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Percy had been responsible for Ginny two-fold during her first year, but he’d been too busy being a Prefect to be her brother, and too busy trying not to give her “special treatment” to be her Prefect. Her suffering had gone under his radar. 

During his time away from his family, though - isolated and without anyone to confide in - he realizes how terrifying it must have been for her to go through trauma like that and have all of her brothers - but especially Percy, who had had the most power to help - unavailable. 

It’s time to apologize, after the war, after he’s back in to the family. Even if he can’t undo what he’s done, maybe he can ease her mind with the reassurance that he won’t ever let it happen again.

honestly? i think the level design in da:i was dope, i just think they populated the maps VERY bad. yes, hinterlands design was bad, but that’s bc it’s the standard ‘rolling fields and woods’ blown up to GARGANTUAN proportions. everything else tho?? the ideas were pretty cool! crestwood, go close a rift under a giant lake that’s causing undead to crawl out of the water, you get to explore some pretty cool cavern systems and then when it’s done the whole place gets lit up by sunset and looks Very pretty. hissing wastes, fuck around in this dope ass nighttime desert and climb buttes and mountains and shit. fallow mire was great, very few sidequests and the-floor-is-lava mechanics on a limited map so every area was cool and unique. storm coast personally fits my Aesthetic and its kinda fun going up and down the cliffs and those giants step stone bits. the graphics are amazing and i LIKE exploring these maps. that being said they put ENTIRELY TOO MANY sidequests in each area, but now that im on my fourth runthrough and i officially do not give une fuck about completing every single ! on my screen im enjoying the fuck out of these maps tbh

I know what happened at the Oscars. Someone at PriceWaterhouseCoopers is going to get fired. They made a duplicate envelope with Emma Stone’s name. Because usually at the Oscars, they have two briefcases that people carry with the two sets of the same results. Each person stands on the opposites sides of the stage, depending on which way the presenter enters the stage. Leonardo DiCarprio and Warren Beatty didn’t come on stage the same way. Emma got her envelope when she won. But then somehow they opened up the other briefcase with the same result. Thus Warren Beatty took that envelope. A person from PWC realized that Warren took the wrong envelope that wasn’t Best Picture and it was too late. 


some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self


PIP: you’re home! what were you up to last night, hmmm? *eyebrow wiggle*

SULO: arghhh… i may of drank too many of those human potions that Mei likes so much and… got a bit frisky with a vampire………… regret…..

PIP: dang it, i never get to have fun like that anymore!

MEI: first of all, ew. secondly, please take a long and scalding hot shower before you interact with our child.