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recovery ▪ noun [s or u] ▪ /rɪˈkʌv.ər.i/

  1.  the process of getting back something lost, especially health, ability, possessions, etc.
  2.  the act or process of getting better; improvement.



Title: Goodbye

Summary: Rework of Delena’s last scene in 6x22.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is being made from this work.

A/N: I haven’t written one of these since Delena got together. It was always my way of rewriting a scene to bring them together and once they were the show told it for me. After tonight’s finale and the ending Delena scene I found myself wanting more. It was too much ballroom dancing and not enough conversation and magic that so often accompanies these two. So this is my way of getting that for myself. I hope you enjoy it x



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behind the scenes: spent the last tw days photographing @lostboysflyhome (dorian dane) for the corpse paint project as well as some other fine art projects I have in the works. so stoked we finally got to shoot and the raw files look awesome. I’ll be actively seeking models for the east coast from now thru June while I have some time to do a few shoots a month. I’ll make a bigger post about it later but if you’re interest in shooting with me, email me.


#30for30crafting Day 20/30

Another two squares finished and moving on! Pictures are before (top) and after (bottom). I’ve finally got it where I want it to be! I’ve decided to work it in 10x20 stitch rectangles and park as I go. It’s working out quite nicely so far! I just have to decide now if I’m going to proceed to the right or down after I finish the next section. I might go down for simplicity’s sake.

Come What May (prologue) preview

Haven’t been active lately, so here you go. Should hopefully have it up by the weekend. Hopefully. Pirate AU’s also still being worked on. Just got to the long-awaited cell scene.


“Well, our first kiss was in the Winter Wolf lobby,” Anna pointed out, shaking a finger at Elsa as if that would change her mind. “Which, by the way, completely ruined my plan for it to be in front of the clock tower as the grand finale!”

“A story you’ve told a hundred times by now,” Elsa teased, rolling her eyes at her girlfriend of three years.

Anna crossed her arms, squinting suspiciously. “I think I can be forgiven if I’m a bit skeptical for today.”

“It’s the Festival of Time,” Elsa insisted, wrapping an arm around the tense redhead and pulling her to her side. “Plus, the clock tower’s roof is going to open to the public soon. No matter what, it’s going to be better than any other place in town.”

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Arrow: Season 3 Finale!


There were a lot of changes in this episode. If it was the end of the show then this would have been a great way to end the whole show. I really hope next season we get to see Arrow again. I know that seems impossible but I hope they make it work somehow because I actually miss seeing the Arrow now.  

I loved the scenes with Felicity and Oliver. I particularly loved it when Oliver got…

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amisbro asked:

Good Morning(well afternoon) friend! 5 days till your episode. How ready (or not) are you? Honestly for me I'm kind of excited for the episode because in S1 Masato was one of my favorite characters (and still is) but now he gets a duet song with Tokiya. We remember in S2 what that was like when they worked together on rehearsing the play right...RIGHT?! Also what are your expectations for ReiRei's episode next week?

Good night(well, afternoon) Curtis-san! Ahh, I’ve been making a mental countdown since the end of Ranny’s episode. My friends can’t stand my excitement anymore xD And yeah, THAT scene… I shall never forget~

Since the day I finally got to know about all of the songs, and knew about a OtoyaxSyo duet (an AAxSS duet, you see), I’ve been expecting the RenxNat / TokixMasa duets. Since Cecil officially joined the group, my hopes got lower, but I kept waiting. When I received the news about this duet, I jumped around the house for 20 minutes straight, not gonna lie lmao I’m so trashy

Specially because I think their voices would work amazingly together… It’s like that CamusxRen duet, it just couldn’t go wrong. And I actually kinda ship them ehh… (both with Haruka and with each other tbh) …so I’m extra excited! Also, last Cross-Unit…

Rei-chan… Oh my, I’m worried to death. They have been building such a nice vibe between the viewer and him… I just know that something’s gonna go wrong. And after this episode, everything is a blur for us. *heavy breathing*

PS.: I’ll answer that one music rec ask as soon as I finish my college work for tomorrow ^^’ sorry for the delay

Now, the scene. I’m gonna need physical proof that these two were in the same room. And if they were, it was not for more than five seconds to sling back shots. At no point did their eyes lock, their hands touch or was there a two-shot. Each side was always in a single shot with the other person’s head just in the frame during the convo, aka work a stand-in can do. I mean, I’ve seen scenes on The Hills faked better. At least it was miles better than last week’s comical bar flashback trolling.

Right now in my #deletedscenes #sequence doing some advanced #surgery rescuing a #scene which im happy to put back in. I previously got some #feedback to cut this out in a previous #screening but after the last screening i had the scene was missed. I been working so long on #film now so all feedback is good but im actually happy putting this scene back in. Ir is important to the story and to #palle the #gorilla #maskot #rugby #monsterkiller #journey and development to become a #hero. So im squeezing this back in. I also have two alternate endings/finales to the film and I made my decision I feel is the right way to send it of on. We shot two totally different endings 2013 principal. #horror #horrorfilm #bts #indiefilm the other endings alternate scenes etc is alot and I will have it hopefully inserted on a future #dvd #bluray. I’m really happy though with how the movie is now it moves fast paced forward and keeps to the point. Follows the most important plot #redstring of #maincharacters. Which is basically #hermit and the #monster. Editing is inspired of how #johncarpenter edited #thething. There is a great article on Webb “how the thing became John carpenters the thing” #filmmaking #filmmaker #setlife #horrormovie #comedy #horrorfilm #onset #filmed on #Nikon #nikond3100

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm reading this great Korrasami modern/au fic by Angel of the Starz called Model Behavior. I just read a scene that I would love to see drawn and I love your art work. The scene is in Chapter 17 where Asami curls up in Korra's lap to finally get some much needed sleep after going a few days without it from PTSD after being attacked. I love the Korrasami fluffy feels XD

I got all excited cause I had two asks, but then it was just this twice. :( Anyway! I am reading it as well! And that was a cute scene. I can put it on my very long list of things to draw eventually, but I am about shoulder deep in Telephone right now. (Also thank you!)

so my ride never arrived. so i had to walk two miles home in the sweltering heat of the gross SOUTH. but thankfully my blender works again so i made myself a chocolate milkshake and am now mentally prepping for the night of scenes i am in tonight! thanks to that wonderful function i probably won’t be on at all tonight? 

but HEY this blog finally got it’s first 100 so yay!!! thank you all so much! going to set up a giveaway real soon!

My favorite scene from Mad Men last night was Peggy confronting that spiteful lady about the account that Peggy got taken off with a smile on her face and manipulative language. Because EVEN NOW in 2015 that’s one of they ONLY ways professional women get ahead without being vilified to the point that they just give up.

I’ve finally learned to engage in the smile game a few years ago. It’s annoying but it works. 

Hi friends. Okey. It’s been almost exactly two months, and I think I’m ready to be on here again. Talking with Minky, Herpsy, and some other people made me realize I was kinda done feeling like shit or making other people feel like shit, and if they feel like shit, it’s not my problem. I’m gonna be here, and have a good time. I missed playing this nerd a lot, so I will get to doing things on here again soon. 

I won’t be super duper active since I last made a good lengthy ooc post a couple of things happened. I mentioned having a job interview before, and I got said job, so I’m currently working a shit ton more now. Also meet this nerd, actually if you’re from the Tales rp scene from a while ago you might recognize this nerd. But this nerd is now my boyfriend. Finally did it guys. Found a guy I liked, who liked me back, and became a thing. Almost 25 years and gets first boyfriend. haha 

But yeah, things have been super great. I haven’t been this happy in so long. Like wow. I’m really fucking happy. This new job was exactly what I needed, and boyfriendo has certainly helped. Thank you to my wonderful friends who encouraged me to do what it is that makes me happy. I won’t let anyone ruin my mood here anymore. Fuck that. I’m gonna be happy. Yeah.

I’ll see if I can do stuff later tonight when I get off from work. But I’ll see you cool cats soon.