november art

Halloween 2016


I’m back from a mini-hiatus and as you can see, I haven’t touched my bujo in a week (!!!) I’m struggling lately with inspiration and passion in my journal but hopefully I can break this dry spell today

Cactus Pot

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So I did… this. I wanted to do this for the longest time, probably since I first heard this line in Jack’s voice, but I never knew how to display it properly so… CHIBIS. ISWEARIAMNOTLAZY.

Anyways, Sean and Signe, I love you and wish you both happiness and love!

Voice audio - Gone In November
Melody - The Beginner’s Guide OST - Rooftop
(I love both games so much)
//btw. the bad quality of the voice audio is intentional, cause I wanted to make it sound like Jack left a message on answering machine