Featured Artist: Kate Madeira

Kate is 22 years old and from Nashville, TN. I originally came in contact with her work through a facebook group for “stitchers.” Her embroideries are delicate yet complex and incredibly beautiful. She certainly knows how to handle her thread and make it into wonderful pieces of art.

Kate’s work can be found on her tumblr or in her etsy shop



Featured Artist: Jensine Eckwall

Jensine is an illustrator, printmaker, and letterer based out of New York City. She is particularly gifted when it comes to etching, watercolor and gouache. Currently Jensine is a senior at the School of Visual Arts and has already been published numerous times. 

You can view her work on her website and buy her prints here.

She can also be found on tumblr, twitter and behance.


Featured Artist: Lily Padula

Lily Padula is a senior illustration major at the School of Visual Arts, about to graduate. She creates wonderful graphic images with great compositions that really draw the viewer in. Definitely keep an eye out for her future work. 

Check out Lily’s website, tumblr and behance

She also has a web-comic you can view here


Featured Artist: Becca Genne-Bacon

Becca is a tattoo artist from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from SVA’s illustration program in 2011 and has quickly established herself. Currently she works at The End is Near. Becca does impeccable flash work and everyone should definitely check her work out, even if you’re not in the tattoo world.

Occasionally she sells prints on etsy. You can find her work also on her blogspot and The End is Near website.

For more frequent updates on her work, you can follow her instagram: beccagennebacon.