november 11th!

Fandom holidays

The 13th of each month (SWIFT DAY)
24th October (TS1 release date)
11th November (TS2 release date)
25th October (TS3 release date)
22nd October (TS4 release date)
27th October (TS5 release date)
4th July (the day Taylor found America)
13th December (do I need to say…)
9th July (1:58am)

The moment you all have been waiting for is upon us. The prompts for FFXV NSFW Week are… *drum roll*

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November 11th - Mutual masturbation

November 12th - In the car

November 13th - Wedding night

November 14th -  Orgasm denial

November 15th - Make up sex

November 16th - BDSM

November 17th - Creators choice (Make it as fluffy/sinful as you want~)

This is a master post for my Doctor!Castiel and Firefighter!Dean AU

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Last Updated: November 11th 2016 (Not discontinued! I’m super busy right now with uni and Syndey Supanova! Updates will happen after June 18th! :D)

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  1. Firefighter!Dean and Doctor!Cas introduction
  2. When it comes to finding excuses to see one another, Dean isn’t the only one who’s purposely careless during his job
  3. When Dean comes to see Cas, St Garrison’s Hospital becomes a little more interesting. However, less productive.
  4. The interns at St Garrison’s Hospital
  5. Dean and Cas’ relationship isn’t really moving forward. Gabriel tries to help out, even when it’s clearly not appreciated
  6. Sam Winchester, the brother of the annoying firefighter  
  7. Jo and Charlie
  8. Dr. Sexy - [Part 1] [Part 2]
  9. Bobby Singer
  10. Flowers for Cas
  11. It’s not a date - [Part 1][Part 2][Part3][Part 3 Bonus][Part 4]
  12. Gabriel’s brilliant plan
  13. When Gabe met Sammy 
  14. Nurses are unmerciful creatures  
  15. Flirting 101 
  16. A Safety Demonstration 
  17. How did Nick come to be called Lucifer? 
  18. Dean and Cas’ not-date - [Part1]
  19. Cas isn’t exactly a poet 
  20. Cooking with Jimmy ☆

Stand-alone Images

  1. Cas visits Dean at the firehouse
  2. Dorky Doctor and his Nerdy Firefighter
  4. Normal day for Firefighter!Dean and Doctor!Cas’ 
  5. Jimmy t-shirts
  6. Y’all best not be sinning

fanart of the au that i diD not deserve by some of these cute noodles

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Happy Birthday Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (november 11th, 1974)

I just really love doing what I do. I know every career is fleeting and there will be time periods when I don’t get the opportunities that I’m getting right now, so I am taking advantage of them.

Angst November Day 11: “Letters never sent/words never said”

Murder Suicide
Branson Ellery and Shelsea Schilling

In November 2016 in Australia, the bodies of 24 year old Branson Ellery and his 20 year old ex girlfriend Shelsea Schilling were found at his apartment. At first authorities believed it to be a murder due to Ellery’s gang affiliation however, a sordid love story developed.  

Beautician Schilling fell hard for Ellery, the former “Bandidos Biker Gang” member left the gang to focus on his music career. The heavily tattooed ex gangster known as the “lizard man” by the press wasn’t all as he seemed. Ellery had a severe drug habit and often beat Schilling leading her to file many domestic abuse reports.

Days before the murder Schilling went missing, her family filed a missing person report when they couldn’t get hold of her.

On the 11th of November, Ellery knocked Schilling unconscious and suffocated her to death with a pillow. Afterwards, he put on is favourite music, slipped into a suit and took a drugs overdose laying next to Schilling’s body.  

The deaths were rules murder/suicide