november 1974

Remus Lupin’s Werewolf Shifts (during 1971-1978)

This is a full calendar marking the times that Remus Lupin has had to shift during his Hogwarts years.

Year 1:
Sunday, 5 September 1971, 05:02:24 am
Monday, 4 October 1971, 01:19:30 pm
Tuesday, 2 November 1971, 10:19:24 pm
Thursday, 2 December 1971, 08:48:06 am
Friday, 31 December 1971, 09:19:30 pm
Sunday, 30 January 1972, 11:58:12 am
Tuesday, 29 February 1972, 04:11:54 am
Wednesday, 29 March 1972, 09:05:30 pm
Friday, 28 April 1972, 01:44:30 pm
Sunday, 28 May 1972, 05:27:36 am

Year 2:
Saturday, 23 September 1972, 05:06:42 am
Sunday, 22 October 1972, 02:25:00 pm
Tuesday, 21 November 1972, 12:06:30 am
Wednesday, 20 December 1972, 10:45:06 am
Thursday, 18 January 1973, 10:28:24 pm
Saturday, 17 February 1973, 11:07:00 am
Monday, 19 March 1973, 12:33:24 am
Tuesday, 17 April 1973, 02:50:30 pm
Thursday, 17 May 1973, 05:58:00 am
Friday, 15 June 1973, 09:34:36 pm

Year 3:
Wednesday, 12 September 1973, 04:16:18 pm
Friday, 12 October 1973, 04:09:00 am
Saturday, 10 November 1973, 03:26:42 pm
Monday, 10 December 1973, 02:34:36 am
Tuesday, 8 January 1974, 01:36:18 pm
Thursday, 7 February 1974, 12:24:12 am
Friday, 8 March 1974, 11:02:54 am
Saturday, 6 April 1974, 10:00:18 pm
Monday, 6 May 1974, 09:54:30 am
Tuesday, 4 June 1974, 11:09:36 pm

Year 4:
Sunday, 1 September 1974, 08:24:48 pm
Tuesday, 1 October 1974, 11:37:54 am
Thursday, 31 October 1974, 02:19:00 am
Friday, 29 November 1974, 04:10:06 pm
Sunday, 29 December 1974, 04:50:48 am
Monday, 27 January 1975, 04:09:24 pm
Wednesday, 26 February 1975, 02:14:30 am
Thursday, 27 March 1975, 11:36:00 am
Friday, 25 April 1975, 08:54:54 pm
Sunday, 25 May 1975, 06:50:36 am

Year 5 (Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew join):
Saturday, 20 September 1975, 12:50:24 pm
Monday, 20 October 1975, 06:05:42 am
Tuesday, 18 November 1975, 11:28:12 pm
Thursday, 18 December 1975, 03:39:30 pm
Saturday, 17 January 1976, 05:46:54 am
Sunday, 15 February 1976, 05:43:18 pm
Tuesday, 16 March 1976, 03:52:42 am
Wednesday, 14 April 1976, 12:48:42 pm
Thursday, 13 May 1976, 09:04:00 pm
Saturday, 12 June 1976, 05:15:00 am

Year 6:
Wednesday, 8 September 1976, 01:52:00 pm
Friday, 8 October 1976, 05:55:24 am
Sunday, 7 November 1976, 12:14:36 am
Monday, 6 December 1976, 07:14:30 pm
Wednesday, 5 January 1977, 01:10:24 pm
Friday, 4 February 1977, 04:56:12 am
Saturday, 5 March 1977, 06:13:12 pm
Monday, 4 April 1977, 05:08:54 am
Tuesday, 3 May 1977, 02:03:24 pm
Wednesday, 1 June 1977, 09:30:54 pm

Year 7:
Tuesday, 27 September 1977, 09:17:24 am
Thursday, 27 October 1977, 12:35:24 am
Friday, 25 November 1977, 06:31:24 pm
Sunday, 25 December 1977, 01:49:00 pm
Tuesday, 24 January 1978, 08:55:30 am
Thursday, 23 February 1978, 02:26:18 am
Friday, 24 March 1978, 05:20:00 pm
Sunday, 23 April 1978, 05:11:00 am
Monday, 22 May 1978, 02:16:42 pm
Tuesday, 20 June 1978, 09:30:30 pm

Can you guys just imagine how torturous this must have been? Especially in 4th year where it was on the first day… This is just heartbreaking…


I don’t think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of

Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11, 1974)

The Amityville Ghost

In the early morning hours of 13 November, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr systematically shot and killed his father, mother, and his four siblings, as they slept in their beds of their Amityville, Long Island, New York home.

During his trial, he claimed that he had killed his family in self-defence because he had heard their voices plotting to kill him. But the story doesn’t end there: In December 1975, the Lutz family purchased the house and over the course of 28 days, they claimed they were plagued and terrorised by paranormal phenomena while living there, before fleeing the property. Some such claims included green slime running from the walls, hidden rooms, images of half headed demons, a demonic pig, as well as mysterious welts and wounds appearing out of nowhere.

After the family fled the macabre home, they called in investigators which was when the photograph above was snapped, apparently showing a ghost of a little boy peering out from behind the door; many believe it to be the ghost of 9-year-old John Matthew DeFeo. Whether the truth in this haunting case was stretched or even a hoax all together, it still remains one of the most sensationalised ghost stories worldwide, even inspiring multiple books and movies.

George Harrison and Olivia Trinidad Arias waiting for the Dark Horse Tour band to clear customs, 2 November 1974, as included in the Living in the Material World book

Photo: Henry Grossman

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together. I told her I didn’t want her doing all that typing. We started going with each other, and four years later we married.” - George Harrison [x]

* * *

“Before she became Olivia Harrison in 1978, she was Olivia Trinidad Arias, an Angeleno whose grandparents immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico.
She grew up in Hawthorne, hometown of the Beach Boys, which turned out to be a major point of interest for George when she gave him a tour of her old neighborhood.
She was working at A&M Records, which distributed Dark Horse releases at the time, and started chatting with Harrison when he’d call about business.
They found they had musical and philosophical interests in common and soon began seeing each other regularly. ‘I was from outside of his world,’ she says. 'I was shelter from the storm. I was simple, and he needed some simplicity at that point.’
She says she never really stopped to think about the implications of getting involved with a musician, much less an ex-Beatle. 'You can’t really think about it that way, otherwise you’re just playacting.’
How will she cope when all the projects are completed? Is she simply postponing the feelings of loss with all the activity?
Those are questions she doesn’t worry about, and she knows what George would have said on the subject.
‘One of his favorite things to say was, “Be here now,”’ she says. His song by that title, from his 1973 album 'Living in the Material World,’ remains one of her favorites, and it’s one she plays any time she feels in need of a booster shot of moral support.
'Sometimes he and Dhani would be talking and Dhani would ask, “Well what if this happens?” or “What if that happens?”’ she says. 'George would say, “Be here now. Be here now.”'” - “Here now, she lives for George” by Randy Newman, Los Angeles Times, 9 March 2005 [x]


Happy Birthday Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (november 11th, 1974)

I just really love doing what I do. I know every career is fleeting and there will be time periods when I don’t get the opportunities that I’m getting right now, so I am taking advantage of them.


Tumblr - this is Simone Veil. She died today at 89.

She was a French magistrate, politician, first female President of the European Parliament, Holocaust survivor and feminist icon among many things.

In November 1974 she addressed the French National Assembly (9 women and 481 men in those days) as the then-health minister to propose a law legalising abortion. The debates lasted three days during which she fought opposition from her own government, received death threats and letters from people telling her they regretted she’d survived Auschwitz, argued against male politicians who spat on her, hurled insults and likened the legislation to a Nazi genocide. She broke down in tears in the Assembly but never backed down, and on 17 January 1975 abortion was legalised in France. It is known as the “Loi Veil” (Veil law).

In her now famous opening address to the Assembly in 1974, Veil said: “Just listen to women.”

John and George in the last known photo of them together taken at the Los Angeles night club Troubadour ca. November 1974 Photographer is Patti Daley, former wife of friend, Jessie Ed Davis who said of her photo

“It just shows who they were. John with his rock ‘n roll button and George just being his beautiful, spiritual self, And that was his mate. He was just being patient and loving him.”

Remembering John Lennon 1940-1980

The Mill Race Monster was originally seen on November 1, 1974, by numerous eye witnesses. People describe the creature as being bipedal, human-like, at least 7 feet tall, and having green skin or fur. The monster was seen in Mill Race Park, located in Indiana, wandering around the waterways.

Two witnesses were trapped in their car, claiming: “It was beating on the windshield, trying to get in and we were screaming… Who wouldn’t be screaming? We thought we were going to die… I said ‘we’ve got to get out of here’, but the driver’s leg was shaking so badly she couldn’t get the car started.”

Crazy Critter of Bald Mountain

On November 14th, 1974, numerous eyewitnesses claimed to see a fiery object plummet to Earth approximately five miles away from Bald Mountain in Lewis County, Washington.

Three days after this event, Seattle grocer Earnest Smith was deer hunting in the area when he spotted a strange creature that was unlike anything he had ever seen before. He described it to Jim Brandon of “Weird America” as horse-sized, covered with scales and standing on four rubbery legs with suckers like octopus’s tentacles. Its head was football-shaped with an antenna sticking up, and it gave off a green, iridescent light.

Days later, Roger Ramsbaugh and his wife were driving along State Route 7- a nearly 60-mile stretch of road between Morton and Tacoma- on a fog shrouded evening, when they suddenly noticed a dull green glow near the side of the road. When they slowed down to investigate, they saw that very same creature standing there, and they presumably sped off out of fear.

These reports soon reached the local paper, who dubbed it the Crazy Critter of Bald Mountain. Eventually, William H. Wiester the Lewis County sheriff began an investigation. Shortly after, he was visited by United States Air Force and NASA officials and instructed not to continue his investigations. The sheriff’s own team of county officials was replaced by heavily armed agents wearing uniforms with no insignia. As soon as they swooped in, no new information regarding the Crazy Critter was revealed, and no more sightings have been reported ever since.

My first impression of him was that he was good looking and he was charming. He took my daughter out a couple of times in November 1974 [coincidentally, around the same time of the attempted kidnapping of Carol DaRonch] and then he disappeared and I didn’t see him until the following spring. Then one day he dropped by my apartment on his bicycle, casually, like nothing had happened. 

In July of 1975, I put on a going away party for my daughter, Judy [pseudonym]. She was a good cook and she would circulate around and talk to all the guests. That night they stayed up all night. Ted got cozy with Judy’s friend Tasha [pseudonym]. When Judy went back east Bundy dated Tasha for about a week. Then all of a sudden nothing. It was just like with Judy. 

Tasha came up one night and said, “I don’t understand Bundy.” I said, “There’s something strange about him. You can never get close to that boy. He’s nice but he’s not warm.”

Tasha said she tried and tried to talk to him about his past and what his childhood was like but he never would. We tried to psych him out, wondering what in the world it was with him. Tasha said Ted would ride his bicycle around Murray Park a lot. That’s a long ways from his apartment. Tasha had gotten quite intimate with him. With both Tasha and Judy, they thought a relationship was beginning to develop and then after a few dates he just dropped out of sight. I’m a person who likes to put my arms around people and when I put my arms around Bundy he just wasn’t warm. - This testimony is from the mother of one of Ted Bundy’s friends who he frequented while living in Salt Lake City.


On November 8, 1974, an attractive man claiming to be a police detective approached 18-year-old Carol DaRonch inside a Salt Lake City shopping mall. The man requested she tell him her license plate number, explaining that somebody had just attempted to break into her car. She followed the young man back to her car which appeared to be undisturbed. The man requested she accompany him back to the police station for her to look at suspects.

She got into his car, a Volkswagen, and they drove off. She noticed that the detective went down the wrong street and told him. He responded by slapping handcuffs onto one of her wrists and producing a gun, telling her to keep quiet. DaRonch managed to force the door open and jump out. He chased her with a crowbar and attempted to hit her over the head with the weapon, missing. She escaped into a nearby car and the man fled.

The young woman had just narrowly escaped one of the worlds most prolific serial killers, Ted Bundy.