photos by per andre hoffmann in antarctica of polar stratospheric clouds, so named because they form fifteen miles above the earth, a hight which, given the curvature of the planet, allows them to be illuminated after sunset by light reflected from below the horizon.

where the stratosphere is usually much too high for water molecules to remain stable and form clouds, the temperature in the antarctic winter season drops to such an extent that what sparse water molecules are present in the upper atmosphere condense from the pressure drop, forming wide stretches of thin clouds.

unfortunately, these clouds also contain nitric acid, which reacts violently with chlorine released into the atmosphere by industrial processes elsewhere on the planet, causeng holes to form in the ozone layer.  

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~Aaron Siskind

Just a few things that have caught the eye of a novice photographer…

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[trans] Key as Elle’s Special Editor - Ep02. Camera

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Ep02. Camera

Grand reveal of the camera that Key’s loving!

 Revealing the camera which the novice photographer Key is deeply in love with and tips on taking good pictures!


This is SHINee Key.

Today I’m going to talk about the ‘camera’ that many people have been curious about on my Instagram and many people around me ask me about it too. Today’s hero which I have the highest satisfaction after purchase is?

It’s this kid!

It’s ‘LEICA D-LUX’ which people commonly refer it to as ‘LEICA’! I bought it recently and have been using it, I fell in love very quickly. There were few points that I considered as important while searching to buy a camera, first is a kid that can easily auto-focus the blurred background and a kid that can still hold a sensibility even though it’s a digital camera. The two conditions were satisfied magnificently. Of course the design is beautiful too.

I always set it as ‘auto’ and take pictures without adjusting the brightness (I actually don’t know how to…) Also when you purchase at the store they set it as the optimum setting so I don’t need to change anything. Now, shall we try taking a picture?

I will set everything as auto and try taking a picture of my hand.

This is ‘auto focus’. I didn’t change the saturation or lightness. Wow.. it’s superb right? It’s my style. Haha.

There is also one of my favourite functions which is ‘Self filter selection’. If you press this F button?

There are 8 filters. Black and White, Toy, etc.! I will try taking a picture with ‘Fantasy’ that suits the best with the current atmosphere.

Oh… It’s the same picture but feels a lot different right?!

Lastly, a function that I was amazed at which made me think the world has become a really better place. The function that can send pictures straight to your mobile phone. No, ‘What on earth?’ Since when did a world that made this possible come? Was I the only one who didn’t know? If you look here, there’s a ‘WiFi’ button.

I connected with my mobile phone before so I select the device from ‘History’ and choose my iPhone like this…

From my phone setting>WiFi, it appears right there. Then I connect~

If you open an app called ‘Image Shuttle’ (You have to download it from the App Store if it’s your first time), you can select the photo straight from your phone and upload it on your SNS. It’s so convenient right? I have showed off my ‘LEICA”, a camera which the directions aren’t hard, you can take sentimental photos and it’s easy to update SNS too.

Lastly, I will end showing few photos that I have taken. I will come back with a story related to editing photos for SNS.

“Ahnyeo~ung” (Good~bye)

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