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I HEAR YOU WANTED TO EXPLORE KREM/LAVELLAN my buddy that is my jam. “ i want to either kiss you or kill you right now. ” something funny and fluffy? <3 Thank you!

HELLO NEW FRIEND they’re my jam too. I got my first prompt for them last week and I’ve thought about them every day since.

I don’t know if I can do funny on command, but. I’ll do my best.

Krem/FemLavellan for @dadrunkwriting

“If you call me that one more time.” She levels her best glare at Krem, but he just smirks at her in return, leaning forward with both elbows on the table between them. 

“You’ll what, your worship?” The title slips from his lips like a challenge, and she squints at him. His grin grows, taking over his face, and they both forget the crowd of the tavern around them. “Throw me out of Skyhold? Send me on a mission to the Approach?”

She rolls her dark eyes and makes sure to harden her glare before meeting his eyes again. “I… I’ll…” her thoughts are scattered, hard to gather back together to form a coherent sentence when he’s this close to her. “I… don’t know.”

Krem laughs, his eyes crinkling at the edges, and it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. Her blush deepens.

“I can’t call you anything other than ‘your worship’,” Krem says. “It’s just who you are.”

Her smile slips from her face, and she looks away. She takes a deep swallow of her drink and closes her eyes, more to avoid Krem’s gaze than to savor the taste of the watery ale.

He notices.

“I… your… Linise?” He stumbles through the names he’s allowed to call her, searching for the one that will bring the smile back to her face and the light back to her eyes.

She finishes her drink. “If you call me anything other than Linise or Lin again,” she says, voice low, “And I’ll either kiss you or kill you. It depends on my mood.”

She slips away from their table before he can respond.


…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]


okay but this is the best one i’ve heard so far


Sondertale: Prologue - Part 9

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I’ve been wanting to get to this part for weeks <3

(psst I have a surprise planned for the next update, to celebrate 100 panels of the comic done (AND NEARLY 100 FOLLOWERS OMG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT) so hang tight! :D)