Synchrodogs for Masha Reva

«Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven are two emerging photographers who have been experimenting with high quality cameras since their perhaps not-so-innocent youth. From frozen lakes to empty theatre stages across Eastern Europe, the duo have snapped haunting images of the surroundings available to them, often emanating a dark or eerie mood». © DAZED

clothes: Masha Reva 
styling: Julie Pelipas 
hair and make up: Helen Khodos 
model: Lola Dikova 
retouch: Igor Primak 
assistance: Anna Shapovalova


Focaccia with garlic and cilantro topping
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This is a family breakfast or breakfast for one, or for a couple that know and like each other strong enough not to care about a huge amount of garlic in it.

I made focaccia many times, but this one is based on Nigella’s recipe. It is brushed with a delicious mix of roasted garlic, chilli flakes and cilantro. I made it mostly because good food may heal you plus I hoped that garlic will influence my cold. I definitely smell like it now, but it was worth it. We had this great morning with Tomasz, eating focaccia, drinking coffee and making plans. I have a feeling that this year will rock my world, as if our plans work out, two of my big dreams will come true. So fingers crossed.

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