novgorod republic

The marketplace in Novgorod by Apollinary Vasnetsov (1856 – 1933)

The Novgorod Republic was a medieval East Slavic state from the 12th to 15th centuries, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the northern Ural Mountains, including the city of Novgorod and the Lake Ladoga regions of modern Russia.

omnonim  asked:

You recent posts about Venice and Rome reminded me of "discourse" in EU where was conflict between "liberal" fans of "Western and Democratic" Novgorod and "conservative/patriot" fans of "Asiatic Despoty" Muscovy, so fuck you

(btw, “fuck you” bit is ironic, you’re actually really cool)

lol thats a thing? and lemme guess its based purely on novgorod being ostensibly a “republic”