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Hux is so done with Ren’s shit.

Did I mention that this thing is now 105 pages long? I don’t even have a name for it. I just keep calling it my Star Wars comic, which is something I never thought I’d write/say.

And this is the part where I apologize because this update took, what, three weeks? Sorry. My job has just kicked my ass lately.

EDIT: I f’d up the 3rd page and the text bubble tails were the wrong way in the final panel. I’ve fixed it. The proper way should be Hux saying the “I’m no fool” line and Ren responding with “Then what do you want?”

The Daily Times, Philadelphia, May 31, 1922

White Plains, N.Y., May 31 - “What is the price of honor?” This question, often raised in fact and fiction, will be answered in the Ward mystery.

Walter S. Ward, rich scion of the family of bakery magnates, will tell. He is under arrest, charged with slaying Clarence Peters, who Ward says was a blackmailer.

More than that, Ward declares he paid $30,000 in hush money to the blackmail ring to which he says Peters belonged.

And he was willing to pay $75,000 more, could be obtain in!

That makes $105,000 as the value that Ward placed on his secret - a secret that affected the honor of himself, or possibly a friend or intimate.

But now more than $105,000 is at stake - liberty, possibly life itself!

And the only thing, it appears, that can save Ward will be the revelation of the very same secret he guarded at a price of $30,000 actually spent, of $75,000 more he was willing to spend, of the life of the man he says was collecting the hush money.

Will Ward tell his secret - a secret whose revelation seriously affects someone’s honor? If not, will his loyal and beautiful wife, to whom he says he told all, reveal it to save him from the cell, possibly from the death chair?

It looks as if the world must know this secret of dishonor before public opinion will permit Ward’s acquittal.

“What is the price of honor?”

How far will the Wards go to keep the world from knowing their secret?

You guys...

Yesterday alone I gained 45 new followers. Now I’m 105 away from my next milestone. Yesterday morning I was 150 away.

Guess I should start planning that celebration if that is any indication of my followers’ sheer AWESOMENESS.

Thank you for your support. You guys astound me.

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40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 2:         The Terbuf Affair (S1 E14)

Now I finished all 105 episodes of MFU (okay, I cheat a little. I only skim through The Moonglow Affair), I must say I’m actually most unfamiliar with season one in general, but remember liking this episode very much. Not so much on Napoleon pinning for his former girlfriend (but well, who are we kidding? We all know that’s totally the past! Look how in love the boys are now ❤️ They go on vacation together and wear the same clothes!! Also, Illya insists on staying knowing his boyfriend might be in trouble based on his Napoleon six sense). Other than that, I think the story has a very good structure; it manages to combine different characters with a revolving plot, yet still focuses on the boys and not being overly complicated. It also shows Illya’s gypsy root and the boys go to movies together in their spare time :D


Westallen Alphabet

Best Friend: A person’s closest friend.

Think about your best friend. It could be your wife, your father, maybe someone you grew up with. It’s the person you can’t wait to talk to at the end of the day. The person who knows everything about you, who roots for you.

And then there’s that one friend who, well… you hope some day becomes something more. But friend will have to do for now. And that’s okay, I guess.

anonymous asked:

Shaya: I'm reading Debt of Time right now and at chapter 105 I've been crying so much and I still want to keep reading. I don't know how you do it but THANK YOU. For the SUI: Tell us about a pet peeve of yours?

Totally didn’t see this during the SUI, sorry! Hmm … pet peeve. I hate lateness. I am ALWAYS early. If I am 5 minutes early, I’m late. If I am 15 minutes early, I’m on time. When I used to work out of the house, I would show up to my job anywhere from 30-45 minutes early just to settle in for the day. When people MAKE me late by running late themselves, I lose my mind. Instant fury. If people have a standing appointment with me and can’t even both to text a quick “Sorry, running behind, be there in 10″ then I get so pissed.


Troye’s NOW 105 Interview

REQUEST: Sledgehammer

Rádio: 99.3 KISS FM 

Rádio: 104.7 WNOK

Rádio: 96.5 KISS-FM

Rádio: NOW 105

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Rádio: 103.7 THE Q

Rádio: MIX 93.3

Rádio: CHANNEL 999

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Rádio: 97.3 KISSFM

Rádio: 106.1 KISS FM

Rádio: Z100 PORTLAND

Rádio: 100.3 KISS FM

Rádio: Q102

Rádio: KISS 106.7

Rádio: B104

Rádio: Z107

Rádio: HOT 99.5

Rádio: FM 97

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Rádio: HOT 101.5

Rádio: 95.1 WAPE

Rádio: KISS 107

Rádio: 102.9 NOW

Rádio: MIX 106.1

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Rádio: 96.1 THE BEAT

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Rádio: 101.1 THE BEAT

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