now I don't even check it anymore

Smort. I mean last week (when I joined) it was just 15 people I knew from tumblr, and even 25 people was cool but now it’s 30 additional strangers and 49372739 things going on and uhhh it’s eating up my time and not worth it anymore because u just get. Buried.

Plus I already have enough anxiety management goin on and I don’t need more things to worry about

Idk I’m emo rn I’ll probably still check it but I need. A break

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I'm sad, kaspian will be gone for a while. And I don't think when she's back her old fics will be there anymore. Now I understand with one of your post about authors removing their works. I had some strong connections with a few of her fics-

A friend of mine told me she made a statement (saying she will be back next year or even later) on twitter but I didn’t check it myself.

I understand what you mean. This is what I was talking about. I think that when she comes back (if) then those fics won’t come back with her. I even doubt that she will still write about Kaisoo. But honestly I kind of expected this to happen. 

I used to love her fics but this last half of a year not so much anymore. It’s hard for me to read fics from author who doesn’t believe in the couple. I just don’t enjoy them as much. 

Annonie, you’re asking the right person! ^^

What a Beautiful Mess This Is - this one is in my top 5 favorite fics. Completed with 24 chapters. Jongin works as a cleaning lady for Kyungsoo. I just love it so much. But you shall prepare yourself cause it takes them time to get together but it’s really cute fic, no angst! 

take my hand (hold it tight) - really cute one-shot!

Read to Me - nice two-shot with 13k words. Kyungsoo gets mugged and Jongin helps him. Kyungsoo in return reads to dyslexic Jongin. 

Minus Twelve - One-shot by Zerrin so you got to give it a chance. Jongin and Kyungsoo get stuck in elevator and it’s really cold. Sexual tension! 

Spaced Out - again, written by my queen Zerrin so you can only expect great quality. Completed with three chapters tho I still hope she will add some but those chapters are hella long. It’s about Jongin who is in love with his neighbor Kyungsoo. Jongin’s friends bully him but he doesn’t do anything about it. But then he eats one cookie and everything changes. 

Graceless heart - I will go down with this fic. 4 chapters. 34k words. Aside from being cute, this fic is also kind of angsty because it’s dystopian!au and love in the world they live is prohibited.

Pastries and Tattoos - cute fic. Completed with 30 chapters. Kyungsoo bakes pastries and Jongin has beautiful tattoos. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and find another fanfic writers whose fics you will like!

“I’m exhausted.” Something that was probably obvious from the way he’d nearly fallen asleep sitting up three times now. He’d been running on fumes for the past two days now, getting up at odd hours of the night to check on his daughter. “Please tell me you’ve got coffee.”

EXO CHATS EP. 3 (Midnight Snack//Hunhan)
  • (RoomateAU)
  • -KITCHEN 2am-
  • Sehun: *rubbing eyes* Luhan?
  • Luhan: Hm? Oh, Sehun-ah! *is chewing on ramyun* Why are you still up?
  • Sehun: I think I'm the one who should be asking you that
  • Luhan: I was hungry so I made myself some ramyun. Midnight snack ya feel?
  • Sehun: It's not even midnight.
  • Luhan: Whatever, whatever, there mustn't be time restriction for any type of food. As long as it's food, I've got plenty of time *continues eating*
  • Sehun: Smh. *shakes head* Hey, wait. Didn't you have two whole servings of samgyupsal yesterday? Why would you still be hungry?
  • Luhan: *rolls eyes* Do you even know me, Sehun?
  • Sehun: And yet you're still skinnier than a twig.
  • Luhan: I take care of my gorgeous body, of course.
  • Sehun: You've never been to a gym let alone stepped in one. Hell, I don't think you've ever even exercised!
  • Luhan: Haters gonna hate.
  • Sehun: Nobody says that anymore.
  • Luhan: My god, Oh Sehun. Last time I checked I was the older one, quit nagging my ass off and let me enjoy my bowl of ramyun in peace now will you?
  • Sehun: Fine, fine.
  • Luhan: *continues eating*
  • Sehun: *sits in silence across from Luhan*
  • Luhan: *mouth full of noodles* You know you can go back to bed right?
  • Sehun: That's disgusting Luhan. Swallow your food before speaking will you.
  • Luhan: And last time I checked, you're not my mother *rolls eyes but obliges*
  • Luhan: *repeats* You know you can go back to bed right?
  • Sehun: Yes.
  • Luhan: Go on ahead then.
  • Sehun: I'm good.
  • Luhan: What-
  • Sehun: I good right where I am *folds arms and leans back in chair*
  • Luhan: Okay?... *is suspicious* Suit yourself. *continues to eat happily and finally in peace* Mmm, so good~
  • Sehun: *watches Luhan and quietly giggles of himself*
  • Sehun: *huh...* Cute.
  • Luhan: What did you just-
  • Sehun: Fuck.

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Things weren't always rosy between Harry and Jay during the Elounor era. I said this to another blog but of course they didn't publish it, and this often gets downplayed in importance but when Jay tweeted Eleanor being involved in everything Louis does, Harry unfollowed her the next day. I checked recently and he truly doesn't follow her now. I mean he must of been very very upset to even bother doing that, I don't know why nobody talks about that moment b/c if anything it proves Larry even more

i don’t know why you’re talking about it now because that was a few years ago and eleanor isn’t in the picture anymore. but the first thing that came to mind is that he didn’t want to see that kind of content on his timeline. i don’t think we can conclude that their relationship was bad or that he was deeply upset with jay. i think it was a testament to the stunt at the time of course.. i can’t fault harry for not wanting to see it and i can’t fault jay for going the extra mile for louis. like i said before, i wasn’t in the fandom at the time and maybe i’m missing something but i don’t know why we’re unpacking all the old stuff rip

Confessions of an Alt-a-holic
  • 1. I always want more characters
  • 2. I dread gearing them out in Ascended because I have so many characters. Honestly even my first character isn't even finished hers.
  • 3. Bag space and bank space is an issue
  • 4. Finding where I left certain items is an issue
  • 5. I'm sick of personal story for certain races
  • 6. I've remade certain characters 2-5 times until I'm happy with them
  • 7. Character slot sales are my vice
  • 8. I'm low on transmutation charges
  • 9. I can't remember a time where I wasn't leveling up a character
  • 10. I stop playing characters as often as soon as they're geared, specialized and traited as I'd like them
  • 11. Sparkfly Fen is where all my alts are parked once they're 80 and set up
  • 12. I'm never tired of picking Quaggans for personal story.
  • 13. I see characters walking around and want to replicate them because they're awesome looking
  • 14. Watching shows or playing other games just gives me more inspiration for alts I want to make
  • 15. Beta weekends were spent making characters for fun with the free slots
  • 16. There aren't enough tomes of knowledge, ever.
  • 17. I'm considering another alt...always
  • 18. My guildies want me to admit I have a problem.
  • 19. My guildies are starting to catch alt-a-holic tendencies
  • 20. I have a steady supply of low level crafting items
  • 21. I forget how many characters I have.
  • 22. I always have a character for every occasion, tanky, healy, supportive, condi, DPS, hybrid. I have em all .
  • 23. Some of my alts never visit the field much anymore
  • 24. I have a queue of alts in the order they're going to be leveled.
  • 25. I confuse my guildies because I swap characters to names they don't recognize
  • 26. My alts all have backstories.
  • 27. I check the gemstore for sales on character slots daily
  • 28. My mother has seen all my characters and questions what I do with them.
  • 29. I don't even have a main, I have many.
  • 30. I wrote this down, and now I feel bad.

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One place that makes me happy & why: uhm…Idon’t really know I guess anywhere out close to bodies of water and my aunts house also around my mom??
How many blankets I sleep under: a big one and a small one
Favorite beverage(s): hot cocoa and morisoñando !!

The last movie I watched in the cinema: I haven’t seen a movie in years I think the last one was wreck it ralph??
Three things I can’t live without: computer(+tablet), phone, 3ds, and also interaction with at least 1 dog a week
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Catching up.
  • Him: I check your Tumblr every day, you know. Looking for gems.
  • Me: Yeah, they've been scarce. I just don't have much to say right now.
  • Him: You? You never run out of words.
  • Me: Oh, yes I do. In fact, I'm not even sure I'm a writer anymore. I'm sick of writing about myself. How can I live my life while I'm narrating it? You remember my existential what-the-fuck-is-the-point-of-any-of-this-bullshit crisis? I'm numb to that now. Life is pointless and sometimes I feel empty but it bothers me only rarely and with limited intensity.
  • Him: Life is pointless and I ALWAYS feel empty. Guess what, Maria, you're one of the smart ones. Our best strategy is to try to avoid thinking about it. Most people can do that passively, whereas we have to be proactive. You know the night is coming and you think, well, THAT was a pointless day.
  • Me: You always *were* better at not thinking.
  • Him: Thanks.
  • Me: Welcome. I guess I'll just have to accept that I'll never be Rick Riordan or David Sedaris.
  • Him: Why not aspire to be the next Junot Diaz?
  • Me: Because I'm TRYING to be REALISTIC.