noveske nsr


So happy with how the KMR turned out, all it needs now is an aimpoint micro:

BCM KMR 14.5" upper
MBUS front/rear
Noveske NSR handguard
Noveske NSR QD swivel mount
BCM bolt
BCM gunfighter
HSP/Inforce WML and thorntail.

Spikes Tactical PBE lower
Magpul STR/MOE Grip/Trigger Guard/BAD lever
BCM stock kit
Noveske QD endplate/STS selector/Takedown pins


Ethereal Rose loves her rifle.

And she should.  Even though we built it together, I’m honestly jealous of it at times.  DD 14.5″ LW barrel, BattleComp 51.0, Noveske NSR, Aimpoint T-1 in a Fortis mount, MBUS pro sights, etc

We just received some spy shots of Noveske’s upcoming goodness. We’re told this is Noveske’s new NSR-SD handguard, shipping spring 2016, and it’s designed to cover a suppressor with a 1.5-inch diameter. We’ll be on the lookout for a complete, one stamp, Noveske rifle at SHOT featuring the NSR-SD

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