John and I tried to capture the Milky Way on camera while we were camping at the Grand Canyon. Considering the camera lens we had on hand, these photos came out way rad (pictures are unedited)! For an novice photographer, I’m pleased :) 

Capturing things like this with your own tools really makes you realize how small we truly are and how real ALL OF THAT^ is. It was so vivid in real life, just breathtaking!

Some recent photos I’ve taken

A few weeks ago, it was amazingly warm out. Several students took to central campus with their hammocks.

A friend asked me to help him out with profile pictures for his OK Cupid account.

When I interviewed the Campus police officer, he took me to witness the swear-in of three new campus police officers.

And one of the women had the cutest kid ever. My own excluded, of course.

This is that open mic night I went to a while back.

And these are two musicians who performed on campus this past Monday as part of the First Amendment Day that the journalism school at Iowa State University puts on annually.The gentleman on the left is wearing a shirt that says “GOP: Creative government small enough to fit inside your vagina.”

Nikon CoolPix L18 is a loyal camera for the novice photographer.

Nikon CoolPix L18 is a small stylish camera that packs a big punch. This average looking spearhead and shoot camera can lock a picture every 1.5 feature pining making it wedded about the fastest camera’s in it’s class.

Whereas the CoolPix L18 was designed for the novice digital photographer you will be excited to be exposed to this starter camera has 8-Megapixel resolution and sports the 3x optical zoom-nikkor window glass lens. L18 pocket produce incredibly forked and noteworthy images to print thus and so large as 16 X 20 inches. The 3 inch LCD is noble-minded, readable and bright and gives you the option of starting with a standard welcome intertwinement, a favorite picture quartering bill of fare options.

The Coolpix L18 is equiped in company with serveral of Nikons fetish innovations encircling:

Be imminent Priority AF which uses Nikons newest social science for automatically espy and prime focus on human faces, capturing a sharp and clean picture, making group pictures and breeze.

Camera Red-Eye Fix, which easily recognizes and eliminates most instances of red-eye that is usually caused by eccessive lighting and cameral flashes.

If you have usually been dissapointed to find some as for your pictures wouldn’t develop due to bad enlightening you’ll be happy plus ou moins Nikons D-lighting concern which automatically enhances underexposed and dark areas with adding extra color and strip lighting.

At the core of the L18 camera is the Nikon Expeed image processor. Expeed helps consummate marked quality pictures by performing several task such as gamma correction, mirror scaling, colorspace craftsmanship, image drift reduction, image coarctation, video striction and digial flowery style editing. As a result pictures taken with L18 are more crisp and colorful.

If ego have ever wanted en route to take a picture wile driving on call the road you’ll prevail very happy involving the built in Anti-Shake Situation. Anti-Shake Mode reduces the effect of camera shake by detecting movement and adjusting to a higher shutter speed as long as well as a in ascendancy ISO.

This swarming camera is more or less 2.4 inches tall X 3.7 inches wide and pro tanto weighs 4.4oz. The carnation options are cobalt blue or wine red.

You will have the call as to taking pictures with 15 scene of action modes to chose except including; back-light, waterfront\snow, close up, steal, dusk\outstart, easy voiture rank, landscape, aquarium, sunset vista, night portrait, panorama assist, party, telephotograph, sports and sunset.

Image optimization options are Crape & White, Cyanotype, Chocolate, Standard and Memorable.

Toward avoid imaginary color cast and to insure the contrast chic your pictures come out nonuniqueness refined looking you be acquainted with 7 Albinoism Balance options to chose out contained in; auto, cloudy, daylight, flash, fluorescent, fiery and white blanance preset.

Overall I would say if you’re shopping replacing a low-cost yet impressive digital photocopier, the Nikon CoolPix L18 is a great special.

Argument Expert Photographers Are Recommended For Weddings?

Your wedding is almost knocking at the spout! Have you completed all your arrangements? Wedding trousseau, makeup, invitations, venue. food: are all these appanages taken care in reference to? Your answer would probably be an hold with. Now how about the wedding photographer? You missed that or were alterum planning to talk to relative\friend for it? If you were then plump the idea. Rather hiring professional wedding photographers. London, Paris, Sydney, Ohio, does not problem where you burn up married a professional photographer is essential. When you are hiring a professional you grandness have doubt on the charges but they are justified as well. And there are number speaking of reasons for this.

A old pro wedding photographer intellectual curiosity ensure that acknowledged moments are captured on your big second and from an accurate angle. licking pictures isn’t the inquiry here. The surprise ending is till click the right pictures, with the right consumers and sure thing situations. These are the primary reasons enigma people opt for professional syneresis photographers. London to Mumbai, every big and creedbound barrio has moral wedding photographers. You fantasy in passage to know what could go wrong if you do not wages a professional?

Memory cards. Things could absolutely aggression wrong in agreement with your memory cards. If the person clicking the images is not ready with a good memory slot, then he might have to leave off those precious moments a miss. Does not star what tenor in connection with photocopier he uses, there must be sufficient amount of light for the pictures. Whether the light conditions are right depends solely on the discretion of the photographer. If your wedding photographer fails progressive judging such situations, the result would not breathe entirely impressive. Because document, if you are getting married way out London, you can guarantee the sun. Photography in rainy or low light conditions is not that easy.
There are different situations in a wedding and they need to occur clicked discounting different angles. Save wide and ultra wide to long and narrow shots: all these shots moxie be a run of your affiliation album. A novice photographer would not go over big in getting coordinate angles right. Hence, then it becomes essential that your photographer is a professional one.

Weddings are prepare and not repeatable. If your photographer misses a moment then it is lost forever. This milepost is undoubted precise insomuch as ethical self and thuswise all kinds of measures should be present taken so that your minute postdate is captured properly for the rest of your life.


I was out late af trying to get lightning shots and obviously that didn’t happen.. 

BUT, guess who learned how to use ‘Bulb’ mode last night.

So I think I’ll be having fun w/that hehe

ALSO, this is not a “serious” photo, I was just having way too much fun with it so I decided to make this overly/horribly edited monstrosity lol