november pledge

Safe Spaces in times of uncertainty and stress

By now, everyone will have heard the breakup stories. To say this past week’s news marks a big change for the One Direction fandom is an understatement. With our past of shipping wars and controversies, changes like these are bound to increase stress levels in the fan community.

That’s why, at this occasion, we wanted to bring a few of things to everyone’s attention.

1. Pledge to make your blog a safes space for everyone in this fandom, whatever their shipping history :

More than 20.000 people uploaded the Rainbow Heart Badge since we started the action last November. It signified a pledge from the social media profile owner to support to LGBTQ members of the 1D community and to make their blog a safe space from homophobia. May we please remind everyone that the Rainbow Heart also signified a pledge to WELCOME EVERYONE on their blog for discussions, whatever their (shipping) history in the fandom, and not to tolerate ANY kind of bullying. At this occasion we would like to ask you everyone to be mindful of that pledge. Anyone who has not yet taken it yet, can read more about it and find the instructions for how to do so here.

2. How to make your blog a safe space:

  • Welcome everyone with open arms
  • Be mindful of their state of mind—some people may be working through the stages of grief—everyone will be experiencing stress at this time. (This resource post is about the stages of grief in the context of coming out to your family and loved ones, but the theory behind it can apply to any type of loss, including what you may experience at the loss of a relationship)
  • Do not respond to anger and lashing out with retaliation—here is a post about non violent resistance which may help you find ways to defuse situations of conflict.
  • Do not tolerate any kind of bullying of others on your blog—by anons, or others. Block haters. 
  • Don’t feel responsible for solving every problem—refer others to this post  with resources if you think they may need it.

Regardless of our ships, this is a good time to remember that we are one community, one family. It’s time to stand united behind our boys.

Yet it has been a trend on the left in both the UK and the U.S. to suggest that any black eye given to “the establishment,” even if it’s from a decidedly rightward hook, is a victory for all. The group of voters in the U.S. who have vowed to support Bernie Sanders until November, pledging to vote for him in a write-in campaign, think in similar terms. So flawed a liberal is Hillary Clinton, they say, that even a nightmarish term under a President Trump is preferable, because at least his campaign is also “anti-establishment.” Still others think it is precisely Trump’s capacity for mayhem and destruction that makes him an asset to the left: His tenure will be so destructive that the people will at last rise up in a glorious revolution in response, and then we’ll get real change.