Please welcome this little musical fairy, she flew via Switzerland to Idaho to find this particular beautiful flower. She hopes to start your day on a blissful note :)

Creative ripple effects: @novice-at-play ‘s original photo “Love and Light”, @marauderfan ‘s drawing of the pretty flower, and my drawing of a musical fairy

Some recent photos I’ve taken

A few weeks ago, it was amazingly warm out. Several students took to central campus with their hammocks.

A friend asked me to help him out with profile pictures for his OK Cupid account.

When I interviewed the Campus police officer, he took me to witness the swear-in of three new campus police officers.

And one of the women had the cutest kid ever. My own excluded, of course.

This is that open mic night I went to a while back.

And these are two musicians who performed on campus this past Monday as part of the First Amendment Day that the journalism school at Iowa State University puts on annually.The gentleman on the left is wearing a shirt that says “GOP: Creative government small enough to fit inside your vagina.”