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  • sit still, look pretty; daya
  • emperor’s new clothes; panic! at the disco
  • x
  • uptown funk; mark ronson & bruno mars
  • all in my head (flex); fifth harmony
  • laughter lines; bastille
  • pillowtalk; zayn malik
  • easy love; sigala
  • rule the world; walk off the earth
  • capsize; frenship
  • young volcanoes; fall out boy

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Summary: In a world where super-powered individuals and humans coexist, Leo Valdez is a supervillain - and a good one, at that.  He has it all made - a job working for a top villain, an only sometimes annoying best friend/ex girlfriend, and a rivalry with the city’s top hero, Tempest, that keeps him on his toes.

If only the hot guy who moved in across the hall didn’t try to ruin it all.

Ships: Valgrace, Liper (friendship), Solangelo
Genre: Sci-fi, Suspense, Drama, Fluff
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Warnings: character death/maybe murder, mild and major injuries, angst, but no gore
Worlds: superhero/villain au
Writer: @novva
Other Info: The title might change, but this is pretty much the gist of it all.
Will be written in: English
The writer has given permission for this fic to be translated.

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