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what are some cool brazilian memes

ooh, my dude. there are so many that i fear i won’t do them justice, tbh. but i’ll try to list the ones i like the most (and that lasted longer):

  • pai de família (nsfw). basically, a gay porn movie that, out of fucking nowhere, got popular, especially for ytp’s and such. mostly because of the fake ‘ai que delícia’s that the guy is uttering.
  • chico bioca. no one really knows who the fuck this guy is, but he’s here and he’s talking a bunch of (sexual) nonsense. he’s a very popular source for parody remixes.
  • sou foda. a song that is a masterpiece of our time. this one is from around 2010, but, it’s legendary. also a great source for song remixes. my favorite is, by far, the cardcaptor sakura opening one
  • nazaré tedesco. you all know her for this gif…
  • …but she has been a meme source for us since the novela she’s from first aired. there’s 1000+ reaction images of her flying around, and some popular, legendary quotes, forever ingrained in our minds.
  • inês brasil. arguably the most popular meme celebrity, in that she gained notoriety through becoming a meme, and since then, continues to deliver more and more. the video that brought her fame was an inscription video she sent to the reality show ‘big brother brasil’. she wasn’t picked, but she got famous on the internet since then. to the point where she was even used to promote orange is the new black.
  • gretchen. she used to be a popular novelty singer in the 80′s, but now, she appears constantly on reality tv and talk shows, and is, hands down, one of the greatest sources for reaction images and gifs. i’ve even seen you gringos use some of them. they are simply fantastic. thank you for your contribution, gretchen. 
  • mãe, o forninho caiu. two little girls (cousins, if i’m not mistaken) get up to shenanigans while their moms aren’t looking… to mixed results. definitely a classic.
  • fofão. okay… so, sometimes, i see people talk about how the child’s play movies are all wrong from the very start because no one would ever market dolls as ugly as the nice guys/chucky for kids. well. they sure as hell don’t live in brazil. because in the 80′s, fofão was the unironic mascot of a kid’s show. and he was popular! i don’t know why or how, since this is how fofão looks like:

anyway, these are the one’s that i’m bothering to remember rn. brazil loves memes.

i had this dream where twerking was around in the 1960s and it was stolen and watered down by a british novelty singer calling himself “twerkin perkins“ he was the most awful looking man