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Big question (I've been wondering this for so long): does Ed love Oswald back? Like, what does he say back to him after he confesses his love?

Well, the thing we have to remember is that Ed can read people. Ed can read the FUCK out of people. He knew what Ozzie wanted to say, he knew AND he was visibly disappointed when Ozzie lost his bottle.

Look at his fucking face!!!

That said, who knows. It could be manipulation, of COURSE it could be, my shipping goggles are strong but I’m still able to just about see through the rainbow tint. Ed knows what to say, how to act, how to work Oz completely. The only thing we can do now is sit, wait and speculate. AND ENJOY THE FACT THAT GOTHAM HAD THE MOTHERFUCKING COJONES TO GO THERE. OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY DID IT THEY DID IT AND I HAD FOUR HOURS SLEEP LAST NIGHT AND I’VE JUST WORKED WITH THE LOCUM PHARMACIST FROM HELL AND I’VE STILL NOT BEEN ABLE TO STOP GRINNING ALL DAY WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

JB and Jackson in 161025 Fanchat on GOT7 Fan’s (trans)

JS: Where did our chic leader go to? 

BB: Where did our Bbomie go to? Come out now~ 

JS: Leader is just reading the chat.


JS: Jaebum hyung, can I sleep with hyung tonight? It’s cold.


JY: Whose body is better? JS or JB? 

JB: JS’s better, I acknowledge.

 JY: But didn’t you tell me yours is better?

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Ennotana prompt: Ennoshita is feeling insecure about his skills and himself in general, he's scared that he'll never be good enough and Tanaka assures him he is perfect?

“…Chikara. Chikara, come on, now,” Ryuu smiles softly at his sleeping boyfriend. “Chika, if you sleep right now, you won’t get a good nights’ rest, and then you’ll be tired at our practice match with Seijoh tomorrow. “ 

Chikara pokes his head out from under Ryuu’s duvet and mumbles, “I’m not going…” 

Ryuu snickers at his sleepy boyfriend. “Where?” 

“The game. I’m not going.” 

“But you’re the capt–” 

“No, I– I know I am, b- but I c- can’t go…” 

Ryuu frowns, and pokes Chikara’s cheek. “Chika, I know you’re feeling insecure, but…” 

“’I need to stay strong’ I know.” Chikara grumbles. “It– It’s just…Hard. Y’know?” 

Ryuu scoffs. “Chikara, that’s exactly why you’re the best fit to be captain.” 


“The fact that you’re still accepting your position as captain even though you don’t think you’re strong enough means that you are strong enough. And I’m glad that it’s you, not me; I’d be too confident, and I’d– I’d make an ass of myself. So don’t you think for one second that you’re not good enough. Ok?” 

Chikara stares at him, eyes wide, and suddenly he’s crying. Ryuu’s eyes widen and he panics. “Ch- Chikara! Why are you crying?!” 

“Don’t just say stuff like that, Ryuu! You sap!” 

Sappy, indeed. But Ryuu knows Chikara secretly likes it. 

Hello anyone, I need some radfem advice. My best friend is very anti-radical feminism. She has no idea of my personal opinions and we mostly avoid the subject. Fine. 

In almost 15 years of knowing her and having a lot of conversations about sexuality she has always identified 100% as being heterosexual. Recently she confided in me that she’s now “pansexual” and after some investigation I found out it’s because she’s sleeping with a transwoman. 

The thing that’s bothering me is the way she’s suddenly referring to herself ….she wants to go to Lesbian events with me and refers to herself as “gay”. She makes comments about how unappealing vaginas are and how transwomen are just “different”. 

I feel like we really can’t be friends anymore and its breaking my heart but I just can’t stand listening to her talk about this. 

Am I horrible? What should I do? 

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Aunty, what's your opinion on lower lid blepharoplasty? I want to save up for it. I'm sick of being told I look tired with perfectly applied concealer and 10 hours sleep. I'm gonna try Hourglass concealer first but... I just can't convince my mum lol

I think it’s the most practical and natural-looking invasive cosmetic procedure. If I ever have 10K to spare I’m going to get my undereye bags cut out. Just make sure you’ve seen your surgeon’s work and love it.

As an aside, since the Canadian dollar is so week right now I recommend looking into having your surgery up here. Dr Denton in Vancouver is one of the best and his prices aren’t outrageous.

Tiny Halloween Prank

A/n:This is for @sdavid09 Tale Tellers Fright Night Challenge. This is also my first smut to write so be patient with me. So enjoy and like. Not Beta-ed

Summary: Chuck and the reader has a night in. When the reader is sleeping he decides to scare the reader. It won’t go too well. (I suck at summaries)

Pair: Chuck x Reader

Word Count:953

Warnings: Fluff

Movie: Halloween

Prompt: the scary part is over, you can open your eyes now

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does jason smoke weed often

As far as I know, there’s nothing about it in the comics, so don’t take any of this as canon haha. 

That said, I wouldn’t picture him doing it like ALL the time bc it’s probably pretty hard to fight crime when you’re high, but I can see him doing it every so often to calm down. Like after a hard fight, or its like four in the morning and he can’t sleep bc all he can think about is death or something like that. Idk I guess I feel like he’d be the type to be like “wow I feel shitty right now and I don’t want to anymore, I’m gonna smoke” but only if he knows that it’s a good time to do so (ie not when he’s about to go kick some bad guy’s ass, but afterwards when he’s tired and angry which is probably pretty often, come to think of it lol)
Idk if that made any sense but it does to me haha

A Little Jet-lag Inspired Late Night Musings...

Just wondering: I know we love shipping the heck out of them and all, but when I stop to think about it: are the G-boys really capable of holding down a relationship? 

I mean, I know people who are way-less fucked-up than our beloved pilots, and they can’t seem to hold onto a partner for a hundred different reasons, most stemming from their fucked up life/childhood/etc….

That being said, there are plenty of people with their fair share of problems who do find love and are able to maintain a healthy/semi-dysfunctional relationship. I personally know some trauma-riddled veterans who had done just that, but not without a whole lot of work and a whole lot of problems.

So I guess my point is that I’m a bit bothered by how easily the G-boys hook-up in some stories, mainly the age-old fandom stuff. I didn’t know better back in the day, because I was basically just a (teenage) kid, and perhaps many of the writers back then were just as naive as I was, but now it’s become a real deal-breaker when I approach a fic. I need a certain level of dysfunctionality to make it feel authentic. And that sucks, because I really miss reading all of the old stuff I used to enjoy. I can probably let it slide when it comes to stories taking place during the war, because the pilots are just kids fooling around and it ain’t too serious… which, now that I think about it, I can’t read again as a grown-up. It was one thing reading about underage sex when I was also a teen, but now… god, no. I can’t.

So where does this leave me? Desperately craving the writers of the current-day fandom to produce more wonderful creations (thank you so much for sharing your talents!). Sadly, there’s no going back to my fandom roots. I need grown-up fans writing about grown-up pilots with grown-up problems/relationships.

Back to my point (if I ever had one?): What does it take, in your opinion, to portray a realistic post-war relationship between the (ex-)pilots?

I’ll let this little baby queue a while, as I try to sleep on it for a few hours….

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Im sorry for the stupid questions, but as i wanted to make sure i knew what i was in for before i adopted: can you give us a general of basic care for the babies? Feeding(how often, and what) as well as a possible time frame for ageing?

I’m just going to give info for ALL current and future babies.

New born’s: All new born skeletons will need feeding five times a day, and will sleep a lot, their tiny bodies are working very hard to grow strong little bones.

4 Months: (current babies) 4 months old’s should still be fed with calcium rich baby formulas but can also be given some real foods now, baby foods and soft things like fruit. They will also still needs lots of sleep time.

8 Months: 8 month old’s should still be having the formula, but slowly try and cut it down to less and switching to just a sippy cup or cows milk instead. They can now try small pieces of things you’re eating, just make sure everything is cut up nice and small, let them practice feeding themselves by putting food on the tray of their high chair, so they can pick up the food themselves.

1 year old: one year old’s are full of personality now, walking and learning to talk. Make sure they have a leave two cups of milk a day to make strong bones, they will happily eat whatever you’re making, still make sure it is cut into small bits for them if you’re having trouble getting them to eat vegetables, blending them into mash potato seems to do the trick.

[I’m going to bed now the mun is exhausted and my hands are hurting from writing and doing things on this blog. Thank you guys for understanding that I have been slow with things and I’m slowly working my way through my owed starters and memes. I just need time to get my muse for Enzo back again and get used to writing him again. If anyone wants to plot invade my ask box and we can talk plots. Or if you just want to chat ooc we can do that too. I’m sorry for being slow things will change I promise. Night guys. You all are amazing and beautiful. Keep being so lovely and accepting of Enzo in everyway possible. I adore all of you. Night.

i’m going to stop having stress dreams about these things i’ve put off doing for months and months i finally did them. i finally did 3/5 of the things i have been putting off and am doing another one tomorrow i feel so free i used to obsess about how i haven’t done them all the time and now every time i remember my brain goes “WAIT YOU DID THOSE THINGS WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO CREATE ANXIETY ABOUT NOW” and i’m just like checkmate, brain, check fucking mate

(25 October 2016)
Welcome to Tahj’s Super Fun All Night Study Session. Haha, so, im pulling an all nighter tonight, and to keep me motivated, I’m gonna try to post a few times throughout the night. PLEASE NOTE I do not condone pulling all nighters. But my sleep schedule is fudged up, and it’s causing me to be exhausted all the time, getting around 4 hours of sleep a night for the past week. This has resulted in getting very behind in homework and studying. To fix my sleep schedule AND catch up, I decided staying up until I go to bed at 8 tomorrow night is the most logical and helpful things I can do right now.

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Ahhhh same I Eirin I can't frigging sleep tonite and my son had a little accident earlier so I had to clean up his bed in the middle of the nite and now I can't go back to sleep mmeeehhh anything happened hon you wanna talk about it? Also would you rather go on a date with Bob Morley or Bellamy Blake?


You’re such a good momma, Haley ♥

I would date Bob. Come on. He’s such a dork. ♥ ♥


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hop on the scales and see if you can afford to binge right now. please, please stay strong. i know that you know deep down you REALLY shouldnt binge, remember your end goal. think about all the holidays you could go on and look beautiful in every photo. think about school, having to buy new uniforms that show off your new body. think about laying on your side to sleep and your sides being basically nonexistent, no fat stomach seeping out onto the sheets. dont binge honey

Oh my gosh this was what I needed

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The admission came with a heavy sigh. Her secret was out-  if only to one person. If only to a fellow witch. Fellow Witch- The words felt foreign to her mind.
“What’re you going to do, now that you know? Tell my parents?”

But didn’t her parents know? Surely they’d be..Oh. She remembered the conversation they had before, about her parents not being fond of Halloween or anything pagan. She if they found out, she could be in a lot of trouble.

“ No. I remember what you told me about your folks, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” she replied with a sigh herself. Finally feeling relived, she coaxed a few sleeping tree roots to lift and form a stool to sit on.

“ But can I trust you with my secret?”