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Honestly though, Stéphane Lambiel and Deniss Vasiljevs (whom I previously discussed in this post) are such goals?

A month ago, they were a coach and a figure skater, watching an anime about their sport together on a couch and tweeting about it

and now Stéphane will have a minor role voicing himself in the anime?

And they both got to meet Kubo Mitsurou-sensei, the creator of the anime they watched in the comfort of a living room only a few weeks earlier???

How much better does it get?????

haha white fanboys getting so mad because this blog -right here- doesn’t give two shits about their opinions ;D You really don’t matter you know, at least not -here- ? At least for me. Your concerns do not matter at all in this blog, your voice - here - does not matter either.

I’ve said this countless times: there are literally THOUSANDS of Deadpool blogs out there focused on another subjects related to Deadpool, you just need to get outta here and find another ones to follow ;)

This blog right here is about Deadpool, queerness, representation (queer and poc), representation issues (LGBT and POC) and pretty edits. No one is poiting a weapon to your face saying “You should follow this blog and never leave”, in fact, if you have that kind of fuckboy mindset, you are not welcome hereat all, however, If like getting pissed off, be my guest, I won’t change any single aspect of this blog to cather your desires. I cannot tell you what to do and you sure as hell cannot tell me what to do either,

Curtis Armstrong talking about J2 rehearsing the scene where Dean dies [9x23]
  • LYNN: Jensen was saying that during that episode, he and Jared were very emotional about Dean dying, that Jared was really crying. I guess you weren’t there when they filmed that scene, when Sam goes to Dean…
  • CURTIS: No, I was there for that, because we shot it with Sam appearing screaming and running, and he gets to Dean and he looks up at me, and I said something, a line that was cut…
  • LYNN: Oh! I wonder what you said.
  • CURTIS: It wasn’t important, in fact it was better cut. It was some flip comment, very Metatron but unnecessary. And then he grabs the angel blade and goes for me and I’m gone. So I was still on the set when they rehearsed it. I never saw the filming of it but I saw the rehearsal. And it was a big fucking deal. I mean, it was. You could see that it was.
  • LYNN: They were emotional even then?
  • CURTIS: Yeah, they really were. I mean, I think it’s a big thing. After ten years, out of necessity to keep yourself sane, you might be in some scenes operating on a kind of auto pilot, but you can’t operate on auto pilot with a scene like that, there’s just too much. And the two of them, they have that unique – not just chemistry, but an actual relationship. You know, I mean Bruce and Cybil [in Moonlighting] had chemistry and no relationship. These guys have both. So when you’re in that moment, it’s hard to not, I think, have it affect you.
wishlist for deadpool 2
  • much gayer

Honestly I am just glad that now not even the fanboys will be able to defend him, they were saying that he produced this crap because of mean WSJ that fired him, cut Bleach off, which I can understand really, you read this piece of shit that is the worst manga ending you could make and you think that there has to be a reason, maybe the poor man was treated badly and they didn’t want him continuing bleach anymore, maybe he was rushed but now you hear him say that he did what he planned from the start (lol Whut?) who is going to defend him anymore? He just gave proof that he is a shitty mangaka and a shitty author and the best part is that he dare say “I feel like there are a lot of thing’s I’ve left out” LOL omg this is amazing he really is Tite Kubo author of Bleach a “gag” manga and a great liar.


★  Tamveer

Sheena is the First to her clan who later then becomes the Keeper. She’s very talented in her magic, especially fire, and would often play pranks on her fellow Clansmen even when she became the responsible Keeper. Not many enjoy her trickster ways, but her only and true friend Vaheer does; and that’s enough for her to keep on doing it. She also likes to collect and make clothes on the side.

Vaheer, though a mage himself, prefers the life of a Hunter. Practicing on perfecting his aim with a bow and arrow while prowling the forested lands of The Emerald Graves in the form of a brown Wolf. Not many of the Clan enjoy his company as his interests delved heavily to what would be considered outlandish and dangerous behaviour yet also reminiscent behaviours of the Dread Wolf. He also loves to make puns.

They’re still alive, and waiting for the forest to give them back their little Tammy.