novemberpark89 replied to your post: waddup!

The weakness and pain we feel are the only part of us to understand that we are still human. Find a little hobby, like painting, jogging, or something creative can help you ease your mind. be happy :)

haha jogging is definitely not on my list of things to do, but thank you - those are very wise words.

thunderstruckredemption replied to your postwaddup!

whaaaattttt no. I hope you are okay dear seriously just eat a lot of really nice food today and then have a great night okay love you and stuff and srs go eat like ice cream.

i’ll be alright catherine, im just keeping it off my mind so i can have fun tonight and deal with it another day - and dw i have been eating my weight in apple crumble, ice cream and hot chocolate haha love you tooo :)