Oh boy. Storm Atronach Crates have arrived. I’ve never much cared for random chance loot, but I suppose I’ll have to buy one. For science.

Oooh, but hey, it’s Pacrooti! I’ve missed you, man. You never write me anymore. Seriously, it’s been years.

Ah well. Just give me something shiny and we’ll call it -

Right. That’s… certainly a lot of stuff I have no use for.

…Thanks, Pacrooti. You charlatan.

Matt: Honestly, my curious friend, I wasn’t into collecting anything at first.

Matt: However! Tom won me this cutie at an arcade!

Matt: It’s so cute!! Ever since then, I started collecting more novelty toys and other items I liked!

Tom: Wow, haven’t seen you this excited since you’ve built that fort with them.

Matt: Admit it! You totally missed that amazing castle of mine!

Tom: Maybe I would if you didn’t hide in it whenever it was your turn to clean the dishes.

Great News, February Novelty items are due for dispatch end of March, start of April. These key-chains are acrylic and will have a cute sparkle design on them. We apologize for the delay, we will send shipping invoices as soon as they are ready for dispatch.

If you placed a pre-orders for these and have any questions please contact us at any time, thank you!


All fan-art or artwork used has been made specifically for BISHIEB❤X rights to sale, use, or re-print. Reproduction, re-sale, or usage permission will not be permitted at any time. Do not re-post any of our original fan-art or original artworks in any website or blog without permission.

If you find any of our original fan-art or artworks please contact us right away. No one aside of BISHIEB❤X and the original artist has rights to use any of our artworks, thank you!

イラストの使用・転載はご遠慮下さい。© BISHIEB❤X - OYAKOROSEI

Things we are talking about in Discord
@gabrielsthighz depiction of Zenyatta and the thirst it spawned. 

Having sex with Zenyatta

Hard light adult novelty items that we know Sombra and Symmetra DEFINITELY own

Attachments for omnic-human relations

light saber dongs

……..I cannot breathe I am crying too hard

We wanted to announce that we will be working with this wonderful artist on future novelty items and projects for Bishiebox.

They are currently working on our Yuri Plisetsky Birthday Acrylic Stand that we will have up for pre-order again very soon! You can follow them on Facebook at @kuso.taisa

Fallen London, if London fell closer to the present day:

• You have a new pet: 1x Financially Dependent University Graduate

• You have a new item: 1x Unsustainable Mortgage

• You have a new pet: 5x Confused Pigeon

• An Occurence! Your ‘Getting Stabbed By Passing Gang Members With Shanks In White City’ quality is now 1.

• You have a new item: 1x Novelty Gift Item: “Banker’s Soul!” (You open it… but there’s nothing there. Ah. How funny. A little joke, one presumes. You hope the manufacturer has good enough protection to fend off the claims of libel from the Bankers, funded by their newfound best friends in Hell).

• Your Connected: The Permanently Pissed-Off Monarch is increasing! (5cp)

• An Occurence! Your ‘Known of by the Porcinophilic Parliamentarian’ quality is now 3.