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recovery ▪ noun [s or u] ▪ /rɪˈkʌv.ər.i/

  1.  the process of getting back something lost, especially health, ability, possessions, etc.
  2.  the act or process of getting better; improvement.


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Not one kiss from Paul and Nina this season. Absolutely no usage of their unbelievable chemistry! The scenes look dull with the characters this year because the writers continue to hog screen time with relationships that lack the dynamics from the first 4 seasons. Maybe it's just the actors don't give a shit anymore and that the storylines are boring and bland as hell. When will these writers learn?!?!?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a while now. They’re focusing in pairings with little to no chemistry, when there is Kat/Ian, who love working together (and were so happy they finally got the chance after having been blocked for so long for the sake of Dullena) but they ripped them apart after only five episodes, and there is Paul/Nina, who love working together as well and have had incredibly beautiful scenes in season five, portraying three different pairings I might add, but now barely share one scene per episode, for the sake of SC.

I mean, sure, the overall quality of the writing has to improve, but let’s start simple: put these four people back with their significant other without just fan baiting us and just watch the show improve. Good writing is one thing, but it’s the actors who actually bring the show to life and Dobsley/Kian (is that their name? xD) can do that. They bring out the best in each other and they make every scene they’re in together worth watching. It’s not a coincidence journalists have commenting on how much powerful one Simara scene was compared to the entire DE scene.

Okay, so guys. Serious time now.

Agent Carter S3, when Peggy and Daniel finally get, like, their first serious date (because they sort of were working up to dinner in S2 by grabbing an after-work drink, and then lunch, and then the world was trying to end again so they got kind of busy), DO NOT LET THE ALUMINUM CRUTCH QUOTE GO.

Because yes, it is good for all the angsty gifsets now, but we’re gonna need gifsets that juxtapose that quote with scenes of them laughing, and him holding her hand, and them making out in a forties-lit alley at the end of the night, right next to Jack Thompson being “she’ll never trade Captain America for you”. Because fuck you Jack Thompson.

And then also if they get married in Season Five do the same thing with their wedding please. Thank you. Keep this in mind.

Title: Promises

Rating: R

Warnings: Brief descriptions of sex, swearing, injury

Pairings: Toudou/Makishima, Arakita/Shinkai

Summary: Six years ago, Makishima fell out of contact with Toudou. Now, Toudou is a well-known runway hairstylist, who has worked behind the scenes at countless fashion shows for the most famous fashion houses in the world. After accepting an offer to work on Maison des Anges’s Paris Fall/Winter Fashion Week show, Toudou runs into someone he never thought he would see again.

Notes: I know this is really late. I’m so sorry. In other news, I finally got hired, so I ought to be able to devote more time to this until I start at the company! Thanks for the support and enjoy!

Read from the beginning here.

Manda's Movies: Thale

I’ve wanted to watch this movie for years now, since I watched Troll Hunter and started looking into international movies. I’ve finally got the chance to watch Thale and I was not disappointed. The premis of this Norwegian is about two brothers that work in crime scene cleanup in Norway. While on the job they stumble across a hidden basement and a strange female that has been locked in there.

Just like Troll Hunter, Thale is based on a Scandinavian legend. This one is about a Huldra which look similar to Satyrs but all female and with a cow tale. The story moves slow but is very interested and the acting is great. This is another movie with subtitles but it’s completely worth it. I love the story telling, the background information and how this female is different from her huldra sisters. As everything is revealed in the movie I became more and more interested. Thale left me wanting much more, I wanted to know everything about their race and mythology. Fantasy and Folklore are always so intriguing when done right.

If you are interested in a well told story about a lady with a cow tale this is the movie for you! I give this movie 4 huldras and a cow tale! :P haha.

So I finally finished this one (it’s only 4 months late, that’s still good, right?).
My favorite scene from session 21, Powder Keg VS War. I can’t believe how you guys manage to make such awesome moments, but I love you for coming up with them! This is now one of my all-time favorite Duels ever! It was just pure action and tension and awesomeness!
And I just felt like thanking you for your work by turning that moment into a picture. All of you Dragon Mawlers are the best! Mr. E should find a safe place to hide, because with you guys around all I can say is “No chance! That’s what you got!”.
Keep being awesome guys!

Nazgul4 gives us in three quick panels a summary of what went down during the first Four Horses boss fight. Powder Keg’s looking pretty anime (par for the course), but that is one heck of a rendition of War. I like it.

But #mediatakeout be LYING but i wouldn’t doubt this
———————————————————-According to an exclusive report by MediaTakeOut, someone working with Love & Hip Hop has said they just filmed a scene where not only did Gunz finally propose to Wallace, but she accepted and the two are finally engaged. Supposedly Buddafly got tired of his games and realized that in spite of them now sharing a daughter, he was never going to be loyal, so she kicked him to the curb. #petergunz #lhhny #tarawallace #aminaButtafly #pleasefollowback #follow @TagsForLikes #followme #TagsForLikes.COM #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #followhim #followall #followalways #followback #me #love #pleasefollow @TagsForLikes #follows #follower #following (at

Man, snow day fucked me up. I forgot it was Wednesday since I didn’t go into work, and as a result, I missed all my shows. But it was a fairly productive day-got some cleaning done, cooked some awesome soft tacos for dinner (and super pumped about having them for lunch tomorrow), and finished the final porn scene of Cake and Pie (now I just need to finish the rest of this chapter lol). It also ended up snowing! Final thing of the day! But now I have no clue if I have work tomorrow. I need to work tomorrow because I’m still playing catch up and am leaving early on Friday, but… we’ll see. Gonna text my boss first thing in the morning to see.

I hope you all had lovely days! I hope my South Eastern darlings enjoyed their snow! Love you all and will talk to you in the morning! <3

Right before I left the sanctuary I fell and injured my shoulder. Nothing serious should be fine in a few days kinda thing. Although it has been several weeks now and it still hurts. Truth be told I’m a little concerned.
When I was in college I was preparing for a stage combat scene for my acting class… We were rehearsing outside and I took a fall wrong on my wrist. When I went to the ER they told me that it was just a sprain and it would be fine. I babied it as much as I could but still had to work on it… Had a job and a show to build( which was part of my scholarship) and everything else. Well I finally went and got a second opinion and the second guy informs me that I’ve had a hairline fracture all along and they are going to need to put it in a cast.
So therer is that whole thing and then informed that they had to put a screw in my wrist( which still aches consistently) and on top of that the Dr. Put my thumb too close so not only did I loose mobility in my wrist, also in my thumb because the cast was put on wrong.

Well now it’s years ahead and I’m still in debt financially because of that and now I have an injury to the same side of the body, makes it painful to extend arm or rotate or use. Which makes working difficult. Signed up to help build this festival as part of building my dream…. But between me and you I’m concerned about my shoulder and making it’s a dull ache and a thriving pain all at once. But I don’t have health insurance, nor do I have a primary care physician or any firm grasp on how the medical companies actually work.

So in reality I’m scared the medical people won’t help me because I don’t have money, or an address, or a job. Or any of that stuff.
Worried that it is broken and I’m making it worse.

Been a lot of little things that stack up and concern me, I don’t feel like I have options that I recognize to mend and heal.
So I gotta deal with it, hope it gets better,( recognizing that I’m probably making it worse…..
And feeling frustrated that the system doesn’t give a fuck about you or your pain or your hopes or dreams so we are left to float and flounder
To slip through the cracks

Day 55

Did some more work on the library masterlist today. Also finally filmed round 5 of the Books vs. Movies of Misery. Now I just have the tag and the one scene that I forgot to hit record for to film.

Also picked Temperament back up today, and finished the first big section of Getting Things Done. Unfortunately, it’s due at the library and I can’t renew it because of reasons, so I’ll have to wait to read the rest of it. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of other stuff to read.

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TJ write about the last scene 10x17 (yesterday Thursday) recording another 18 tomorrow (or today) and DB wrote a week ago last Friday that it will spin 10x18 ... what do you think now record ??

That’s confusing, for sure. I know David was supposed to direct two times this season, but is it supposed to be the season finale? maybe he’s directing ep 18 and that’s why, for him, that episode started sooner? or maybe since TJ a DB don’t often shoot the same scenes, it’s possible DB shot scenes for ep 18 last week because it was more convenient given the schedule/location, while TJ, who usually only shoots crime scenes and lab scenes, only got to work on ep 18 this week.

I don’t really know. 

They are probably still shooting e18 if last Thu they started it and it usually takes 8-9 days to shoot an ep.

I haven’t really written a whole lot since I got to Disney. Life has been incredibly crazy getting settled in to my apartment, trying to keep my relationship with Ashton as strong as it was when I left, getting used to a hectic and crazy work schedule; but things are finally starting to get settled in now. 

For those who don’t know, I’m working in Hollywood Studios on Sunset Blvd, close to where the Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster are in Disney World! It’s really neat getting to see the behind the scenes of everything going on in every park. I don’t think that I would like it if I was more into Disney than I am, but that’s all part of it I s’pose.

Sunset is a bit stressful to work on. We are the busiest part of Hollywood Studios because we are located next to the two biggest rides there (where most of the hungry, grumpy teenagers and little kids go), as well as across the street from Beauty and the Beast and the nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic!. Fantasmic! is an awesome laser light show, with fireworks, with special appearances by Disney Princesses. The show is set in a dream from Mickey Mouse where he must defeat Maleficent, the evil dragon. I don’t mean from the newer movie; I mean the one from the original Sleeping Beauty. 

The Beauty and the Beast show is fantastic as well! It’s performed 5 or 6 times a day; and after every show, Sunset is bound to get beat. During the show, Belle and Beast, along with Gaston and other villagers, all sing and dance on stage and at the end of the show, a special princess from the audience is given a velvet red rose, for her to take home to capture her own prince with.

I really love getting to see all the little girls dressed up like princesses and the little boys with their Star Wars gear on. It’s even cool getting to see people that are obviously coming from Universal in my park. It’s super cool working for a company like Disney who not only encourages us to talk about things that other brands sells, but also asks us to use those things that interest us to form a personal one-on-one relationship with our guests.

My roommates are absolutely fantastic. Megan, Caity, Karla, Jasmin, Andrea and I have all gotten really close. But I mean, we’ve kind of had to considering we share a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. It’s really small but I think we’re making it okay. Right now, we don’t have a TV and I think that may be just because we can’t afford one but it might also be because our work schedules are so different that we are never at home long enough to actually commit to watching something on TV unless we record it. Which, let’s be honest, 9$ an hour is not enough to afford to have DVR. 

Ashton and I are doing really good! I have to admit I was a little bit nervous to leave him behind when I left to come down here, but he has been doing just fine without me there. I definitely miss him a lot, and he misses me too, but I think we’re adjusting pretty well to the whole not being attached to each other’s hip thing pretty well. I hate driving around without him in the car with me, it’s way to weird, and I don’t like not having my best friend in my passenger seat listening to me sing the same 4 songs over and over again every day.

This is turning out to be one of the most exciting, testing, memorable, fantastic thing that I have ever done. I didn’t think the Disney College Program was for me, but it definitely is.

I’ll try to start keeping y’all updated more often, but like..if you don’t see anything, and you’re actually curious, feel free to message me at any time.

Oh and by the way, Ashton and I are moving in together in August and I am so excited oh my god.