novembermilestones milestones


Milestones 1:

What is the point of doing this if I’m not going to be open and vulnerable. I have had so many questions about weight loss and what bodies look like and so I have been taking pictures of myself to share along my journey to help others with whatever questions they may have. Of course, all bodies are different. It is hard to share a body that I am not particularly proud of though I am damn proud of the work I’ve done to drop 16.4 lbs.  Here I am since the first day I started taking pics on November 3rd (the second week into my current diet and exercise regimen) and Sunday on December 1st. 

My milestones for the month of November:

-I am down the 15 lb I needed to be before January 7th when I will meet my surgeon again. I am now officially low enough to schedule surgery. My next milestone is the 25 lb required loss before surgeon and actually occur.

-Am down 2 sizes; from a tight 22 to a comfortable 18. My next milestone is a size 16.

-For the first time since the birth of my son 2.5 years ago I was able to see my c-section scar without the aid of a mirror

-For the first time in a couple of months I was able to see my vagina without the aid of a mirror

-I have successfully tracked my food every single day

-I have successfully exercised 5 days a week and upped my routine to 70 minutes. Next milestone is to exercise 7 days a week even if two of those days have 20-30 min work outs instead of 70.

-I have been successfully ordering take out less and when I have ordered take out I have consistently ordered small portions and only eaten half of those small portions at meal times. My next milestone is to not order out at all!

-I can quickly move up and down 1-2 flights of stairs without feeling knee pain or terribly winded. Next milestone is to be able to do 4 flights at school just as easily!

Until next time