now i make all like doodles haha


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!

Hey lovelies! I’m so sorry for just disappearing for such a long time and just not posting anything for ya. But I suddenly got a little burst of strength and actually succeeded draw and colour a sansby drawing (: hehe it’s far from great but it’s something! I haven’t drawer those two babes for a long time now and I wanted to draw something snuggle and a ugly blanket so…this happened XD hehe anyway I rly hope ur all having a great time and I’ll try to post more heh I’m just drawing so much doodles and crap I don’t think peoples would like so I never upload it XD hehe maybe I will upload some but we’ll see! All the hugs and coffee for you guysXD! See ya!


I’m in the middle of my BA thesis (I actually have to submit it in less than two weeks, oh dear), and after a fortnight of hardly drawing anything I felt the urge to colour some old doodles from my sketchbook. I scanned them and then printed them onto water colour paper (because I don’t have a light table so tracing is hardly possible). It’s not really recommendable though because the printer makes even the biggest scan resolution all pixelish. I still kinda like them and if you don’t look too closely, it’s okay :’)

here are the thumbs of a really old rupphire lyric comic I wanted to do! I’m surprised, I still really like some of the sketches. it was drawn up after we know about ruby and sapphire, but before the details of how they met/became garnet were revealed in the show. so, sort of a theory on how they might have gotten together and decided to become garnet! 

honestly, again, I still really like this… and now I think I’m good enough to where I could actually do it and make it all look nice. maybe in the future I could make it a little project on my patreon? who knows!

but I keep forgetting it’s a thing that exists, and I figured now is as good a time as ever to finally post the sketches I have before I forget again for who knows how long, haha

Decided to post this on its own after all!!

Originally I just wanted to doodle Nepeta, but then I forgot her horns and just made it humanstuck!

Let’s choose our ending.

I am no judge, 

but I’m gonna decide your destiny, right here and now.


My little doodle before dinner… I really felt sorry for Sans every time I saw the Genocide run. But he’s really cool in that route so okay I can handle all the feels haha XD
Actually I drew some more UT, however I’m not so sure whether to post them here or not. They were…quite…strange? Um, like, a bit weird? I don’t really know… But If I can make up my mind, I might post them later!


Red haired heroines ✨  This was a fun mini-series to make! I’d been missing watercolour. There were others I thought about including, but decided on these six (for now) : >

So @osyrus68 and I have this adorables fan-theory that Poe Dameron is actually Han and Leia’s adopted son. (this is not spoilers since I have no real clue about anything haha)

This theory is mostly based on the new Shattered Empire comic books. I guess we’ll see how this theory holds up when the last issue comes out!
I could totally see Leia adopting Poe, if something were to happen to Poe’s parents: fellow rebels Shara Bae and Kes Dameron.
(and Leia was also adopted, after all!)

Plus, all I can interpret in my brain from the new trailer is Leia making “sad mom face”


Plus, now we can all laugh at this insane theory after the movies / comics come out and prove me 1000% wrong *lol* :)

anime north update thing!!!

hi guys!! i received a few asks asking me where my table would be at anime north and the short answer is: i don’t know ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ;;!! i managed to snatch a table at the last minute last week due to a spot being freed up on the waiting list, and as such, i’ll only know on the first day of the con! i’ll let you all know then, but for now, i hope to see you all there!!

also! i didn’t have the time to make any kingdom hearts-related prints for the convention, even though i’m more or less…a kh fanart blog HAHA so if you pass by my table and buy any of my stuff, if you let me know that you know me from my kh fanart, i would absolutely LOVE to draw you a bonus kh doodle, for freebies!!! i would love to chat with anybody hehe!!

oh yeah i’ll also be offering acnl villager commissions JUST LIKE THESE

anyway - i hope to see you there!!


SO BECAUSE IM A BIG LUMP OF GARBGe thats played undertale quadrillions of times, i thought it’s be cool to see if i can make myself a human sprite! but as i finished the sprite i thought that frisk should be the only TURE HUMAN. and i ended up with my weird sona mixed human haha.

i thought it was a cool idea that i “FLIP” back and forth from human to monster!
(more info below!)

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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

I pretty much made a wardrobe collection for every season for Jason. LOL. (And even a random AU wat.)

I’m just so amused by the coincidence of the prompts. HAHAHA!

Thank you for all those who surprised me with so many Jasons. Srsly. I’m still wondering WHY? XD XD I was expecting someone else but anyway… Haha! I had fun! (。・ω・。)

Now I have this urge to make one for the other batboys. HMMMMM… HMMMMMMMM~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

the-clam-narwhal  asked:

Hello friend, I was wondering, if you've seen the end of the most recent Minecraft -spoiler- when Ryan runs after Gavin after he kinda dances around the desks, when there's a straight shot after Gav, Ryan actually does kinda run like a charging bull? Weight forward, shoulder and head down... Makes me wanna sketch.

DUDE YES YES. I was actually just talking about this to a friend haha. 

like I don’t care if I had my hybrid goggles on that was literally all I saw when i saw that part at the end and now i really really need to make some doodles of it or something. I have a mighty neeeed

mrfidler  asked:

I hate that artists actually have to work to draw their comics. I want all the comics without the artist having to do all the work! lol

Oh gosh wouldn’t that just be the DREAM?! Whenever someone asks, I always tell them that my dream job would probably just have people sit around and listen to me prattle on endlessly about the ideas I have for stories…and then there’d be like, a whiteboard so I could doodle along with it or something.

But you know what? There is something extremely gratifying about creating something that can be experienced visually. There’s just something phenomenal about looking back on something you drew or wrote or crafted and being like ‘wow, this wasn’t here before, and now it is. And it wouldn’t have been here at all if I didn’t make it’. I don’t think I’d trade that for instant gratification (although sir and/or madam I would be sorely temped to, haha).

Because the beautiful thing about art is that you’re not just experiencing an end product, but an artist’s entire process. So yeah, every artist has rough patches with their work! I can’t tell you how long I’ve sat, staring at a panel, frustrated because I can’t figure out how to concisely say what I want the characters to say. Or I sit there trying to translate what I see in my head for a scene into 6 little boxes. Or I stress about how to get their expressions right. But all that care and love and worry just makes you so much more proud of the end result, and makes seeing people enjoy your art so much more incredible.

…I rambled I’m sorry D:

Im being a bit sentimental haha

when i first ended up in the rwby fandom there werent a lot of Ladybug fanart. it was not a popular ship. ive only seen like a few fanart so i was basically like

“shoot! if hardly anyone is gonna draw ladybug I MIGHT AS WELL DO IT”

and i did. tho it kinda took me time to get used to drawing them. trial and error and all that jazz since im pretty sure looking back at my old art it wasnt the best aha and im still learning

but now there are wonderful artists that can draw Ladybug with ease and way better than i could. so i just i kinda stopped and asked myself “Would it even matter now? Should I keep drawing them? Maybe I should stop drawing them now. I cant draw fast and I dont have fancy tools and my doodles are messy. There are ppl who can draw a lot better than me.”

Id be a bit down but then Id get messages telling me how they havent thought about shipping Ladybug until they saw my doodles. They tell me how much i improved and how much I draw. And they also tell me I might have been the reason Ladybug has gotten a bit popular (which is a far stretch) haha Its very flattering when they call me Ladybug Senpai. And all these other more experienced artists tell me they like my doodles it makes me happy and makes me wanna draw more. Heck I just love drawing the Bookworm and the Weapon Enthusiast too much to stop!

This blog is one year old now and I gotta say I’m really glad to have created this blog and glad I met such wonderful people here. It means a lot and I really can’t thank you guys enough! But really. Thank you!