november 1987


On 22 November, 1987, somebody successfully hijacked two television stations. The hijacker, wearing a mask, stood in front of the camera and began to uncontrollably laugh, scream, and moan. As the screenshots above clearly indicate, it was extremely bizarre and downright creepy. The transmission lasted for around 90 seconds before being cut off. The hijacker was never identified.

Drowning (but only for a moment)

Summary: “You love him,” El says, shutting Will’s bedroom door behind her, and it really isn’t a question.

He knows who she’s talking about.

Will tries to open his mouth, to shake his head, anything, but nothing happens. He sits down on his bed, hard, airway suddenly closing up. She’s looking at him expectantly, and then the dam breaks and he’s drowning in his lies until he can’t anymore.

“Yes,” he breathes out harshly. “I do.”

Pairings: Will/Mike, past Mike/El

Notes: It’s a future-fic, about 3,500 words, featuring gay Will Byers, bi Mike Wheeler, and pan Jane “El” Hopper! Yes, I know the title is a bit pretentious, but I like it.

Posted on Ao3 here as well as written out below the cut. Enjoy!

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Today in fandoms: November 7th

New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer, previously known for her fairy tales with a sci-fi twist, ventures into new superhero territory in her latest book Renegades, out today. 

  • 1987: Rose Tyler and the Doctor travel back in time to visit Rose’s father, accidentally creating a paradox in the process.

20-year-old Jay Cook and 17-year-old Tanya Van Cuylenborg from Victoria, Canada, had been dating for about five months. On the 18th of November, 1987, they left Victoria to travel to Seattle, Washington, to pick up furnace parts for Jay’s father’s business. They planned on doing some sightseeing along the way. It was their first trip away together; it would also be their last.

They took a ferry to Port Angeles and were last seen buying a ticket for the Bremerton-Seattle ferry. When they didn’t arrive home, they were reported missing by their concerned families. A couple of days later, the body of Tanya was discovered in Skagit County. She had been raped and shot. She was bound with plastic ties. Police initially believe that Jay had murdered his girlfriend and then fled. He nor the truck were anywhere to be found. The following day, the abandoned van was found in Bellingham. Jay’s body was soon discovered in Monroe. He had been been beaten and strangled to death. He too was bound with plastic ties.

As the investigation into the brutal murders was underway, the couple’s families started to receive threatening letters believed to be from the killer. In these letters, the writer expressed hatred for Canadians and threatened to kill again. They received a letter a month for a year. On occasions such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, they received Hallmark cards. They could never be traced.

Tanya’s father believed the couple picked up a hitchhiker or multiple who ultimately killed them. “They trusted the world. If they (the hitchhikers) were in the same age group, I guarantee that van would stop.” Police theorise that they picked up a hitchhiker who wanted to sexually assault Tanya. They believe Jay was killed first and then Tanya as killed to cover up the sexual assault.

The case remains unsolved.

Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg

On November 18, 1987, young couple Jay Cook (20) and Tanya Van Cuylenborg (17) left their Victoria, Canada home to travel across the Canadian-American border into Seattle to purchase some things for Jay’s father. They caught a 4 pm car ferry into Port Angeles, Washington, crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After arriving in Port Angeles, they got onto Highway 101, arriving at 8 pm in Hoodsport, about 2 hours outside of Seattle. From there, the trail went cold.

On November 20, after their families did not hear from them, Jay and Tanya were reported missing. Four days later, Tanya’s body was found raped, bound with zip ties, and shot to death in Skagit County, Washington. At first, Jay was suspected in her death, as his body had not been found. The next day, their van was discovered almost a hundred miles away from where Tanya’s body was found in Bellingham. In the car they found a car ferry ticket from Bremerton to Seattle, supporting a theory that the couple had indeed made it to Seattle. The keys to the van, zip ties, plastic gloves, a box of ammunition, and Tanya’s driver’s license were all found discarded two blocks away.

The next day, on the 26th, Jay’s body was discovered under a bridge near Monroe, Washington. He too had been bound with zip ties. His cause of death was a combination of a severe beating and strangulation. The police, no longer looking at Jay as a suspect, were now searching for an unknown killer.

It wasn’t long before someone began sending taunting cards and letters to the couple’s families. The letters and postcards were sent from all over—Seattle, New York, Los Angeles. While the letters all shared the same handwriting, the DNA found on the letters did not match DNA found on Jay and Tanya’s bodies. Police originally believed the writer of the letters could still be involved in the murders. However, it was later discovered that the letter writer was a disturbed man who had read about the case in the paper and had nothing to due with the deaths.

Police believe that Jay and Tanya met their killer on one of the ferries on their way to Seattle, and that they may have agreed to give him a ride. It is theorized that the motive for the murders was to sexually assault Tanya, though it is also possible robbery may have played a part as well since Tanya’s purse has never been recovered. Police also believe the perpetrator may have knowledge of police procedure, due to the lengths he went to to dispose of evidence.

If you or someone you know have any information regarding this case, please contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at

George Harrison in New York City, 30 October 1970; photographed by Tim Boxer.

“In July [1970], after a long struggle with illness, George’s mother - who had stood alone among the The Beatle parents as an active champion of their talents - died in Liverpool, and the sessions were put on hold. To complicate matters yet further, Clapton was obsessing over Pattie [Boyd].” - Mojo, July 2001 [x]

“When I was making All Things Must Pass in 1970, not only did I have Phil Spector going to the hospital and all this trouble, besides organizing the Trident Studios schedule in London with Derek & the Dominos - who many forget got their start on that record - but also my mother got really ill. I was going all the way up and down England to Liverpool trying to see her in the hospital. Bad time. She’d got a tumor on the brain, but the doctor was an idot and he was saying, ‘There’s nothing wrong with her, she’s having some psychological trouble.’ When I went to see her she didn’t even know who I was. [voice stiffing with anger] I had to punch the doctor out, ‘cause in England the family doctor has to be the one to get the specialist. So he got the guy to look at her and she ended up in the neurological hospital. The specialist said, ‘She could end up being a vegetable, but if it was my wife or my mother I’d do the operation’ - which was a horrendous thing where they had to drill a hole in her skull. She recovered a little bit for about seven months. And during that period my father, who’d taken care of her, had suddenly exploded with ulcers and he was in the same hospital. So I was pretending to both of them that the other one was okay. Then, running back and forth to do this record, I wrote that song. I made it up at home one exhausted morning with those major and minor chords. It’s filled with that frustration of going in these hospitals, and the feeling of disease - as the word’s meaning truly is - that permeated the atmosphere. Not being able to do anything for suffering family or loved ones is an awful experience.” - Musician, November 1987 [x]


Choi Seung Hyun / T.O.P

”I’m an undying mystery. Even if I share my thoughts, you’ll never be able to guess my next move. I do everything in silence.”

Birthday: November 4th, 1987 (Rabbit)

Birthstone: Citrine

Star Sign: Scorpio (Water)

Most Compatible: Cancer Virgo Capricorn Pisces

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Least compatible: Leo Aquarius

In one way I feel pessimistic. When you see the rate that the world is being demolished - people polluting the oceans and chopping down all the forests - unless somebody puts the brakes on soon, there isn’t going to be anything left. There’s just going to be more and more people with less and less resources. In that respect, I feel very sad. But at the same time, I have to be optimistic. I think that even if the whole planet blew up, you’d have to think about what happens when you die. In the end, ‘Life goes on within you and without you.’ I just have a belief that this is only one little bit, the physical world is one little bit, our planet is one little bit of the physical universe, and you can’t really destroy it totally. You can destroy our planet, but the souls are going to keep on going, they’ll keep on getting new bodies and going onto other planets. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter.
—  George Harrison, in response to the question, “One final thing. What’s your sense about the future? Are you hopeful? Feeling positive?”, Rolling Stone, 5 November 1987