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hi what blogs would you recommend to follow?

um just off the top of my head…

hello everyone!! soo i decided to make a follow forever for the first time on this blog because…WHY NOT!?? haha no but really! there is a lot of blogs that i really love and will follow to the moon and back(what was that!omg)  and i just want to confirm and confess my love for those blogs in a follow forever! yayay so yeah it’s in no particular order because i love everyone equally (what am i even talking about??) ((and sorry for the crappy edit what is photoshop also credit of the pic)) 

ok enough of my weird rant and let’s get started( ˘ ³˘)❤

photography blogs:

cloudedcamera- , fluoric , ileftmyheartintokyo , michiiiko , aoitory , kudou-kun , lcyungsoos , aitakut-emy-aeipathydesuisamuraibleuteminastokyoghostscloudsintherainnovemberschopinyidaeyuikkielectrailtarodesujapan-overloadfuckyeahjapanandkorea, senbeiiicaelestial, omotterujinkouuwinged-umbrellaseiikootoshibusilentpea, ricedesu

other types of blogs( blue,photography+fashion,cute,,kpop,food,etc):

ryuuo,kiiseuryeoumirukeiyuffii, holycamolayskyberriikawaii-i-kokorozuyoiioxygeniclonelyjapan

there is a lot of senpais in here omg i just want to say i follow 144 blogs and this is just my most favorite all of you are really freaking awesome and without you guys my dash would be boring thank you sooo much for being awesome and beautiful and making me happy.