November Coming Fire @ The Joiners, Southampton, May 28th 2011

On the night of the Champions league final, Southampton hosted a hardcore show, but from the turn out tonight you wouldn’t have known it. You could count on two hands the amount of people who paid to get into this show.

Having said this, things were kicked off by local lads Kerouac kicked things off with their blend of heavy riffs and blasting drums, all rounded off by a great front man. Even though the band sounded great and they were trying to get the crowd going, there was just a very odd atmosphere about tonight.  

Next up were Bastions. Just like Kerouac they came on full of energy trying to make things a bit more lively, even throwing in a few donkey kicks off the stage from their vocalist. All this effort was for nothing though as apart from a small handful people didn’t seem to grasp how good Bastions take on the modern punk / screamo genre is. Towards the end of their set you could even see from the bands body language they knew that this was a dead show.

After Bastions was the support band for the tour, 33. I had heard good things of this band but never actually heard them. The result was rather disappointing. Musically the band is strong, with really fast drum beats complimented with traditional hardcore riffs. It is vocally where the band seems to lack. With two vocalists who look more likely you would find them in your local pub. There was just no need for the second vocalist as they only seemed to have a line each.

Then it was finally time for the main attraction. Having been out of the hardcore circuit for at least 3 years, many people were expecting great things from their comeback. The outcome was better than could be expected. The band is still really tight and heavy as hell. The new material sounds amazing and is surely a sign of things to come in the future. Even though energy levels seemed to drop towards the end, November Coming Fire had done enough to show they are back on the hardcore map once again.