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“Seriously how do you guys learn to dance like that?” He asks. You smirk at him, downing the rest of your drink.
“Its easy, you just need to feel the beat, move with it.” You say, starting to dance yourself, feeling more confident as the rush of alcohol moves through you. Bucky watches you, and his eyes turn dark as you sway your hips. You throw your plastic cup on the floor and move closer to Bucky.
“I’ll show you.” You say into his ear, biting your lip as you pull back, and all he can do is nod. You run your hands down his muscular arms, and place his hands on your hips. You stay close to him, bodies inches apart, you can practically feel his breath on your face. You roll your hips against him and his grip on you tightens, pulling you closer to him. After a few moments he starts to move with you, eyes locked onto yours. He parts your legs with his thigh and the sudden pressure on your groin catches the breath in the back of your throat. He buries his face in your neck as you push your hands under the thin fabric of his t shirt, grazing your fingers up his back and raking your nails back down the skin. His hands wind round your waist and down your back to cup your ass, pulling you closer towards him. You close your eyes and moan, forgetting about everyone around you, they cant hear you over the music anyway…

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santorini sounds amazing! i hope you have the best time!! :) how about a niall tfln where he tries to cheer up the missus while they're dating bc she's been really sad about something. <3

I’m honestly so bloody excited for Santorini - this time in one week, I’ll be drinking cocktails and meeting lads. ;) ;) x

Niall. Missus.

Hey, baby.


Are you alright?

I haven’t heard from you all day.

I’m a bit worried about you.

I’m okay.

I’ve just been a little bit busy.

Do you need me to come and help you?


Are you sure?

I’m back home now anywhere.

What do you mean ‘back home now’?

Where have you been?

I’ve been at the hospital for most of the day.

Oh, no.

Is it your nan?

We don’t think she’s going to live to the end of the week so we’re trying to spend as much time with her as we can.

I just don’t really want to see anyone right now.

I’m sorry.

No, no.

Don’t you apologise. 

It’s okay.

I understand, and, I’m always just a phone call away if you need me.

Thank you.

I love you.



I know you didn’t want anyone keeping you company, but, I’ve just dropped off some ice-cream and some chocolate and I’ve stuck one of of my hoodies in the bag with everything. It’s outside on your doorstep as I didn’t want to intrude or wake you.

So, I’m there in hoodie-form for you.

I know you have a few of my t-shirts in your wardrobe, but, I always hear you telling people how my hoodies are more comfortable.

Thank you.

God, I knew I was with you for a reason.

You got my favourite ice-cream too.

I’ve been shopping with you before, baby.

I know what you prefer. ;)

Can you come back?

I need a snuggle and you’re the only person I want right now.

Of course.

I was hoping you’d ask me to come in.

I’ve been sat outside in the car for about 15 minutes.

You idiot.

You could have knocked.

You’re my boyfriend. I would have let you in. xx

Perks of a new watch, everything’s a “new record” 🤗🤗🤗

Tuesday Things!!
• woke up at 8 and got my short run in (5 miles).
• for over a week now every run has been SO shitty, but today after 3 miles I was gliding :))
• I don’t know why this is happening lately but it’s been taking me longer to kind of “get into” my runs and find that “rhythm.” 😞
• but at least I know now that I just need to push through the first few miles and soon enough I’ll find that happy place of content running! 💪🏼
• after my run I showered, made “cheesey” toast for breakfast and am now drinking a big ole cup of joe ☕️ and catching up on tumblr!
• I have work at 3 but I’m going in at about 12:30 to see Alisha before she’s off to give her her birthday present! :) Her birthdays tomorrow but she’s gone for the week after today so gonna just pop in to say happy birthday ya blonde Selena Gomez and then leave lol!
• I’m thinking since I’ll have some time in between that and my shift I’m just going to go next door to Barnes and Nobles and read for an hour in between bc that sounds so nice tbh! :)

Anyways, that’s about all that’s happening in my life! My marathon is in 5 days and I am low key freaking out and high key NOT ready (lol) but it’s all good bc sometimes you just have to say “fuck it lets just wing it!” 😜

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"#i can't get excited for shit without sourcing#and until the real world invents a tumblr savior for benedict's face" stef i just inhaled iced coffee

😂 you know those watching games where you stick a hat on the corner of the TV and drink whenever a character goes there? I’m gonna need to do that… except hold up a sign with Pedro Pascal’s face whenever I’m forced to see You Know Who.

Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494

honestly pokemon go is such a beautiful and surreal experience?? ive never had such frivolous and simultaneously genuine interactions with total strangers before

like i just met this couple at the park by my house and we just walked around town for two hours catching pokemon and singing the theme song and striking silly trainer poses

we caught a few stragglers and introduced some other people to it and laughed and talked and bonded with others that were playing

like for someone like me that has a really hard time making friends this whole thing is really wonderful? human connection is hard to come by but this game makes it easy?? and now we have plans to hang out again and get drinks sometime and i just moved to this town and don’t know anyone so this is like..,, i don’t know i just needed it

Okay y'all

There’s a lot of shit happening on Twitter with got7 right now and if you wanna know everything just go on there and look.

I just wanna say that IF bambam did say the ‘n’ word, it is wrong and he should acknowledge his mistake and apologize. But he definitely does not deserve death threats and people saying he should leave got7. Like what gives y'all the right to tell a person they should kill themselves? Nothing. Nothing gives you the right.

As for yugyeom and the underage drinking that’s supposedly happening, does it really matter? I bet most of the people that are complaining about it have drank underage or know people that have drank underage. Plus he’s not doing anything stupid, he’s having fun. Yes it may look like he is drunk but there are no actual videos of him drinking so it’s all speculation as of now. (Also can we talk about his absolute adorable tummy? Like it’s so cute and I might actually die from how cute it is.)

Regarding Junior and some girl, who cares? I don’t know what this is about, all I saw was a nice photo of him standing next to a girl, posing for the picture. The boys can’t take pictures with other girls now? Oh bullshit.

Now, Mark and his tattoo. It’s nice, he’s old enough to get one, and it’s a damn cross. If anyone is saying anything bad about it, then you got me fucked up. It’s a damn tattoo, get over it. And it’s a FUCKING CROSS PRAISE THE LORD JESUS HALLELUJAH.

I don’t know what all this hype is about, but people make mistakes and they are all humans, just like you and I. So give them a chance to acknowledge their mistakes before you start saying shit like “got7 who?” “Bambam who?” Cause you know damn well that yesterday y'all were all up on social media reblogging and liking shit that involved got7 saying “look at my baby” or “he’s so perfect” so don’t even pull this shit because a HUMAN BEING made a damn mistake, just like every other HUMAN BEING on this godforsaken planet.

Thank you and have a nice day.

bones throws jim a surprise party and at first jim can’t help but feel awkward. no one had ever celebrated his birthday before, not for real. his mother had kissed his forehead and tried to hide her eyes, red from crying; bones knew without asking that what jim needed most was a drink and some room to breathe. 

until now. bones throws jim a surprise party and he’s surrounded by his beaming crew and something dislodges inside his chest. he finds himself laughing even though he kind of wants to cry. 

i love you, he thinks, and he hopes every single one of them can somehow hear him. he hopes they know. his crew. I love you.

people begin to trickle away as the evening wanes until, eventually, it’s just him and bones left. they sit side by side on the couch and stare out at the skeleton of their ship. jim leans into bones’ warmth and bones slings an arm around his shoulders and jim is taken back to the first time they sat like this, way back at the academy, watching the stars from a rooftop and hoping, hoping, hoping. 

jim can hardly believe there was a time when he existed without bones by his side. bones pulls him closer and kisses the top of his head and jim never wants to exist without him again. 

“happy birthday, darlin,” bones says, and for the first time, jim thinks the words feel right.

Only Mine (M)

WARNING: Jealousy, Language.

REQUEST: Jungkook’s gf (a 96 liner) still owns and uses things give to her from her previous boyfriend. Jungkook eventually gets jealous and shows her who “owns” her now.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay so the first time I wrote this my computer decided it wanted to crash on me, it hurts man. It’s so much better the second time to be honest. IT STILL HURT THOUGH.  ANYWAY Jungcock needs to stay in his lane, like honestly. Hope you all enjoy my first scenario <3 Tell me how I did!

-Admin Flower (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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You had just returned to your shared apartment after a night at the bar with one of your friends from work. You only had one drink while your co-worker had several; you didn’t drink often but after hearing your co-worker had recently broken up with his girlfriend of three years. Simply put you felt bad for the big guy because losing your boyfriend, Jungkook, would destroy you too.

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Seventeen as Starbucks workers

OKAY we’ve been busy with school but now since summer is basically just starting here in canada, we will have a lot more time do these things. i apologize to the people who have been anticipating a post from us. hope you enjoy this~! - dad


  • seungcheol is the lazy manager that sits in the back drinking caramel macchiatos
  • he’s probably the type of manager to help out a lot when its needed
  • when it’s NEEDED
  • chan dropped a customers drink everywhere and he had no choice but to clean it up
  • totally an old man when he has to work
  • these damn kids making me do their job
  • watch it, i give you your paychecks
  • my back hurts sorry
  • i might bust a hip while moving these crates


  • brings customers in when they see him working bc they saw an angel
  • puts his hair up iN A BUN
  • jeonghan gets more money because scoups is a biased lil shit
  • but jeonghan doesn’t care cause bitch betta have my money
  • he’s very concentrated in making the coffee taste perfect
  • it’s a pride thing
  • he gets hit on a lot but doesn’t do much cause he’s here for the pumpkin spice lattes
  • like seriously don’t come to that place during autumn
  • jeonghan is the pumpkin spice queen
  • little pumpkin hair clips to keep his hair in place
  • perfectly placed pumpkins as decorations
  • but seriously if you move those, prepare to die
  • why are we making him a pumpkin fairy


  • employee of the month all year
  • sometimes brings his guitar to work and plays for the customers
  • hums while he works
  • literally the best employee ever??
  • so sweet and makes really good drinks
  • he would go up to customers and ask if they are enjoying their drink or ask if the service was okay
  • always gets peoples names right on the cup


  • flirts with everyone probably
  • gives out free drinks to pretty girls
  • takes far too many breaks
  • s.coups gets really mad over it but jun puts him in his place by reminding him that he once didn’t come to work for 3 days and he’s the manager
  • takes selfies at work while making coffee cause he knows he looks good


  • bops to whatever seungkwan puts on
  • tries to do tricks but ends up dropping 60% of his customers drinks
  • hey chan watch what i can do with the blender!!
  • promoting starbucks 24/7
  • wears starbucks shirts, only drinks out of starbucks mugs, constantly talks about working at starbucks
  • also tries to get his other friends to apply for a job there
  • always gets hyped about the holidays and decorates


  • early to work cause he’s 2 school 4 cool
  • he’s the WON to WOO girls at the cash register  ;)
  • scares people when they drive up to the drive-thru window
  • he sits outside and reads poetry on breaks
  • turtlenecks during fall/winter
  • once wonwoo starts smiling, the customers are like
  • wow it looked like you wanted to kill me 2 seconds go :)”


  • jihoon is basically the manager now because seungcheol does nothing
  • takes the job a lil too seriously
  • probably acts like he’s working for the government or some shit like that
  • even jeonghan is like “dude calm down…..
  • makes killer drinks tho
  • gets mad at joshua for playing the guitar while he’s supposed to be working and takes it away and starts chasing josh around the shop with it#iconic


  • seokmin fools around a lot but is still a very hard worker
  • loves this job so much
  • he just has so much fun all the time
  • it’s to the point where it doesn’t feel like a job to him
  • his smile brights up the room so most of the people are super chill when he’s there
  • friends with a lot of the regulars
  • sparks up a conversation with all the customers
  • makes the customers laugh a lot and jokes around with them


  • some girl took a picture of him and posted it on instagram and was like “look at this handsome oppa working at starbucks~ 😍 😍”
  • after that, there have been many flocks of girls going to that one particular location
  • and mingyu is just really confused
  • until jun brings out his phone and shows him the post
  • so now mingyu is the face of their shop
  • sometimes people request him to be their server
  • his drinks aren’t even that good he’s just really hot


  • this boy has so much chill
  • wants to become employee of the month so bad but joshua always takes that title
  • you would expect someone to be super jealous, but not minghao
  • he really looks up to joshua because of it
  • what a cutie
  • when asshole customers have him and get mad, he continues to be polite as possible because he does not want to lose this job (and he just can’t get angry at anyone)
  • but boo intrudes


  • jihoon made seungkwan in charge of music and he plays girl group songs all the fucking time
  • when the shop isn’t busy or jihoon isn’t there, seokmin, hoshi, and him dance to whatever song is playing while they work
  • his favorite is “give it to me” by sistar
  • seungkwan always stands up for the other boys when customers are being complete dicks to the other boys for no reason cause he’s so protective over them
  • it’s like his other family
  • i’m gonna cry now


  • edgy hipster teen gets job at starbucks
  • wears glasses that he doesn’t even need
  • fucking nerd
  • always mentions the fact that he works at starbucks to seem cool and hip
  • tries to sing along to seungkwan’s girl group songs but everyone is like please stop nooooo
  • fine then, i’ll just start rapping. HEADLINES HEADLINES


  • small child chan is new to this job
  • it’s also his first job
  • always trying his best of course
  • it’s so cute to see him be encouraged by his hyungs
  • whenever one of them says he’s doing a good job his face lights up
  • when he messes up something, no one has the heart to yell or get mad at him
  • lowkey is envious of seungkwan cause jihoon picked him to be in charge of songs when he wants to play michael jackson

- jispoon, pepe, dad

Imagine though Prussia gives a list to Germany’s date mate. And it’s a list of things as if Prussia was giving his brother up to a babysitter. Things like:

- He needs a hug at the end of every day
- Do not make him German food please. Just let him do it himself. You would probably suck anyway.
- When he wants to walk his dogs and doesn’t want you to come along, don’t take it personally. He just needs alone time.
- Please make sure he takes breaks from paperwork to eat, drink, and sleep. He will sometimes forget.
- Do not let him skip breakfast.
- I’m sorry but you will now be the designated driver on drinking nights.
- I better not hear about you drinking and driving with my baby brother.
- Do not hit Ludwig. For any reason.
- He gets allergies during Spring season so make sure you have plenty of tissues and medicine.
- Just beware that when he sleeps he tends to cling to whoever or whatever is in the bed with him.
- If you have any questions call me.

Chapter 17
  • “Okay first, is that a wolf thing? Being super in tune with the sun’s alignment and all that? Second, I gotta say you and mama McCall being grocery buds is kind of awesome. Weird and totally unexpected, but awesome. Like those mugs that change color if you put hot or cold drinks in them— Ha! Hey, there’s a beetle on my shoe. Sup, beetle— like if you pour hot coffee into it and the mug turns orange—  weird and unexpected, but awesome. Actually jk, the beetle’s actually just some dirt. Is that mint? I need Adderall.”
  • Derek chokes a little on his orange.
  • “I’ll bring a giant Cthulhu pillow and we’ll see who wins in a fight to the death.”
  • “Draw me like one of your French bread girls,” Stiles begs as he tries poking Derek with a baguette.
  • Because shopping with Lydia is a mall-crawl filled with winks and coy smiles. And if Lydia winks at you more than once within an hour, you should either assume she is winking at someone far superior and good-looking behind you, or be very worried that something terrible is about to happen to you. Stiles tried to tell her that it’s no big deal, no it’s not a date, that he and Derek hang out all the time, they literally live together, and her response had been to cup his cheeks and pin him down with her green gaze and say, “Stiles Stilinksi, for someone so intelligent you can be so incredibly stupid.” —He gets that now. He’ll have to call and tell her the good news later.
  • OH! Oh, ohhhh, oh my friggin’ holy Millennium Falcon on a toasted BUN, Derek—!”

I’m not sure Avery and Charlie should trust the cleaning agency they’ve been using. First the shifty guy who came over, did absolutely nothing and charged them $110. Now this ‘Reaper’ woman, (I really need to get rid of that custom trait lol) looking creepy af as she walked up to the top floor of the house, turned around and walked back down just to go outside, sit down and drink their fruity drinks and then leave, charging them $60 for nothing!

SVT as More Things My Friends Have Said/Done
  • Joshua:"I've been crying uncontrollably and I have cramps. I must be craving something sweet" *violently eyes my cupcake* "Put that shit down and no one gets hurt."
  • Wonwoo:"I don't get it, you call me cute but you also say I'm 'dark'?" "Nothing." "Ha, nothing get it, just like me because life is nothing also like our existence" "..." "OH! OKAY YEAH NOW I See it."
  • S.coups:"Okay guys, since I'm clearly the leader of this squad, I say we go out for lunch" "Wait who made you the leader?" "I did, you'd be dead if it weren't for me"
  • Dino:"Can we listen to Michael Jackson for a bit now?" "No" "no? I PUT UP WITH YOUR SHITTY MUSIC SO LET ME LISTEN TO THE KING PLEASE"
  • Seungkwan:"Okay Sang, you know I love you right?" "Oh god what did you do?" "Nothing to big I just kinda, SET YOU UP WITH YOUR CRUSH" "WHAT?!! WHY OMFG" "BITCH THANK ME, IF IT WASN'T FOR ME YOUR ASS WOULD DIE ALONE"
  • DK:*tries to tickle me* "Dont. You. Dare." *sits quietly*
  • Junhui:*everyone playing most likely* "Most likely to get married first" *the only one who points to himself* "What were you guys expecting I'm hot AF"
  • Minghao:"Hey can I borrow a pen?" "I don't think you want a pen from me" "Why? wtf just give him one" "Fine" "But I hope you guys know there's a knife attached to the other side.."
  • Vernon:"I think I;m gonna sign up for the talent show guys" "Do you really think people want to hear you rap about rain?" "Fuck. In that case, I'LL HAVE TO RAP THIS" *clears throat* "TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE FUCKIN' STAR, OH, YO', HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU IS"
  • Hoshi:"*Nae Naes way too hard causing "woozi" to drop his food tray* *jazz hands running away* "GET BACK HERE I WILL SHOVE MY FLUTE UP YOUR ASS AS WELL"
  • Side note:I decided to open submissions and asks again so.. stop by Ig?

To you who’s reading this right now; please take extra care of yourself. I may not even know you personally but i want to remind you that you need to take care. I want you to feel that you are important. Take a deep breath, go outside and feel the fresh air and look at the stars tonight. It’s been a long day for you, i know but you survive and you did something good today although i know for you it was just nothing but everything that you do is important. Don’t forget about yourself. Eat at least 3 times a day and drink plenty of water. These are just simple reminder but i know for sure that you need someone who will remind you of these things. You are not alone. Rest well tonight and don’t over think.


I’ll admit I’m shocked of what’s happening right now but what we need to do right now is love and support these boys more than ever and try to teach them what they said and did was in some eyes wrong but the way the world is today it’s not really a issue I am a black female and grew up in California every where you go you’re gonna hear someone use the word Nigga or see someone who you think is underage drinking that’s just the way it is and people are trying to justify its different for them because their idols but igot7s need to educate them instead of commenting “got5” please don’t do that you’re adding fuel to the fire and it’s so unnecessary and honestly some are just overreacting I don’t want this to turn out like what happened with BTS like what a year ago don’t send death threats please

We are officially out of essentials: sponges, dish soap, laundry soap, soap in general. Cat food, almost out of dog food - Bas gets his foodstamps tomorrow and hopefully I get mine the next day so we’re okay on people food right now, but we are out water and can’t drink the tap water here as the pipes in this house are very, very old and unsafe to drink from. We’ve got to pay electric and internet within the next 2 days or they go off. We’re really desperate and need help. I have 40$ to my name and it’s just not enough to get us what we need right now and I don’t get my next payout from work until the 22 or the 25th - by then everything will be off.

If you can donate, please do [DONATE HERE] if you can’t please spread this around. If you want to commission me I am open for commissions right now.


Little update: I made it to Denver yesterday & the Rockies are even more incredible than I anticipated😭🌄 I ended up waking up at 5am this morning because I’m so anxious about the Bar exam so I went & got a 1 week pass at a bodybuilding gym, which was a fabulous decision because the atmosphere was exactly what I needed to mellow out. I didn’t do anything too crazy because my body is still adjusting to the altitude (I felt really sick when I first got to town, despite drinking almost 2 gallons of water😅), but getting my body moving & blood flowing made me feel a million times better! Now I’m just focusing on not being a huge stress ball for the rest of the day, so I can head into the next 2 days of the testing with a clear, focused brain, feeling calm, cool, & collected!😎 (at Armbrust PRO Gym)

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