november fancy box

November’s fancy box from consists of the following:

  • Black Knite Silk Tie: This is really the only thing in the box that I actually like and will use. It’s nothing special and has the same look and feel as a tie I bought from JC Pennys for $10.
  • Mustache Tie Clip: I like tie clips but I can’t really imagine a situation when I would actually wear this. Hipsters love this kind of stuff but not me.
  • Pop Phone Handset: It’s a giant handset that you plug into your cellphone. I have no idea why anyone would make or want this device. I guess this device is for when you want to look like an idiot or feel like you’re in the 80’s while talking on the phone.
  • iStuck Phone Stand: It’s two suction cups that look like a piece of gum and you use it to prop up your cellphone. WHY? Is it really so hard to just hold up your phone?

So, for $38, I received a box of junk and a tie. I really want to cancel my subscription but customer service at refuses to return my e-mails. I guess I’m just going to have to cancel my credit card to keep them from charging me.

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