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Assassin’s Creed. Missed Chances

For the-king-of-novices’ fic Error: Soulmate not Found I recommend reading the fic for pure heartbreak. It’s awesome. No I didn’t draw this for a distressed Ezio. Nope nope nope

Also made/redrawn the first two and last panels, for mribnlaahad cause he had told me about this way before the fic was made. I got inspired but never finished the 3 panel comic.

Now the fic was made, I got my emotions in a mess, got too inspired, and I had to add a few more panels to match the actual fic.

Uhhh… Enjoy?ヽ(´▽`)/

Ok but imagine Desmond survives and he is all well except for burned arm and he goes back to being an assassin. At one point novice assassins are being show around the place by a mentor and they start to talk about the greatest alive assassin, the descendant of Altair, Ezio and Connor, some of the greatest assassins, and this man has all of their skills, all of their knowledge and strengths, how he is right now the Master Assassin at the top of the food chain, the one to take down a facility of Templars all on his own, the one that found more than one piece of eden and the man that ultimately saved the world.

And every novice is now super excited and they are fangirling all the way down to the place where they will finally meet the one and only Desmond Miles.

And there he is, on jeans and t-shirt, half asleep, at the kitchen counter with a soda and hamburger and looking as if he had just woke up five minutes ago, that he did btw.

littlemalmal  asked:

I saw the picture of Altaïr you did for my gf and it is fantastic~ could you do Malik - E4 please? I love your art style :)

Thank you! ^—^

Why be normal when you can be free? (Modern!Jacob Frye x Reader fanfiction)

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed (Modern AU)

Warnings: bullying

Word Count: 2,797

So I got a request for a Jacob x Reader where the reader is being bullied. I’ve seen many Reader Inserts when it comes to the topic of bullying, they usually take the same route and I wanted to stride away from that. I’m a little nervous about this piece because while I was bullied as a kid, I was never bullied in high school so I had a little bit of a hard time writing this because I couldn’t relate to it as well as I hoped. But I hope you like it :) Jacob and reader are about 18 in this fic.

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I’d love a DLC or something like that where all of the Assassins meet each other, everyone from Altair to the Frye twins, Shay included. They’re all so different and sometimes so similar, it would be freaking adorable! Just imagine Jacob annoying the hell out of Connor and having a drinking competition with Edward… and Ezio flirting with Evie who’s not even a bit impressed by his Italian charm… and Altair just sitting there thinking “Oh, those novices”


Assassin’s Creed. Altaïr’s New Hoodie

Novice Today…
… Master Assassin Tomorrow

I saw a shirt like that a few days ago at work. Uhh… the actual one wrote ‘Expert’ and not ‘Master Assassin’, but I went with it anyways.♥

I just want to draw the Altaïr, Malik and the new hoodie.♪