novidactyl asked you: since you're not going to finish BTSDLB, would you mind telling us how it was going to end, assuming you had that planned out? owo


I wish I did

I wish I did

No but seriously there were a few big things planned but not an ending, per se. The main thing I remember right now was that Vriska was gonna friggen take charge of IRIS and there was going to be so much shit going down.

Also Sollux was going to fall madly in love with Equius for absurd reasons that would have made everyone very, very angry. Equius apologizes profusely for the mistake and is doing his abso100te best to fi% the error.

It would seem that I didn’t so much tell you how it ends as I did tantalize you with further plotlines that you’ll never actually get to see the resolutions of. Whoops.

previously-ayrri-abandoned-blog  asked:

how do you draw mice? ive been in a kick of them lately and im curious how you do it :o

i use basic shapes, and before i draw something i use google to kinda get a look at what im drawing, then i usually try to do a realistic as possible drawing/sketch so i understand what i can and cant stretch if i decide to stylize/cartoon it.

so now its like “oh i understand how to mouse” and then proceed to bullshit the real anatomy and have fun in a believable way.

doodley doo, coo coo kachoo.