novo line


Novo Line - Triad (45 RPM)

“Dyad”, Ecstatic, 2017

Novo Line - Live Aus Der Spielothek

Killer “Algorithmic Body Music” from the canny cat behind that “For Promotional Use Only” 12" on Diagonal!

Not Waving’s Ecstatic label grip a bendy-as-f**k live recording of (deep breath) “alternatively-tuned polyphonic multi-rhythmic live-mixed live-generated parameter based unrendered unsequenced spontaneous improvised electronic music” performed (?) by Novo Line at Berlin’s Sameheads club night in December, 2015.

Using a software program on a 720kb floppy written in 1988, run on two x Atari ST PCs using only era-consistent hardware FM synthesis via MIDI, it’s nothing if not authentically retro, but also proves there’s latent, vital life in outmoded gear, provided you’re willing to look hard enough.

Like his aforementioned For Promotional Use Only 12”, everything’s yoked to a mesmerisingly sluggish pace, which is perhaps necessary as the spiky, curdling, and discordant sequence of events carries so much repetitive - yet subtly morphing - information that it may be genuinely psychotomimetic at higher tempos.

To be honest, we’re a bit baffled at mention of his current actions “reflecting research in the fringe fields of electrical theory with relation to pythagorean tuning systems”, but it should prompt some interesting wikipedia mooches later on.

Ultimately, it sounds like something hypothesised by boffins at IPEM’s secret darkrooms circa ’88, and that cannot be a bad thing in any freak’s estimations.

Cities have often been compared to language: you can read a city, it’s said, as you read a book. But the metaphor can be inverted. The journeys we make during the reading of a book trace out, in some way, the private spaces we inhabit. There are texts that will always be our dead-end streets; fragments that will be bridges; words that will be like the scaffolding that protects fragile constructions. T.S. Eliot: a plant growing in the debris of a ruined building; Salvador Novo: a tree-lined street transformed into an expressway; Tomas Segovia: a boulevard, a breath of air; Roberto Bolano: a rooftop terrace; Isabel Allende: a (magically real) shopping mall; Gilles Deleuze: a summit; and Jacques Derrida: a pothole. Robert Walser: a chink in the wall, for looking through to the other side; Charles Baudelaire: a waiting room; Hannah Arendt: a tower, an Archimedean point; Martin Heidegger: a cul-de-sac; Walter Benjamin: a one-way street walked down against the flow.
—  Valeria Luiselli, “Relingos: The Cartography of Empty Spaces”

Kia Novo Fastback Concept Unveiled at Seoul Motor Show

Although there are currently no plans to bring the Kia Novo concept to production, Kia has a history of delivering production vehicles that bear a strong resemblance to concept vehicles that precede them. The Kia Novo concept provides a glimpse into Kia’s plans for its future compact car line-up.

The Novo is powered by the latest high-tech production Kia powertrain to match its dynamic looks. A 1.6-litre ‘Kappa’ turbo gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine has been paired with the brand’s seven-speed DCT to power the front wheels.