’t.”

Mari’s face fell. “Oh, I understand. It’s alright.”

“No!” Adrien said anxiously. “It’s- it’s just that I’m worried it will get destroyed.”

“It won’t.” Mari said surely. “It’s my gift.”

Adrien tentatively stretched out to touch it. The moment his fingers hit the soft furry toy, he instinctively pulled back his hands as if he was afraid the toy would burn. When it didn’t, he let out a gasp and he took it slowly from Mari, cuddling it close to him.

“Your power is beautiful.” Adrien said gently.

“You’re beautiful.” Mari murmured.

Adrien felt a warm feeling spread itself across his chest. This girl didn’t see him as a monster. The most beautiful girl in the world thought he was beautiful.  Adrien felt lighter than he’s ever been.

“Thank you.” Adrien tried to put a much emotion as he could in those two words.

She only smiled tenderly in response.

When Mari’s parents arrived, Adrien almost couldn’t bear to say goodbye. But after assuring him that she would be there the next day, he beamed and shyly gave her a gentlemanly kiss on her hand.

“Goodbye, my lady.” He said to her retreating back. “See you tomorrow.”


Only, he didn’t. The next day, his family boarded themselves on a flight to China to find a healer- someone who can cure him of his gift. He came back 2 years later, without a cure, and without his mother.

He wouldn’t see his lady for another 10 years. By then, he didn’t even remember her face or her name.

He only remembered her eyes, her smile, her power and her kindness.

He remembered so little, but without a doubt in his mind, he knew he found her that fateful day he decided to use his powers for good.

He found her- his lady.

Ladybug, whoever you are behind that mask, I love you. 

Chapter 2 here

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 6

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] | [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9] [Pt 10]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 3,885

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET THIS UP. BLESS. It involved strategic planning on my part that was accompanied by lots of failure before success, but I’ll write about that elsewhere :p Just know that not having Wifi sucks, and that I really appreciate everyone who looks forward to this story <3

The following morning, after a quiet breakfast, Jin helps you into his car and drives you home. On the ride, he explains to you how to take care of your wrist, and what to do if it begins to worsen for some reason. You find yourself smiling fondly as he speaks, still eternally grateful for the kindness he has shown you in the last 24 hours.

“Thank you, again,” you whispers as you grip the door handle and push the car door open, Jin having pulled into a parking spot in front of your complex just seconds before. You get one foot out the door before Jin reaches his hand out and grips your forearm gently, causing you to pause.

“I…you…,” he says, struggling to find the right words as he meets your quizzical stare head on.

Jin can’t just let you leave like this. He can’t just let you walk away and into Namjoon’s hands—he would be a fool to let you do that. But…he also knows that he can’t stop you from going to Namjoon. At the moment, you’re Namjoon’s to protect—Namjoon got you into this mess, after all—but that doesn’t mean Jin isn’t going to try and help you. The least he can do is give you a safe space—an area where there’s a neutral party—and that place is with him.

“You know where to find me. Here’s my personal number,” he says, quickly snatching his business card out of thin air, placing it into your palm. Blinking, you stare at the card, Jin’s soothing hands enclosing around yours, and then look up at him.

“Why are you doing this for me?”

“Because while I believe you’re a girl of good intentions, and have the capacity to make smart choices—the path you’re starting to head down…the path Namjoon will likely entice you travel—it’s a dangerous one. And I want you to have someone to go to when you need a moment of serenity.”

“And that someone is you?” you question. Jin squeezes your hand reassuringly.

“I would like for you to think so.”

“Then I’ll remember this,” you say, waving the card trapped between your fingertips. At seeing the promise in your eyes, Jin smiles smally and releases your hand, watching you as you slip from the passenger seat and stand beside his car. After closing the door you wave, thanking him one last time, and start away.

You don’t look back to see whether or not Jin is still watching you. You’re already preoccupied—mind working to find a solution to your current situation—a solution that will let you live peacefully and maybe continue to see Namjoon at the same time—but you’re beginning to realize that such an solution may not be logical. Such an answer may not even exist.

You know that you’re being stupid about this—you’re beginning to harvest feelings for a man that had kidnapped you and had sex with you. A man who had taken advantage of you and is involved in the mafia, apparently. Your life is beginning to seem like a movie scene—but this isn’t a movie!

You’re a real person—with a real life! You want Namjoon but you also want normalcy! But at this point you feel that neither is attainable!

What are you going to do?

Sighing, you finally make it up two flights of stairs and to your apartment door. You unlock said door effortlessly, shoving inside and kicking your shoves off at the landing—too busy with your endless thoughts to notice that a pair of shoes not belonging to you are also there.

Depositing your bag a little further in, at the legs of your kitchen table, you run a hand through your hair and make a b-line for your bedroom—because even though Jin’s guest bed had been comfy, you’d been unable to sleep soundlessly with so much going on.

However, before you can get to your bedroom door—just as you’re walking past the sofa—a strong arm wraps around your middle and you scream, being flung backwards. You land on something rock solid and clearly un-couch like—and at the realization that the thing you’re sitting on is a person you yell again, attempting to break free.

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Auston Matthews #5

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where Auston surprise you at college? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing. It’s so good.

A/N: sorry it took me a while to get to your request, all excuses aside i hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,325

‘You have a surprise when you get back to the dorm.’ Since getting the text from your dorm-mate nearly an hour ago you hadn’t stopped thinking of what she could possibly mean. Maybe she got another bag of that stupidly good popcorn for you again from the store. You could seriously binge eat the whole bag while having a good study session and then finish it while watching some Netflix. 

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