An early rise...
  • “Hello, hello??? Good Morning, Tilly! I hope your hungry! There’s abundance of food out on the dining table! We’ll be waiting!!!” Ross explained in a haste the moment she hears Natasha picked up the phone…

“W-whaaaat?” the sleepy girl hissed from under her black locks, that covered her face.

“What the hell is the time, Ross? I don’t even see the sun yet….” She layed there for a moments, waking up a bit, then put together Ross’ hurried verbiage.

“Ross…did you….forget to wake me up?” she growled in a menacing tone. She had always preferred to be early, and Ross was cramping her ability to be early.

@the Bookstore, Murano

[Incoming call]

FROM: Caelestis, Rosario
TO: Natasha Collins

Sunday, June 02, 2012 12:51 PM PDT


“Hello?~ Tilly?? Guess where we’re going today! I hope you got the invitation and packed your things, we’re heading there this evening!” cheered Ross as she spouted excitedly. Ross then declared herself, “By the way, I’m outside the bookstore, I hope you won’t keep me waiting!” as she stood outside the store.

- Villa Main House Entrance Hall. From 5am. Breakfast and Whatever.

A faint scrape echoed down the hallway, followed by a thud, then a heavily exhaled breath.  Nukk wiped a brow with the back of her button-up shirt sleeve before moving to set the lengthy table’s end even with the opposing. It was early, so she wished to be quiet, not wanting to disturb any that might already have arrived. One by one she would bring in boxes that were carefully stacked and placed like puzzle pieces upon one another. The lids remained on most of the boxes, to preserve freshness of course, but the content of the boxes let out their fragrances very well despite it.  Donuts, Apple pie, and strips of bacon and toast set into metallic trays and covered to keep their warmth. It was a variety of breakfast foods and baked goods that she’d both made and purchased. She hoped the others would arrive in time to taste everything while it was fresh, but for now she would merely set up a small table-top burner for the eggs.  She would wait to make those, after all, those got cold the fastest. She’d even stopped by a fish market on the way for a special fresh treat for a special someone.  

Setup took some time, each piece was heavy, and being the small woman she was nukk could only do so much at a time. Even down to gathering the chairs she could find placed around the corridors so that they would have something comfortable to sit upon if they came for breakfast there. By the time she finished her stomach was rumbling, yet she would not eat first. That would be rude after all. So as the clock struck 7:36 she took a seat at the table lounging in one of the chairs. Open suit jacket revealing the messy button-up shirt that barely made it tucked into those matching slacks.  Her hand slid into her pocket, taking out a pair of star-shaped shutter shades, placing them over her eyes. Might as well get a few winks while she waited.