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The Specialty Post: Beyond Internal Medicine!

I’ve had several people ask me to follow-up my sub-specialty stereotypes posts based on the major medicine specialties and some sub-specialties. I don’t have a good enough grasp of EVERY sub-specialty, but I can at least I know the big specialties. Let’s start with:

Family Medicine, Pediatrics, ER, Neuro

Family Medicine: They are jack-of-all trades, not just at work but also in their lives! Everyone is multi-talented (two talents that seem to be preternaturally developed in the FM folks are cooking and languages) and are just GOOD, EXCELLENT, DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. You’ll know them for their great hugs or kind words. Practical, versatile, long-term thinkers, natural motivators and counselors. They all seem to have a large collection of well-worn sneakers, comfy scarves, at least one pet. Their cars are usually their second closets/storage bins. All my family med friends also have some of the most welcoming, comfortable homes. And always seem to have a snack on hand or in their cupboards! I’m not even going to play games: I love family med docs best.

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Pediatrics:  Do you watch Disney movies? Maybe you still have all your Legos, and you get more excited about your young cousins’ birthday parties than they do? Are you the friend who always thinks about safety first OR comes up with fun weekend plans? Is the inability to dress up on Halloween a deal-breaker? Do you happen to have impressive arts and crafts skills? Do you love novelty ties? You might be a pediatrician! They are resourceful, excellent negotiators, and patient. Tons of color in their wardrobes. They are also the sassiest people in medicine, too. Most disturbingly, none of them age. Baby-faces abound. I want to know what elixir they are making you all drink at your conferences. 

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ER (Emergency Medicine): Welcome to the life of the party! ER people are all about action, medically, mentally, etc. Life-saving intubations, quick thinking, lots of variety. They usually have outdoorsy hobbies and are usually into at least one sport. Most likely to take photos of the legitimately awesome places they go or the cool things they do. The make the best jokes, hands down. Most of them are ingenious and can MacGuyver up things at home or work. For all this, they are usually wonderfully laid-back and pleasant. And at least at my hospital, definitely the hottest. Why are you all so hot, by the way? Is it that distinct cool factor you all have?  Is hotness a pre-requisite for your specialty? 

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Neuro: Neuro people are legitimately brainy. You have to be in order to localize lesions and make diagnoses! Also, they are all quirky, following the beat of their own drummer.  And no one pinches harder than a neurologist! Neurologists are either crystal clear in their explanations or incredibly obtuse. They love puzzles games, and will have several on their smart phones and have the highest scores amongst their friends. There is a generational gap when it come to neurologist fashion sense. The older ones are still very much about collared shirts and ties, but the residents I’ve worked with and seen all favor scrubs. Final word to the wise: never piss off a neurologist. Just don’t.

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Agree? Disagree? 

The next installment: Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Surgery, Radiology

Toph Beifong: ISTP [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

ISTP Follower Favorite 2016.

Dominant Function, Introverted Thinking, Ti: Introverted Thinking is a body based and wholisitic function. As a Dominant Ti user Toph has to be involved, immersed, in whatever process in order not only be satisfied but to really care and judge. ISTPs with Ti can look like ISFPs in the fact that they find something to put themselves in, to perfect, and be fully part of. For Toph this is Earthbending. Toph and Earthbending go hand in hand. She doesn’t have much cares or passions outside of Earthbending. She uses Ti as more a subjectiver logic. Once she is Earthbending, in a situation, she thinks logically and adapts to things as they happen still maintaining her goal, whatever that may be. This gives her that rock hard determination that is quintessential to her character.

Ti does not work analytically. Analytical logic is what Te is, it is systematic and conceptualizes. Ti, as we see in Toph, is experiential. Hence, why it is subjective logic. It is based in experience and observation. She works with what is logical within her own experience; it is based on the visual, the tactile, or on spacial cues. Hence, why she is more comfortable being on the ground, immersed, and a part of what ever process is occurring rather than from afar making decisions. Her judgment needs to be interacting in order to be used. Combine that with Se, her auxiliary function, which is action based, and we see why ISTPs are fully on or off a situation. Unless Toph is fully immersed with Ti-Se, she doesn’t care. We get fully engaged Toph or a Toph who doesn’t have any fucks to give. 

Dominant Ti is also why Toph is the Earthbending teacher for Aang. Ti is structural, immersive, and about being part of the “becoming” of a process. This is how she handles Earthbending. Her Se isn’t dominant so she doesn’t need the novelty of Sensing in her experiences, she is much more focused. When she Earthbends Toph doesn’t really exist, she becomes part of the connection with the earth, she is part of the earth and the bending works through her. Hence, why she waits and then attacks. 

Dominant Ti is also crucial to her character as it promotes independence and freedom. Her sense of self and autonomy come first and she doesn’t like being controlled, labeled, or pigeonholed. She doesn’t care what society wants and is going to be 100% Toph and true to herself no matter the cost. More on that when discussing her inferior function.

Auxiliary Function, Extraverted Sensing, Se: In the secondary position in the stack this function works a bit differently than in it’s dominant position. We can see this demonstrated in Toph’s character. As described above she doesn’t need the Se dominant form of novelty experiences. Once her Ti has plugged into some process, like Earthbending, everything she does with it, part of it, seems like a novel and fresh experience. She won’t get bored when in action and need a new form of stimulation like an ESP.

Se shows itself in her need to act on her Ti. She isn’t using Ne in a need to understand how Earthbending theoretically works and functions. She isn’t trying to understand the structure of Earthbending itself. She is more of a physical conduit of the structure itself and an expert in how to actually use it. 

She also deals in the now. She has no time for Aang and Katara’s philosophies, she deals in reality and what is in front of her. Her Se makes her quite resourceful in this manner and down to earth (pun semi-intended). 

Tertiary Function, Introverted Intuition, Ni: When an ISTP can crack into their tertiary Ni they can look like stereotypical iNtuitives, because when they get down to their tertiary function something is forcing them to use it. For Toph she is forced into her Ni when she is kidnapped and trapped in a metal box. Ni functions to see things from different inner perspectives, not to be confused with Ne seeing different outside possibilities. For Toph we see this in her creating Metalbending. She had to shift her inner perspective of what earth is. She had to shift her inner lens of reality. This led her to innovate and to create (a huge part of dominant Ti and auxiliary Se) a new form of bending. 

Inferior Function, Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Fe deals with social and cultural rituals and standards, as well as adhering to typical signs associated with specific types of relationships. So how one would court a mate versus treat a best friend. An ISTP, like Toph, would not go about these things in the assumed and typical manner. More importantly we see Toph have a complete disregard towards social expectations, most of all with her own family She cannot play the role of delicate, wealthy young woman. She refuses to adhere to her role in society and of being told what role she is supposed to fill in her family. She literally runs away from these expectations. 

We see her Ti freedom and Fe social obligations fight each other out when she is in conflict with Katara. Katara an Fe dominant (ENFJ) sees that everyone has the obligation to help out equally for the group. Toph believes that everyone should simply take individual responsibility. Toph doesn’t see how her actions effect other people because of her lack of Fe. Toph is so independent with Ti that she loses sight of how her actions may in fact hurt others.

We also see her having inferior Fe when we contrast her teaching style with Katara’s. Katara’s Fe-Ni sees that Aang needs positive feedback. But Toph’s style doesn’t care for Aang’s feelings. She wants him to be more independent and sees Katara’s reassurances as fake and contrived. As coddling Aang so he can’t reach his actual potential. Toph for herself and others find verbal validation to mean very little. That is inferior Fe.

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Why do you like him?

Foggy Nelson is great at his job and will deliver a badass opening statement even though he wasn’t even supposed to be the one delivering it.

Foggy Nelson patches up his best friend when he’s injured but he will also have none of his bullshit.

Foggy Nelson sings showtunes at the top of his lungs when he thinks no one is listening.

Foggy Nelson stays up all night just to comfort a friend.

Foggy Nelson tells his new roommate how good-looking he is mere minutes after meeting him for the first time.

Foggy Nelson wears novelty ties to job interviews.

Foggy Nelson declines a well-paying job offer to open a law firm with his best friend.

Foggy Nelson takes his tie off before investigating a motorcycle club and still corrects the guy threatening him with a knife when it comes to his alma mater.

Foggy Nelson knows his value.

Foggy Nelson’s dance moves are the stuff of legends.

Foggy Nelson may be terrified but he will go through with it anyway if it means helping someone in need.

Foggy Nelson is amazing.

“Departure to Novelty.


Twist ties, rubber bands, ink ribbon, safety pins, paper clips.

Through the artist’s use of mundane office supplies, D2N encourages the viewer to discover the strange beauty in the ordinary everyday.”

My submission for Gishwhes’ National Scavenger Hunt Day Minihunt,  Item 1:

1. IMAGE: Office Art 2: The Revenge. They say the sequel is never as good as the original. Grab your highlighters & paperclips and prove them wrong! Take time out of your busy work (or school) day to create a beautiful, museum-worthy sculpture or mixed-media art piece in your cubic comprised entirely of office supplies. All items submitted must include a yellow didactic panel with the name of the piece & artist’s intent. 

Rubber band skin over twist tie skeleton. Twist tie dress, and printer ink ribbon hair. Curtain of 600+ safety pins and paper clips. Didactic panels printed on post-it notes. 

More detail photos:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Schmidt [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): After being rescued from the bunker, Kimmy stays in New York after being on the Today show with the fellow mole women. She’s fascinated by all of the new things that have sprung up within the last fifteen years since she’s been down in the bunker and wants to see the world beyond the bunker and the small town she lived in. Kimmy is good at seeing connections in her external environment. She’s adaptable and resilient, especially when Xan insists on trying to pick her apart to find what she’s been “hiding” from everyone, and often helps Titus brainstorm ideas - such as finding a loophole to get a security deposit back from the costume rental shop. Despite the brainwashing she encountered in the bunker, once in her own environment, Kimmy is able to draw conclusions about people and their true intentions - she’s quick to realize that the GED teacher could care less about actually teaching his students. Often, she gets caught up in the novelty of things.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Kimmy is endlessly fascinated by how the world has changed in fifteen years though she doesn’t understand things like what “googling” means or what “Molly” is. She goes to great lengths to figure out how things work and how to fix things. She exhausts all of her options to get her job back from Jacqueline after she is initially fired. When it looks like the prosecutors will lose their case against the Reverend and the mole women are locked in the bunker (again), she’s determined to find something in the bunker to help win his case - she doesn’t see what relevance the tape they found has at first until she sees the time stamp and using her Ne/Ti, comes to the conclusion that the reverend was lying about the world ending as he taped his audition to be a contestant on The Apprentice right when the world was supposedly about to “end”.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Kimmy is very sensitive to the feelings of others and is quick to comfort or help them. When Jacqueline is upset about the idea of her husband cheating on her, Kimmy willingly helps her in a scheme to expose his cheating. She goes through hoops to convince Titus she can be a good roommate and helps him with his quests. When Kimmy uses her Ne/Ti when a rat is found in the bunker after the supposed end of the world and the Reverend challenges her and tells her to send Gretchen out to see if her claims are true, Kimmy backs down for the sake of Gretchen’s welfare. She confesses first to Titus and eventually to Jacqueline that she’s one of the “mole women” because trying to keep up the lie bothers her. At first she refuses to testify at the Reverend’s trial but after realizing it is the right thing to do, she finally summons up the courage that she has to be the one to help put him away.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Using her knowledge of how she survived life in the bunker, Kimmy uses the same methods to help her survive out in the real world and even uses it to dispense advice to Jacqueline. She’s able to see that the spin class that her and Jacqueline are a part of is really a cult because of her experience with being in the cult. She relates a lot of pop culture references - typically from the 90’s - to what she’s experiencing in present time.

The office that my dad works at used to have a pretty strict dress code which he thought was stupid. So everyday he wore a tie as he was supposed to, but it had a pattern of hippos, or hedgehogs or giraffes, or Donald Duck, and around Christmas he wore those novelty ties that light up and sing

Ties are no longer part of the dress code.



You slept straight through the first alarm. You hit “SLEEP” through the next ten. And now you have only seconds to pick out the perfect necktie and shirt combo for that big nine o’clock presentation.
A nightmare scenario? No, not necessarily. True, you probably didn’t need that fourth pint, or the fifth for that matter, but no use crying over spilled stout. The most important thing is nailing that neck wear in a timely fashion.
So here are some tips to make it easy:

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Traditional graffiti writers have a bunch of rules they like to stick to, and good luck to them, but I didn’t become a graffiti artist so I could have somebody else tell me what to do. If you’re the type who gets sentimental about people scribbling over your stuff, I suggest graffiti is probably not the right hobby for you.“

"My lawyer’s opinion is that the cops might not actually be able to charge me with criminal damage anymore—because theoretically my graffiti actually increases the value of property rather than decreasing it. That’s his theory, but then my lawyer also believes wearing novelty cartoon ties is a good look.

—  Banksy, graffiti artist