i screwed up

so uh… i accidently deleted my blog…s. the entire account. i was deleting urls and just wasn’t paying attention and… yeah, everyone says it’s so ridiculous that people accidently delete their blogs because there’s a ton of steps to deleting your account. and it sure feels that way until you do it yourself. 

so yeah, if you could just spread the word, that’d be nice. i’ll be setting up @buglad again too, but no other blogs for now. 

thanks <3

PJO Characters as things I’ve done

@novva @autisticedwardelric i wanna give this a try let’s go

Percy Jackson - My entire family is dyslexic, and on the drive to my grandparent’s house there’s one specific store that whenever we drive by we always read the name as “Sherman William’s Pants.”

Annabeth Chase - In 6th grade during state testing i managed to fit 14 average-sized books in my backpack along with my normal four binders and other school supplies.

Grover Underwood - I used to go to a summer camp that would let us play in a little park with some woods in it. My two friends and I decided to “learn the way of the squirrel” by balancing weirdly on rocks and picking acorns off the ground, cracking them open, and eating them.

Jason Grace - When I was younger i fell off a chair and hit my face on the corner of another chair, and now i have a dent in my cheek that looks like a dimple.

Piper McLean - In middle school i somehow managed to get a squad of boys who would do basically everything I told them to. I asked them if any of them would be willing to take me to the school dance and 5 of them raised their hands. I took none of them.

Leo Valdez - I was once making a poptart and toast and i managed to light the toaster on fire. My mom had to throw it into a snowbank outside.

Frank Zhang - On my mom’s old route to work she drove through a state forest and there’s an Alpaca farm there with free-range chickens. I visited once and one of the alpacas spit on me. We became friends with the alpaca farmers and they gave us free wool.

Hazel Levesque - When I was about 7 i set up a lemonade stand in my driveway, and across the street someone was having yard work done, so every five minutes i would go up to this one guy in a truck and ask him if he wanted lemonade. About an hour after pestering him repeatedly he gave my 5$ for a cup of lemonade that i was selling for 25 cents and he let me keep the change.

Nico di Angelo - My neighbor’s house is haunted, according to my mother (who saw a ghost in the kitchen. Two people died in the house in the time we’ve been living next door.) I haven’t walked by it since.

Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano - In my side yard there used to be a tree stump from when we cut down this little tree, and that was back when i was like 7 and my dog was a puppy and about as big as me, so we still had to take her into the yard on a leash. She dragged me across the yard head-first straight into the stump.

Rachel Dare - I once took part in Splash at MIT, and i ended up taking a class on Homestuck and the Mechanics in SBURB. Two people who were there already followed me on tumblr on one of my sideblogs.

Thalia Grace - My family goes to Renaissance Faires, so naturally i get the chance to throw axes while i’m at certain ones. I enjoyed it so much i got my own pairs of throwing axes for Christmas. Flash forward, in Social Studies we were learning about the Renaissance era, so my mom, dad, and i present in front of the class in full ren. garb, my dad in full armor, and one of the slideshow pictures was me mid-axe-throw. Earlier this year, i got to do an entirely different presentation to a different class on how to throw axes.

Will Solace - i was in the Wizard of Oz play at my school as Toto, and during once of the practice scenes i had to run on-stage to meet the other characters. Since we were practicing on the stage where the band also practiced, there were a bunch of instrument cases everywhere and we were mostly practicing on the risers in front of the stage. I tripped over one of the cases, tripped down the risers, and nearly died while scaring the hell out of everyone else. The lion then proceeded to say his next line to me instead of Dorothy (”Are ya okay? Did they hurt ‘cha?”)

Clarisse La Rue - I was at my family’s Christmas Eve party at my Grandparent’s house, and my mom had made cupcakes. So i was eating one and standing in the middle of the living room with all my cousins around me, and I said “Y’know, i’ve always wanted a pastry shoved in my face.” and my brother walked up beside me and said “wish granted” and slammed my cupcake into my face.

pjo/hoo characters as things I’ve done

is this like a trend now because HELL yeah count me in (inspired by @autisticedwardelric and @novva)

percy jackson: in 2009 I went to the miami seaquarium and threw a tantrum because the manatees weren’t free and, according to me, looked sad

annabeth chase: in 8th grade I had to make a sculpture of a greek god and a monster for my universal history class and talk about them to my teacher and classmates, so I picked athena and medusa. since I’d spent the previous day making the sculptures and hadn’t had the chance to study I improvised the whole thing and got the maximum grade

grover underwood: I cried for 2 hours after I had to sacrifice my betta fish named zeus

luke castellan: almost every day in 2nd grade one of my best friends and I would fight and I’d tell her “don’t talk to me ever again” and I’d talk to her as if nothing had happened the following day

thalia grace: I wore the same panic at the disco tshirt every day for an entire week

rachel elizabeth dare: my mom got mad at me once because while my family was celebrating the new year I was sitting on the couch binge watching legend of korra

nico di angelo: I always walk around my house without shoes and scare the shit out of my family because they don’t hear me enter rooms so when they turn around I’m standing right there making weird faces at them

piper mclean: I was rapping a hamilton song under my breath and my teacher thought I was talking to myself and looked at me with the most serious face ever and asked me “what… are you doing??”

jason grace: I was alone in the kitchen at my grandparents house when I saw a HUGE spider but it was really far from where I was standing so I didn’t mind it, 10 seconds later it sprinted towards me and I ran to the living room screaming

leo valdez: in preeschool I bit a girl because she was sitting on my favorite chair and didn’t want to give it to me 

frank zhang: a stray dog almost bit me when I was little because every time I saw a dog I ran towards it to pet it

hazel levesque: I have 60+ unfinished drawings on my computer and every day I start a new one

reyna avila ramirez-arellano: I got in a fight with my little brother because he threw away our bee movie nintendo ds game

will solace: I was in guitar classes for about 3 months, I have a guitar and to this day the only song I know how to play on an instrument is the star wars theme song on flute

Just Wanted to Talk

On AO3

I promised @wearetheseven miraculous ladybug fluff like forever ago and i just got around to writing it at like 3:30 this morning… so … enjoy!

Thanks to @marigreste, @percyjemson and @novva for the encouragement, and @ethanakamura for your wonderful fic tag so I could absorb how to write fluff from you!!

Chat silently touches down on the rooftop, careful not to disturb the girl leaning on the railing. The sunset makes Marinette look like she’s glowing, and for all Chat is concerned, she is. A small smile plays across her lips and she rests her face in her hands.

“Hi, Princess,” he murmurs, even though she looks more like an angel. She starts and turns to him, wide-eyed, but then breaks into a dazzling grin.

“Hey,” she laughs. “What are you doing here?”

Chat shrugs. “I don’t know. I just wanted to talk.”

“About what?”

“Anything.” He wants to tell her who he is. But he can’t, so anything else will suffice for the moment.

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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic

dudes guess who finished chapter 1? 


you can read it here and here

@novva told me i should show you guys where my inspiration and motivation to even write a fic in the first place came from so:

LMAO yup yup 

don’t worry it probably won’t get to that point 



should i though? 


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