SDM Presents: The Science and Logic of Cyber Chase

For all the silliness of the movie, it seems to take a lot of its plot pretty darn seriously. Time to put on our analytical hats and overthink things!

The gang wants to see their scientist friend’s video game experiment, but for fear of the monster that escaped from their tests, the older scientist says:

“You can show them the demo, but don’t start the game!”

…huh. So, as previously-established, you’re dealing with an all-powerful creature that can control basically any technology…

…and stole all your data just by walking next to it… but running a smaller version of the game – one that still has the same technology it used to escape – is going to help?

Besides, the creature’s already out and loose, so what are you worried about, exactly? It coming back and diving in again, allowing you to shut down the system and trap it?

And on that note, the older scientist confidently mentions that yes, the creature escaped, and yes, it could be anywhere and the entire world is in massive danger… but he “suspects it’s still somewhere within the building. 

He then follows this up with no evidence or logic backing up the random guess.

Um… sir? We’re dealing with a previously-unknown phenomena of a computer virus “coming to life” and escaping into the real world, right? If I remember the events of the last 5 minutes correctly, it:

  1. Wrecked all your stuff
  2. Did a bunch of miraculous things you can’t begin to explain
  3. Didn’t require any connection to your machines anymore
  4. Ran away reeeaaally fast when you annoyed it with the novelty oversized magnet you had just lying around

So… which of those factors indicated to you that this thing is gonna stick around, exactly? 

What if it just decides to go elsewhere? How would you know? Do you have a PhD in Things That Have Never Happened Before?

Moving on, the younger scientist boots up the demo, and the main menu image slooowly loads in.

Connected to it, the scientist people have a device they call a ‘hyper-energy laser.’ According to them,

“We’ve been using it to break down actual objects, and project them into cyberspace!”

to which Velma says,

“Jinkies, you mean you can transport objects from the real world into the computer world?!”

which they confirm. They zap some Scooby Snacks on the table…

…said Scooby Snacks disappear from table…

…Scooby Snacks appear on screen! 

Ok, so they must be scanning and creating a virtual model of the Scooby Snacks, and destroying the original… but earlier, didn’t they give some technobabble about re-creating it at a molecular level? The best technology of 2017 can’t render that, let alone 2001′s–

…hold up, they can also bring the objects back? 

So… the Scooby Snacks are somehow being converted and stored in data banks as ones and zeroes, and are then transformed back into physical objects?

Ignoring the issue of requiring an incalculable amount of power to even theoretically create matter from pure energy (plus the unfathomable sizes of batteries/hard drives required to store that energy/information), doesn’t this mean you’ve just created a 3D printer capable of scanning and replicating literally anything, including living things, down to a molecular level?

…wait, so you have the technology to create life, but you couldn’t render an entire image file at once?

…wait, so you’ve basically ascended to the level of gods, and you’re using your powers to create a video game about people who solve mysteries with a dog?

anonymous asked:

James Spencer/Lancelot headcanons?

* Named his samoyed Michelle because best frenemy Lee named his rottweiler after James’ mother.

* Spent a lot of time when he was tipsy insisting he was a Commodore in the Royal Navy in a past life and people ought to show him more respect, usually when Merlin or Percival was trying to make him go home and drink some water.

* Got his belly button pierced in 1998 because all the other cool kids were doing it.

* Bought Percival a novelty mistletoe belt buckle for Secret Santa one year and spent the next meeting making suggestive eyebrows at him.

* Hosted an extravagant Eurovision party every year. Was several times accused of getting moderately injured on purpose the week before so he wouldn’t be on a mission on the night. Sobbed with happiness in Harry’s arms when Conchita won.

* Collected novelty fridge magnets from all the cities he saved from destruction. His most beloved possessions were an Elvis with wiggly hinged hips, and a Godzilla with LED eyes that lit up at the motion when he opened the door. They’re scattered among the HQ break rooms now.

* Had sex with three fifths of the Backstreet Boys but was too much of a gentleman to say which (though he did admit it wasn’t Brian or Howie).

* Used to turn his eyelids inside out in boring meetings to see how long it took someone to notice.

Prompt: Castle has been gone for a good time on a long book tour and Kate is missing him big time. So she goes and buys a bunch of Richard Castle audio books that Castle himself has narrated. Just so she can hear his voice.  An old, old prompt from castlefanficprompts that I started ages ago and finally dug out.  Season 4.

She misses him.

There, she said it.  To herself.  Still, it’s a baby step toward honesty.  It’s week two of his month-long book tour, and she misses Castle.

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valkyriansass  asked:

Imagine Bucky sleeping on a couch at Stark Tower. Upon finding the slumbering assassin, a visiting (totally not there for free food) Spider-man can't resist the urge to place fridge magnets all over Bucky's metal arm.

Bucky wakes up from his afternoon nap to clint cackling. he sits up, running a hand through his hair and blinking blearily. 

“What’s your problem,” he says, voice rough. clint just points to bucky’s arm, unable to stop laughing long enough to speak. Someone has taken tiles from the fridge magnet poetry stuck them on bucky’s arm :

“and a great sound

was heard by every one 

for he sleeps 

loud ly”

under the makeshift “poem” was one of tony’s novelty magnets that read: “beer got me into this mess and so help me god it will get me out”. Bucky groaned.

“That little shithead, i swear to god if he took my leftovers again i’m gonna kill him." 

I think it’s high time everyone on this website just leaves each other to their own beliefs and viewpoints. (Before I get called out on it – yes, this is my opinion; yes, I appreciate the irony.)

But honestly – you will never meet anybody who holds the exact same opinions as you do. Be it on something such as whether you take salt with your soup, or what you believe about religion, or social justice matters which seem to frequent this website in particular. The truth is, nobody is the same. It doesn’t matter how many demographics you have in common – just because two people are both Japanese or lesbian or come from a poor background doesn’t mean they’re obligated to believe in the same things.

In all seriousness (and without trying to make this sound too much like a novelty magnet), life is too short to be offended by every belief different to yours. And that’s okay. You don’t have to get wound up every time somebody says white racism is a thing, for example, when you don’t think it is. Just leave them be. They genuinely have no true power over you, only the power you allow them to have.

Just stop caring so much about what other people believe and concentrate on yourself.