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new scp animatic! this time featuring 076 and a whole lot of ron swanson audio,, cause like,, it fits so fucking well guys like, its honestly absurd how well they go together. anyway yea hope you guys enjoy it!


1 - How are you?
2 - Post a picture of yourself.
3 - Do you ever wish you were someone else?
4 - What is your entire name?
5 - How old are you?
6 - Age you get mistaken for:
7 - Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:
8 - What did you do on your last birthday?
9 - What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday?
10 - What is your hair color?
11 - Have you ever dyed your hair?
12 - What is your eye color?
13 - If you could change your eye color, would you?
14 - Do you wear contacts/glasses?
15 - Your opinion about your body and how confortable you are with it:
16 - Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What would you alter about your body?
17 - Say 8 facts about your body:
18 - Do you have any tattoos?
19 - Do you have any piercings?
20 - Left or right handed?
21 - What’s your sexual orientation?
22 - Do you drink?
23 - Do you smoke?
24 - Do you have any pets?
25 - Where do you work?
26 - Something you are working on right now:
27 - Do you have any “rules” about food?
28 - Where are you from?
29 - What would you say is your best quality?
30 - What do you think you’re really good at?
31 - What do you think you’re really bad at?
32 - What talent do you wish you’d been born with?
33 - Are you a bad person?
34 - Are you nice to everyone?
35 - Say 3 facts about your personality:
36 - Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
37 - What is your ideal bed? Why?
38 - Do wake up cranky?
39 - Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?
40 - What do you think about the most?
41 - Share 2 habits:
42 - What you want to be when you “get older”?
43 - What are your career goals?
44 - What is your ideal career?
45 - Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
46 - Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
47 - Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
48 - Say 10 facts about your room:
49 - Do you have any phobias?
50 - Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist?
51 - Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?
52 - Ever broken any bones?
53 - Ever come close to death?
54 - Things you like and dislike about yourself:
55 - A random fact about yourself:
56 - What are three things most people don’t know about you?
57 - An unknown fact about your life:
58 - Share something about yourself others might think is weird:
59 - Five weird things that you like:
60 - Do you have a facebook? If so, would you add the person who sent you this?
61 - Do you have any pictures on your Facebook?
62 - Describe yourself in one word/sentence:
63 - A quote you try to live by:
64 - A famous person you’ve been compared to:
65 - Weird things you do when you’re alone:
66 - Something you do without realising:
67 - 5 things you want to change:
68 - Someone you’d like to be for a day and why:
69 - Leave me a compliment:


70 - What is your favorite thing to do?
71 - What’s your favorite color?
72 - What’s your favorite band/singer?
73 - What’s your favorite movie?
74 - What are your favorite books?
75 - What is your favorite quote and why?
76 - What is your favorite word?
77 - What is your least favorite word?
78 - What is your favorite type of food?
79 - You favorite ice cream?
80 - What’s your favorite animal?
81 - Dogs or cats?
82 - Describe your favourite texture:
83 - What is your favorite flower?
84 - What’s your favourite scent? And on the opposite sex?
85 - What is your favorite season?
86 - What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die?
87 - What are four things you can’t live without and why?
88 - Which mythological creature are you most like? Why?
89 - What’s your favorite television show?
90 - Favorite place to shop at?
91 - Say 2 facts about your favorite things:

Family, childhood and places

92 - Say 4 facts about your parents:
93 - Are you more like your mom or your dad?
94 - Do you have any siblings?
95 - Say 9 facts about your family:
96 - What’s your relationship like with your family?
97 - Say 7 facts about your childhood:
98 - The best and the worst childhood memories:
99 - Say 6 facts about your home town:
100 - Are you going out of town soon?
101 - Where would you like to live?
102 - What would your dream house be like?
103 - Where would you go on your dream vacation?
104 - Where you want to be right now?
105 - Top three places to visit:



106 - Would you ever smile at a stranger?
107 - Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?
108 - Who is someone you never tire of?
109 - Do you have someone you can be your complete self around?
110 - Who is your most loyal friend?
111 - Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?
112 - If your best friend died, what would you do?
113 - Something you’ve lied about.
114 - Have you ever felt replaced?
115 - Say 5 facts about your bestfriend(s):


116 - The last person you hugged?
117 - Story of your first kiss?
118 - Do you like kissing in public?
119 - Have you ever kissed someone older than you?
120 - You have a preference for boys or girls?
121 - Is the male or female body closest to perfection?
122 - 5 things that irritate you about the same sex/opposite sex.
123 - Do you believe in love at first sight?
124 - Do you believe in soul mates?
125 - What is your idea of the perfect date?
126 - Based on past relationships or crushes, describe your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend:
127 - What is the first thing you noticed in someone?
128 - Are looks important in a relationship?
129 - What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for?
130 - What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships?
131 - Would you ever date someone off of the Internet?
132 - Five guys/girls whom you find attractive:
133 - Do you have a crush on anyone?
134 - A description of the girl/boy you like:
135 - Say 1 fact about the person your like:
136 - If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?
137 - When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
138 - Do you think someone has feelings for you?
139 - Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
140 - Have you ever cried over a guy/girl?
141 - Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
142 - Anyone you’re giving up on?
143 - Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?
144 - Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?
145 - Have you ever liked one of your best friends?
146 - Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you?
147 - Is there a boy/girl who you would do absolutely everything for?
148 - Is there someone you will never forget?
149 - Say five ways to win your heart:
150 - What turns you on?
151 - What turns you off?
152 - What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?
153 - What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
154 - What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?
155 - Have you ever written a song or poem for someone? Have you had one written for you?
156 - What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone?
157 - Are you in love?
158 - Are you in a relationship?
159 - If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her?
160 - Are relationships ever worth it?
161 - Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are?
162 - Can you commit to one person?
163 - Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?
164 - Do you ever want to get married?
165 - Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?
166 - Future names of your children:
167 - Do you get jealous easily?
168 - The last time you felt jealous, and why?
169 - What is your definition of cheating?
170 - Have you ever been cheated on?
171 - Do you forgive betrayal?
172 - Have you ever cheated on someone?
173 - Why did your last relationship fail?
174 - Things you want to say to an ex:
175 - A description of the person you dislike the most:
176 - If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept?
177 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
178 - How long was your longest relationship?
179 - You’ll love me if…
180 - Share a relationship story:

Music, movies and books

181 - How often do you listen to music?
182 - What kind of music you like?
183 - Do you like to dance?
184 - What was the first concert/show you attended?
185 - Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today?
186 - Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past:
187 - A song that’s been stuck in your head:
188 - Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play:
189 - A book you want to read/have recently read:
190 - Describe your dream library:
191 - Last movie you just watched:
192 - Do you like watching what type of movies?

Situations and crazy things

193 - You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
194 - What’s something you can see yourself going to jail for?
195 - If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be?
196 - You’re given $10,000…under one condition: you cannot keep the money for yourself. Who would you give it to?
197 - If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
198 - If you were an element on the Periodic Table, which would you be and why?
199 - If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?
200 - You’re an Action Movie Hero. What’s your weapon of choice and the line you scream when defeating your arch enemy?
201 - If you could design an amusement park ride, what would it be like?
202 - What is the first curse word that comes to mind?
203 - What the last party you went to was… and when the next will be…
204 - Halloween costume idea?
205 - How you’d spend ten thousand bucks?
206 - Press ctrl+v and post:
207 - Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for ten years or someone you hate for a month? Explain why.
208 - 5 things within touching distance:
209 - A drunken story:
210 - What are you supposed to be doing right now?
211 - Currently wanting to see anyone?
212 - Why you follow me?
213 - If you met me what would you do?
214 - YOU have to leave me a random/ridiculous question:
215 - YOU have to leave me a cute message:

Opinions and beliefs

216 - Is the cup half full or half empty for you right now?
217 - Do you believe in fate/destiny?
218 - What you wish for on 11:11?
219 - Do you consider yourself lucky? What’s your good luck charm?
220 - Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets?
221 - What is your religion, if any?
222 - Would you go against your moral code for money?
223 - What’s more important to you: strength of the body or strength of the mind?
224 - How important you think education is?
225 - If you were the president, what would you do?
226 - If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?
227 - Is it the thought that counts? Or is that phrase circumstantial?
228 - If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
229 - Which movie character do you most identify with and why?

Feelings and Others

230 - Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early?
231 - Post a photo/draw a picture/write a poem (pick one) of a moment of personal significance:
232 - Say 5 things you love unconditionally:
233 - What motivates you in life?
234 - Something that you’re proud of:
235 - Five words/phrases that make you laugh:
236 - Share the story of something that makes you smile:
237 - Something you always think “what if…” about:
238 - What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? What’s the story behind that?
239 - Describe one of the most awkward experiences of your life:
240 - Something/someone that you miss:
241 - Are you over your past?
242 - What is your saddest memory?
243 - One of the hardest moments in your life:
244 - Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
245 - What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?
246 - What was your most embarrassing moment?
247 - Share one of your fears/insecurities:
248 - Something you’re currently worrying about:
249 - Have you done something you regret very much?
250 - If you could take something back that you said or did, what would it be?
251 - Does anyone hate you?
252 - Do you hate anyone?
253 - Lyrics that apply to your current situation/mood.
254 - Are you good at hiding your feelings?
255 - What’s something you hide about your personality?
256 - How do you approach social situations?
257 - Are you a social or an antisocial person?
258 - Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
259 - Do you care if people talk badly about you?
260 - How do you deal with criticism?
261 - How you hope your future will be like?
262 - What’s something that scares you about the future?
263 - Five items you lust after:
264 - One thing you’re excited for:
265 - Describe the most terrifying/strangest/beautiful dream you’ve ever had:
266 - Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
267 - Who is your celebrity crush?
268 - Make a confession:

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 16: Adrien and Chloé

Childhood friends

  • I’m just thinking about how when Adrien was homeschooled, Chloé was the only kid his age he knew and his only friend, and now I’m crying because imagine how lonely it would feel to not know anyone and so how close must he have been with Chloé out of necessity
  • And the thing is that Chloé really does care about Adrien!! She wanted him to be able to come to school and live like a normal kid, she’s always being really protective over him, he’s one of the few people she’s always nice to, she was so happy to see he’s safe in the Christmas episode… she cares about him a lot
  • And Adrien cares about Chloé a lot! You can tell it hurts him that he’s realized she’s not a very nice person and now they’re drifting apart ack…
  • Okay but imagine after a Chloé redemption arc, if these two could regain their old friendship?? It would be so sweet and precious, I think it would make them happier
  • Adrien’s a sweetheart so he’d be one of the first people to help Chloé become a kinder person, right? He’d encourage her and be there for her and help her out.
  • Also (ZAGSPOILERS) a bee and cat friendship square?? Good stuff

a new rlly messy WIP animation for the resurrection canon! which i finally started reading and immediately decided i needed to animate something for. i’ve only read part 1 so far so that’s all that this animation is based off of, but im hoping to read part 2 and animate something for that as well once im finished working on this! if i don’t have carpal tunnel by the time this is done that is,

but yea! im mainly posting the wip of this because im actually hoping to color this thing! but thats probably going to take me a million years so i just wanted ya’ll to know i was working on this beforehand. that way i don’t give up halfway through or somethin

Ask him out

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Featuring: Ned, Sandy (I made her up) and Tony Stark.

Words: 2003

Warnings: -

Tags: -

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Notes: -

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“Why don’t you just give it a try?” Your best friend, Sandy, asked you.

You were at the cafeteria during lunch break. As usual, Sandy had brought her own lunch but you had bought it at the cantine. You two had been talking about your upcoming English exam until you saw him, Peter Parker, walking in the cafeteria with Ned.

Your crush on this guy had been a huge headache for you since the very first day of school. Being the daughter of who you were, you had always gone to private schools but after a long talk and fight with your father, aka Tony Stark, he had agreed on letting you go to a public one. And there was Peter Parker, being the nerd he was, adorable and dorky. Immediately you set your eyes on him and were determinated to make him like you back. That was until you saw how he looked at Liz.

It was obvious how he felt about her. Still, you tried and talk to him during some of your classes. He was the most intelligent guy you had ever met. He was funny, humble, shy and just adorable. But imposible to reach so you forced yourself to forget about him. And suddenly he appeared at the compound with your father. You understood nothing and all they told you was that he had an intership at Stark Industries. You were fucked.

“A try?” You asked taking your eyes away from him.

“Ask him out” she shrugged.

“Are you crazy? He’s head over heels for Liz, Sandy, asking him out would be like jumping off a plane knowing the parachute won’t open. And you know what’s that? Suicide, Sandy, and my father wouldn’t be too happy if I killed myself. Neither would be Happy” you stated way too fast, Sandy laughed shaking her head.

“So all you’re going to do for the rest of high school is sitting here, watching him from afar as you go into the friendzone more and more?” She asked raising an eyebrow. You frowned and looked at her.

“I’m not in the friendzone” you replied. “Am I?” You added.

“You will be if you do nothing about it” she shrugged getting up. It was time to go back to class. “He has an intership with your father, don’t you see him all the time?”

“Not really. I don’t know what this internship is about or where he does it but I haven’t seen him around in months” you told your friend.

“Well, you have Chemistry with him in room 105 right now so go, sit with him and ask him out” she said as you two walked down the aisle.

“You’re my Chemistry partner! I’m not going to trade your company for some dork” you told her.

“As much as I appreaciate it, and I do, I must let you go today” she solemnly said. “It is my duty as your best friend before you walk into the place from where you cannot return: the friendzone” she added. “I will sit with Ned so your path is clear” she winked walking into the classroom.

Before you had time to protest, she pushed you to sit next to Peter who, luckily, was alone. She winked at you sitting a few rows behind you. You loved this girl but you could seriously kill her at the moment. You saw how Ned walked in and looked at you confused, not knowing what were you doing occuping his seat. You were about to get up, ready to abandon your mission, but Sandy was faster.

“Ned! Will you sit with me today? There are a couple of things I don’t really understand and I’m sure you can explain them to me” Sandy told Ned who looked quite surprised by your friend’s action. She then gave you a thumb ups and a wink. Yes, you were going to kill her.

You turned to look at Peter and smiled shyly at him. He smiled back and looked like he was about to say something when the teacher started the class. With a sigh, you forced yourself to pay attention while you looked for a way to ask him out.

“I put him on a silver plate and you did nothing!” Sandy exclaimed.

The class had already finished and all you had managed to say to him were some stupid Chemistry related stuff that were probably wrong. Not only you had missed this chance, but probably now he thought you were stupid.

“I know Sandy!” You said frustrated. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” you added.

“(Y/N)!” You turned around when you heard your name being called.

You felt your breah stopping when you saw Peter running towards you. You looked at Sandy who looked surprised as well but also curious.

“Yes?” You asked trying to keep your voice steady.

“Here. You forgot your notebook” he said handing you the item.

“Oh… Thanks Peter” you smiled at him, trying to hide your disappointment. Why on Earth would he ask you out?

You stood there watching him walk away along with Ned towards their next class. You had to forget about this guy.

“That was close” Sandy said, taking you out of your thoughts.

“Close to what?” You asked turning around to go to your next and last class.

“I thought he would ask you out” she shrugged.

“He won’t do it” you sighed defeated now.

“Who knows” she smiled, trying to cheer you up.

“Sandy, I know what you’re trying to do but stop it, please” you said. “He doesn’t like me and I can’t make someone like me and that’s okay. He’s not the only guy in the world”

“But he’s the one you’re falling in love with” she said.

You said nothing at her words. Falling in love. Maybe she was right. Actually, it looked like she was completely right but you didn’t know what to do about it.

The next few days were hard for you. You tried to keeo your mind occupied so you didn’t think about Peter or your feelings for him. But seeing him every single day didn’t help. You tried to stay at home saying you were sick but FRIDAY couldn’t be lied to that easily and your tiny attempt only made your father worried.

“Is it something about school?” He asked during breakfast. “Someone is annoying you?”

“Everything at school is okay dad, I just didn’t feel like going today” you lied as you looked down at the strawberries.

“Just like that?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Just like that” you nodded.

He was a clever man, you knew it. Lying to him wasn’t easy but at least he let it go. You were forced to go to school but at least you were free of Tony Stark’s questioning. As usual, Sandy was waiting for you at the door. She had been worried about you lately, seeing how you had lost any hope you had to be with Parker. She didn’t know what to do to help you since you refused to talk about it. But she knew she had to do something and she was willing to, even if that meant that you would get mad at her.

“I’m going to the bathroom” she said getting up from the table where you were having lunch. You nodded and looked at her for a moment before focusing your attention back in your Literature book.

“Hey there” you looked up and almost choked on your food when you saw Peter sitting in front of you.

“H-hi…” you looked around and found Sandy winking at you from the door. She couldn’t have done this to you.

“How are you?” He smiled a little.

“Fine…” you smiled back. “You?”

“Fine, thanks” he smiled even more. “You know um… Sandy told me you have something to tell me” he shrugged.

You opened your eyes widely not believing what you were listening. Sandy had just cornered you and you had no idea about how to react. What were you supposed to say?

“Did she?” You frowned. He nodded, waiting. “Well, she lied” you shrugged. He frowned, looking almost disappointed by your answer. You didn’t know why you were doing it, but what was the point on telling him?

“Oh…” he bite his lip and nodded. “Okay…” he got up slowly but sat down again. “Are you alright?” he asked, taking you by surprise. “I know we’re not that close, but I’ve noticed you’ve been quiet lately, like you were sad or something. Is everything okay?” He asked.

The fact that he really looked worried about you literally made your heart melt. He noticed your change even when you hadn’t said a single word to each other in almost a week, even when you shared so many classes. Not even a hello or a goodbye.

“Eh…yeah, I guess” you shrugged. “I’m just stressed” you said.

Your phone vibrated next to you and you looked down to find a text from Sandy: ASK HIM OUT! It said. Biting your lip, you looked up at Peter who was still looking at you, curious and somehow worried.

“I’m okay, Peter, thank you” you nodded.

“Okay then… I have to go” he smiled getting up.

You were so stupid! Why was it so difficult? He was worried about you, he had noticed your mood change, obviously that had to mean something but there you were, looking at him getting up, letting another opportunity scape.

“Peter wait” you said getting up.

“Can I ask you something?” he said at the very same time. You two looked at each other, smiling a little as you felt the heat coming to your cheeks. “Go first” he chuckled.

“No, you go first” you said chuckling as well.

“I insist” he said.

You bite your lip and took a deep breath. You had to do it. You had to give it a try. You just couldn’t keep on living not knowing what would happen.

“Do you want to go to have dinner or something with me? Someday?” You finally let the words out, feeling like your heart was about to come out of your chest.

Peter looked at you shocked. He never thought you would take that step, that you would be the one asking him out, let alone when he was about to do it himself after days gathering the courage. All it took was a little push from your best friend, Sandy, telling him you had feelings for him. He didn’t really believe her but it was a chance. Still, he was about to leave too scared to say anything when you dropped the bomb.

“Like…a date?” He smiled a little. You nodded slowly. “Sounds good” he finally said. “Maybe Friday? 8 p.m.?” He suggested.

“Yeah, perfect” you smiled.

You couldn’t believe he had said yes. You knew there was a possibility but it looked so remote you never thought it would actually happen and yet, there you were. You had a date with Peter Parker after dreaming about him for months.

“Just…” he added before leaving. “Your father won’t kill me or anything right? I mean…he’s Iron Man”, you laughed at his question.

“I’ll make sure of it” you told him with a big smile.

“Good” he nodded laughing as well. “I gotta go, see you in Chemistry?” He asked.

“Of course” you nodded.                              

He bite his lip and leaned slowly across the table to place a small kiss on your lips, making your heart skipped a beat. Giving you one last smile, he left the cafeteria, leaving you there too shocked to move until Sandy came over running.

“You have a date with him!” She exclaimed hugging you. You pulled her away.

“I’m going to kill you!” You told her. She laughed but hugged you again.

“I don’t care, I’m so happy it worked” she said. With a sigh you looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you” you said just when the bell rang.

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 15: Adrien and Nino

Sunshine bros

  • …I don’t even know what to say, they’re already a canon brotp
  • No seriously, everyone else got akumatized because something bad happened to them and it upset them etc. But Nino?? He just wanted his best friend to have fun on his birthday and even tried so hard to get him a birthday party!! He even went to Adrien’s big posh intimidating house with no prompting, talked (respectfully and politely, doing his best!!) to Gabriel and made a very good case for Adrien needing a break, and only after that when it still didn’t work, he was so upset at how unfair things were for Adrien!! HE GOT AKUMATIZED ON BEHALF OF ADRIEN THAT’S THE PUREST THING
  • Also just the fact that Nino decided to make friends with Adrien after the whole “Chloe’s my only friend…” thing aksjhkajdfhkajdfh why are these boys so precious
  • In the Christmas episode when at the end Adrien was okay, Nino just rushed forwards and tackle-hugged him, IT WAS SO CUTE, there’s no weird “no homo” between these two they just love each other and are so sweet and adorable about it
  • And the hug in the Jackady episode too??? End me
  • Also in that episode, when Chat Noir was all like “lol Adrien probably got brainwashed who cares about him” and Nino’s like “BUT HE’S MY BEST FRIEND I’M SO WORRIED” and Chat looked almost surprised like “ahhhh omg Nino cares about me that much??” I am going to cry
  • The Animan episode when Adrien was being wingman for Nino was so precious and cute, get you a friend like that
  • Basically the fact that these boys are best friends and love each other and care about each other so much is one of the most blessed dynamics in the entire show and I am very grateful for this and we don’t even deserve it

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They love dates at the park.


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anonymous asked:

How are Harry and Louis from never be doing? Did Louis get summer Harry?

It’s mid-July and New York is burning hot. Record temps, they’re saying. This part of the state hasn’t seen a heat wave like this in nearly 80 years. It’s hot enough for Louis to call out of work twice this past week to work from home, because the idea of sitting on the subway with a handful of sweaty strangers is enough to make him well up with tears. Harry snorts when Louis tells him he isn’t heading into the office again, shaking the bath water out of his hair as he says, “It isn’t even that hot, Louis. You’re being dramatic.”

Louis flips him off on his way to the kitchen and calls out over his shoulder, “I hope you burst into flames once you walk outside.”

“Thanks, love you, too.”

After Harry leaves for work, Louis makes himself comfortable - and half naked - on the couch, air conditioning blowing as cold as he can make it, his work documents scattering across the floor from the breeze. He groans, wipes his brow with the back of his hand. Fuck it. Work isn’t happening today. It’s not meant to be. Global warming is against him, and who is he to fight Mother Nature?

He hasn’t heard from Harry all day, which isn’t out of the norm. He’s been insanely busy over the past two months, projects taking over his life from 9-5, sometimes spilling into his down time at home. And Louis thought he’d be bothered by Harry bringing his work home so frequently, but he likes being able to see exactly what he’s doing during the day, likes being involved in it. Harry takes the time to explain, asking Louis for his honest opinions, and Louis has no problem turning the TV’s volume way down just so he can play along.

“Really, Styles? Times New Roman with italics? This isn’t a barn.”

“That’s… not the point of what I’m showing you.”

“Well, it should be.”

Harry furrows his brows and looks down at his laptop, and Louis can tell he’s changing the font without being able to see the screen. He bites back a smile, goes back to pretending he’s watching something stupid on The Food Network, ready for Harry’s next question or explanation.

It’s been ten months since Harry moved back to New York, and though he has his moments of missing his family and his old friends and his home, most of their time together is easy, feels so natural that Louis can’t believe he almost let this get away from him. He catches himself staring at the concentrated look on Harry’s face when he replies to emails, his smile when his mom calls him up, the way his fists clench by his sides when he’s fed up with Louis’ bullshit, when he’s overly focused on the football game, when he wants Louis and he’s about to break, and Christ, Louis feels so unbearably lucky that he’s allowed to know Harry inside and out, know what he’s thinking, know how he feels. He doesn’t often tell Harry this, but fortunately, Harry seems to know what Louis is always thinking, too.

He contemplates ordering out for ice cream for dinner - anything hot to eat sounds laughable - but settles on sticking his head in the freezer as an even trade. And that’s when Harry walks in, kicking the door shut behind him.

“It’s 41 degrees outside,” he shouts, his belongings thumping to the ground, “and I dealt with miserable fucking people from LA today and I’ve sweat through my good suit and why the fuck are you in the freezer.”

Louis steps back, already failing to bite back his smirk. “You live in America now, my dear, it’s 105 degrees today.”

“Bite me.”

“Aw.” He makes his way over to Harry, twisting his finger through one of his curls. It’s damp. “Remember this morning when you said I was being dramatic? And now you’re the one throwing a temper tantrum?”

Harry makes a face. “I still think you were. I must be delirious from the heat.”

“Listen, when I said I wanted ‘Summer Harry,’ this was not what I had in mind. This Harry is obnoxious.”

He rolls his eyes, but he laughs, regardless. “It’s hard to be in good spirits when I’ve been dealing with prick heads all day. And then the air con on the subway broke and some woman passed out and.” He trails off, presses his forehead to Louis’ and closes his eyes. “I was at work for about ten minutes before I decided I should have stayed home. Today was terrible and I hated everyone and all I could think about was coming home to you.”

Louis laughs, pressing his palm to Harry’s chest. “Harry. Was the woman okay.”

He hums, his eyes cracking open. “She was.”

“Think you’re gonna stay home with me tomorrow?”

“What’s the forecast?”

“Does it matter?”

Harry smiles just before his lips drag across Louis’. “Not really, no.”

Louis has had a lot of firsts with his boy; first time sharing a home with a partner, first time feeling hopeless, first time feeling invincible, first time being able to experience his world through new eyes. Harry is Louis’ first agonizing love. And now, they’re experiencing their first summer together, one that Louis dreamt of for too many weeks last year during their time spent apart. It’s nothing like he thought it would be. They haven’t made it to the beach yet, they won’t have any time off together until August, and Harry still hasn’t made it to Vermont, a state Louis has been promising him since the end of April.

But right now, Harry is stripping off his shirt and walking Louis backwards to the fridge, mumbling something about making ice cream sundaes for dinner, and Louis thinks that no, this summer hasn’t been planned out the way he wanted, but it’s probably better.

Harry pulls a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream out of the freezer with his left hand, right hand firm on Louis’ waist, holding him steady. “Is this good, or do you want me to run out and get black raspberry? Or peanut butter?”

“It’s too hot for you to go out again.”

Harry shrugs. “If you want something else, I don’t mind. Really.”

Louis just shakes his head, reaching for the mint chocolate chip.

Definitely better.

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anonymous asked:

I'm ecstatic that you are writing spider-man fics now! I am obsessed with tiny, adorable Peter and of course dad!Tony. Could you do one where Tony has to take sick Peter to a doctor (or bring a doctor to the tower for Peter) but Peter is terrified of doctors because of bad experiences and in his confused state of mind thinks he's being punished/hurt? Thank you!

I’m so sorry this took so long, but it’s finally done and I’ll hopefully be posting some more prompt fills soon. please tell me what you think? I know this one isnt very good but I hope you like it anyway, I kind of based it on the same timeline as my other spider-man fic “I’m sorry, Tony.” So that I could have an excuse as to why he was so afraid of doctors. Anyway thank you so much for the prompt!! It’s called “Fevers, fears, and falls.” 

Peter’s head pounded with each heartbeat, as he swung across rooftops. He’d been feeling sick all day, and everyone had told him he should go home, but he was Spider-Man, he couldn’t just take days off.

Ned had been particularly worried, urging him not to go to his usual after school, extra-curricular activities.

“You’re sick! You shouldn’t even be in class, you can’t go fight crime like this! You could get hurt.” His concerned eyes and quiet words had almost convinced Peter to go home, but the thought of someone needing help, while he was slacking off, was intolerable.

He remembered his words to Tony, that first time they met, about why he had become Spider-Man.

“When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen…they happen because of you.”

He couldn’t let anyone get hurt just because he was feeling a little under the weather. So, there he was, swinging around and pretending he didn’t want to go to bed.

He crawled up the side of a building and perched on a windowsill as he rubbed at his temples through his mask. Why couldn’t his damn headache just go away? He had stuff to do, he didn’t have time to be sick.

Karen’s calm voice came to Peter’s ears, quieter than usual, so as not to worsen his already sore head. She was great like that.

“Your temperature just rose by another degree. If it continues, it will be classed as a fever and I will have to inform Mr Stark.”

The teenager groaned and fired another web to the next building. “Don’t call him, I’m fine. I’m just going to do a quick round of the city to make sure everything’s okay and then I’ll go home.”

He stumbled a little as he got to his feet, and steadied himself on the webs he’d placed, before taking a breath and swinging off.

It was harder to focus with a pounding head, and the clammy hot-cold feeling he had over his whole body, but he continued none the less.

It was a quiet afternoon, with only a few minor incidents to help with. Peter stopped a mugger before a punch was landed, and returned the stolen bag, as well as helped a class of kids cross the street. The teacher had been very grateful and a few of the kids had clung to his legs and demanded they were in love with him. That had cheered him up a bit and he didn’t feel so useless.  

But the longer he was out, the worse he felt, and pretty soon he didn’t even have the energy for web slinging.

His head was swirling and it was getting harder to think straight. He wasn’t even sure where he was in the city now, standing on the edge of a building with his fingers pressing to his temples in a further attempt to soothe his splitting headache.

Karen’s voice seemed a little further away and swirly than it had a minute ago.

“Peter, your fever is continuing to rise. I think I should call Mr Stark now.”

The teenager tried to reply but all that came out was a moan, and his head spun further. Having dizzy spells really wasn’t a good idea when you were so high up, as Peter was. His vision blurred and his feet stumbled, and he fell.

Karen’s voice called his name, quick and panicked, and Peter tried to save himself before he splattered on the concrete. He fired a web and held on, but it was too late, the web slowed his decent but he still hit the ground hard, landing heavily on his left arm.

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An FV 214 Conqueror of the 3rd Hussars, stationed with the Army of the Rhine, sends a round down range from its 120 mm main gun, circa 1957. The Conqueror was only ever put into service by the British Army in Germany. Developed as a direct answer to the Soviet’s Joseph Stalin heavy tank series, predominantly meaning the IS-3, it was a 63 long ton or 71 U.S. short ton heavy tank, similar to the M103. It’s lineage traces back to a chassis design from 1944. Post-war however, this was adopted as the common hull for a series of vehicles, one of which would be a candidate for Britain’s next main battle tank. The success of the Centurion made it the natural choice, but that left the IS-3 without true rival, still. Something bigger was needed.

In 1955 the first Conqueror was produced, albeit 10 years after the IS-3 had entered service. What was lacking in punctuality however, was certainly not in capability. A chief cause of delays was a 1949 decision to upgun to a deadly L1 120 mm rifled gun, certainly capable of knocking out any Soviet tank of the era. The frontal armour of these vehicles was also exceptionally thick. At 7 inches (180 mm) in the horizontal plane, an effective thickness of around 10 inches (250 mm) was achieved. Weight reduced speed and mechanical reliability was an issue. However, like the WW2 era Churchill tank, the Conqueror excelled cross country. The rotating commander’s cupola, featuring a rangefinder, by which the gunner could be positioned onto a target by the vehicle commander acting independently, was a very advanced feature for its time. The latest Soviet vehicles used a similar system, but these did not provide the commander with range-finding equipment.

For all of its strengths, the Conqueror never saw mass production, with just 185 built. For the British Army of the Rhine, these tanks were a useful asset on the front lines of the Cold War in Germany. They were deployed in groups of three, nine to each regiment, with a primary task of providing long range anti-tank support to the faster Centurions. Some tactical relevance was lost in 1959, when the armament on the Centurion was upgraded to the now renowned L7 105 mm. However, the Conqueror remained in service until 1966, the year the Chieftain arrived on the scene as the ‘most formidable main battle tank in the world’.

Star-Lord’s Journal

Day 40: AGH!!!! Gamora drives me so crazy!!! I like her so much and I don’t know why!!!!!! We’ve got this weird thing going on where we argue a lot but still…get each other? I think I told her about David Hasselhoff when I was drunk the other day? And now she’s a little nicer to me because of it…the tension is CRAZY!!!

She catches herself just in time before bursting out with a laugh at his writing, so she doesn’t wake him up.

(Alternatively, the one where Gamora can’t help herself and skims through Peter’s journal, looking back on the beginning of their relationship.)

Starmora Week 2017, Day 7: Unspoken

(read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. starmora week 2017 works here!!)

Gamora wakes up with a shiver, trying to pull her blanket more tightly around her shoulders. She takes in her surroundings for a moment; she’s in her bed with Peter, though all of the blankets are wrapped around her (admittedly, this is usual; she can’t help that she gets cold easily) and he’s not actually lying down with her. She then realizes she’s not even sleeping on a pillow, but Peter’s lap, and when she looks up at his form slumped back against the wall adjacent to their bed, he’s snoring softly.

She shifts a little, causing his hand to slide down her arm. Over the soft sounds of the distant machinery in the Milano, the horrifyingly heavy rain outside makes itself apparent, filling Gamora’s ears quickly. She sighs, settling her head back on Peter’s thigh. The downpour had started while they were in the middle of their errands that day, and once Gamora had finished getting what she needed with Peter, they decided to return to the Milano to get out of the crazy weather while the rest of the team finished their own errands.

Thanks to her body mods, she doesn’t really get sick, but she’s never been particularly good in low temperatures, especially when moisture is involved. Sure, she can handle it enough to get whatever job she’s tasked with done with no complaints, but it’ll take her a little longer to warm up afterward than other species—even Terrans.

(Peter likes to hold it over her. She pretends to hate him for it until he offers up all of their blankets to her; then, he is suddenly not completely insufferable.)

Somehow returning to the Milano to dry off—they’d been soaked enough that her hair stuck to her face while Peter’s hair turned a much darker shade all together—turned into cuddling in bed, which quickly turned into sleeping.

She considers grabbing her comms to check in with the others, because she’s not really sure how much time has passed, but when she hears Rocket yell from the other side of the ship, followed by Mantis shushing him, well, that answers that. She then debates waking Peter to let him know they’re clear to leave, but even just another glance up at his face drowns the willpower from her. He’s sleeping a little too nicely for someone who’s sitting up, in her opinion, but her attention is then grabbed by something else.

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