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Minutes after winning new artist of the year, Niall Horan treated the American Music Awards crowd to a live rendition of his breakthrough hit on Sunday night in Los Angeles. “Slow Hands” got the spotlight and it didn’t disappoint. Earlier in the evening, Portugal. The Man preluded their performance with a sign that read, “No computers up here. Just live instruments.” Horan’s followed the same lead and although he didn’t announce it was even more back-to-basics than Portugal. The Man’s horn- and string-inflected entourage. Backed by a drummer and a few guitars, the solo One Direction-er got the job done with a groovy, sneakily-sensual “Slow Hands” performance.
Chris Evans Fic: The Hinting Game

Anonymous request coming to you all the way from Greece!

Have fun on vacay!!! Can you do a cute Chris Evans one of him hinting that hes ready for kids! Thanks 💙


In hindsight, you realised the hints had been coming for a while but it had just taken you some time to realise it. Thinking back, the first time, you were both at a Patriots game. Chris had dragged you to the merchandise shop at the stadium and while he spent the obligatory amount of time fawning over sweatshirts and deciding which one he should buy this time, his attention eventually turned to the kids section, his eye caught by an infant-sized romper type garment. ‘No. 2 Patriots Fan’ was in big writing taking up most of the space on the front but in brackets underneath: ’(but only because my dad is No. 1)’.

He held it up on its little hanger and looked at you which an open-mouthed expression of excited surprise.

‘Babe… how adorable and perfect is this?’

You just raised an eyebrow in a ‘my boyfriend’s such a dork’ kind of way and replied nonchalantly, ‘Yeah it’s cute. It’s a bit small for you though. Shame there’s no really little ones in our circle at the moment.’

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Warner's Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) opens up with the iconic musical number “The Gold Diggers’ Song (We’re in the Money)” sung by Ginger Rogers. On the second chorus of the song, Ginger sings the lyrics in Pig Latin where, in an extreme close-up of her face,  "We’re in the Money" becomes “Ereway inhay the oneymay”. This version of the chorus was Ginger’s idea.

One day on the set, Ginger was handed the song and told to learn it by that evening since the number was to be shot the following day. After practising the lyrics for hours, Ginger started goofing around and, instead of singing the song as it was written, she translated it into Pig Latin.  Warner’s production chief at the time, Darryl F. Zanuck, heard her and was so struck by the novelty of the queer play of words that he ordered Ginger to sing in Pig Latin when the shot was taken. 

The Hargrove House

There were three hard rules in the Hargrove Household

1. Disobedience will always be met with Discipline
2. “Yes Sir” will be at the end of every direct command when speaking to your elders
3. There is a strict “No Faggots Allowed” policy

If you were to ask Max about these rules, she would tell you that they are a bogus excuse used to make sure that everyone keeps their eyes on their shoes, and that they didn’t exist until Neil came into the picture…especially the last one.

That rule didn’t exist until they moved to Hawkins. Actually, it was more like the reason they moved to the most backwood,  bigoted, place in the United States. Where men had guns and voted for Reagan, and it was apparently a novelty for girls to play video games. Like being good at a “boy” thing made her somehow better than “other girls”. Please.

In all honesty, this place was probably handpicked by her stepfather to make sure that what happened in California would never happen in their family again. To create an environment for Billy that insured Neil wouldn’t be the only one kicking his ass if his son got caught knocking boots with any of the boys from school.

God, what kind of asshole did her mom marry? What kind of guy wants to beat the shit out of his kids for something that they can’t help? It’s not Billy’s fault for looking at boys, and it’s not his fault that boys look right back at him! Hell, Max knew this and she was only 13! So what was the damage? Why couldn’t anyone else figure it out? Why was everyone in this town completely mental?

Well, except for maybe Lucas. Maybe

It probably doesn’t help that Billy is a complete and total asshole. That he screams, and pushes her around whenever he feels like he’s going to crawl out of his skin. She knows that Billy does it because he can’t do it Neil, but that doesn’t mean that Max has to like it. That she should have to deal with it.

One day, maybe not soon, but one day she is going to knock his teeth in. Max is going to let him know that he can’t just bully her and everyone else just because Neil does it to him. She’s going to teach him a lesson… but not because he’s gay. Never because of that.

To Be Continued?


Super Mario Odyssey | New Details from Edge Magazine [SPOILERS]

Super Mario Odyssey got a rare perfect score from notoriously tough Edge Magazine

In their review, they revealed a slew of new details about the game which helped them arrive at their score for the highly awaited title.  Also, they drew comparison to another critically acclaimed title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

We must warn that this post has a ton of spoilers below the cut so, be careful if you don’t want to ruin some of the surprises early!

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5/25/17 recs

1. stop, erase, rewind series by akisazame, Chisotahn || Rated E, 18.4k

in which Victor Nikiforov can rewind time in ten second intervals… except when he’s within three meters of Yuuri Katsuki.

  • Comment: I think that this series is in the top five conceits for the entirety of the yoi fandom that I’ve ever seen. A really interesting character study almost, it’s really memorable. The series is complete, so definitely give it a gander. 
  • (。>ω<)。but like seriously, I love this. It’s a novel af au idea and executed tremendously well.

2.  Lost by Elise_the_Writing_Desk || Rated G, 3.3k 

Yuuri raised a hand towards the kitten, who hissed and cowered a bit.

He saw the human pulled his hand away, and then lowered it to the ground, palm facing the sky, open to wait him.

“Are you alone too?” Yuuri asked.

He’s alone. Yuuri’s alone. They’re alone. It’s scary out there. It’s also scary for a human, apparently.

  • Comment: Ahhh a fic which Yurio is a cat. Cute but also sad. I had a feeling. The relationships feel so very precious in this. 

3. you can have my everything by spookyfoot || Rated M, 4.2k

It’s not until they’re lying in bed—sweat cooling on their bodies, Yuuri’s head cradled on Victor’s chest—that Victor realizes all of his meticulously curated props and costumes are lying abandoned all throughout their apartment.


“Mmmm,” Yuuri mumbles into Victor’s chest.

“Did you do that on purpose?”

3 times Yuuri strips out of self interest and 1 time he strips out of love.

Featuring: high-stakes Monopoly, novelty aprons, aborted role-play, and a lot of banter. It’s approximately 80% banter.

  • Comment: wonderful banter, tremendously funny, and an overall great read to fall asleep afterwards. lighthearted, overall  just really, really nice
Just playing with novelty

I might want some drawing prompts. Here is a list of canon SU characters I have never drawn:

  • Defense Zircon
  • Prosecutor Zircon
  • Topaz
  • Aquamarine
  • Jasper
  • Malachite
  • Yellowtail
  • Marty
  • Mr. Smiley
  • Mr. Frowney
  • Holo Pearl
  • Jane
  • Hoppy and Hopper
  • Any Watermelon Stevens
  • “Young” versions of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl*
  • Mayor Dewey
  • Vidalia
  • Barb
  • Any Famethysts
  • Holly Blue
  • Any Zoo humans
  • Baseball alter-egos of the characters
  • Martha and Dante
  • Kevin
  • Mystery Girl
  • The Onion Gang
  • “Uncle” Andy

And I’ve drawn Rainbow Quartz before but it was terrible so we’ll pretend it didn’t happen

*Note: I actually have drawn “Young” Gems but only weird black and white sketches so I wanna try them in color

If you have a prompt for me to draw something with one or more of these characters in it, send me a message and maybe I’ll draw your idea for my next milestone! (Or just ask if you wonder whether I left someone off the list or wanna see where I drew them.)

Don’t send me non-canon character prompts and don’t send me sexually explicit or violent requests though. Thanks.

Edited to add:

Obviously Garnet is my favorite Gem so requests that incorporate her might gain more favor. This is not a democracy over here y’all.

Oh you hush

anonymous asked:

Why is that mercy players don't want to heal anyone despite playing as the healer

y’know, i can’t say i’ve had that problem very often - i imagine that some people just get caught up in the novelty of playing mercy offensively, and others are probably bitter cynics thanks to hours and hours of being completely unprotected while the genji on the other side of the map keeps calling for you

Swingers, Ch 3

A/N: Soooo…this is my first attempt at a foursome. I’ve been working on it for a straight year. And if it were not for @repellomuggletum15, @somewhereapart, @trina-deckers@outlawqueenbey, @the-alpha-incipiens, and @brookeap3this fic would have NEVER gotten done. So I thank you guys for helping me, cheerleading me, encouraging me, and giving me those much needed kicks to the ass. And Bea, who turned this messy project into something readable (i.e., something with actual punctuation).

This is for DOQ Week, Day 3: First Times. There are lots of firsts here. First real girlfriend for Mal, first time with someone Mal cares about, Mal’s love interest’s first time swinging, even a first “I love you”.

Headed to your coast in two weeks!  Can’t wait to see you xoxox

It isn’t too different from her standard text, and Mal’s isn’t too different when she makes plans around Boston and stop in to visit Robin and Regina.  Over time they’ve become close friends, but the distance keeps their visits to a few times a year, and despite them all wishing the visits were more, there is a certain novelty being kept in play by seeing each other so rarely.  There is also a certain amount of casual flirtation they do up to these visits, usually in a group text.  And it is nice.  They are close friends, closer than most people know, and wonderful lovers.

Their visits do not always include winding up in bed together, but it usually happens.  Over the years those excursions have become a bit wilder as they had grown more comfortable with one another (or, particularly as Robin and Mal have become more comfortable with each other.  Regina, well, Regina is comfortable with both of them.)

During one visit, Mal had expectantly showed up with a date, a handsome, if goofy-looking guy named Kristoff. Kristoff was a Norwegian that was happy and upbeat almost nauseatingly enthusiastic about everything.  By the end of the night, he had wound up in the sheets with them.  That in itself had been very new for Regina and Robin, and had been a test for Robin’s comfort.

They would swing before, but by the time Robin got involved it was very much like couple swapping, where he and another beautiful woman engaged while Regina did the same with that lady’s partner.  But that… that had been four people all having sex, leaving Robin and a less-concerned Kristoff to navigate around each other.  It was a different experience, he wasn’t used to making eye contact with a man so often during sex, especially an overly enthusiastic man who gave goofy smiles and wiggled eyebrows suggestively at Robin during the entire night.  And though Robin found he quite enjoyed his time with the couple, he admitted to Regina he was pleased to learn Mal had cut Kristoff loose (“He bored me,” was the only thing she had gotten out of her as the reason for the breakup).

But then there is Ruby, Ruby, the SuicideGirls model who had a home full of black lights and lava lamps and glow-in-the-dark sex toys.  Ruby is fun, and gorgeous, and up for whatever.  Mal had met her at one of the parties she attended and became close friends, or playmates… or something (they certainly weren’t exclusive, exclusivity was not in Mal’s nature).

Sex with Ruby is… otherworldly.  It is almost a blessing that Regina and Robin do not live closer to the two of them, or the sex might become too addicting.  There had been one weekend where the four of them had never left Mal’s bed – they had only met for drinks, and Ruby showed up, dressed in far too little, makeup heavy and smeared. In a few moments the girl was on Robin’s lap, and minutes later she leaned in to kiss Regina right there as they enjoyed cocktails, and then they were all lost in each other, nearly getting thrown out of a cab going back to Mal’s,  It was… intense.  There have only been a few times attraction and needs had been so raw as that first weekend with Ruby.  And while she missed the nice meals, great conversation, the time alone with Mal to just catch up and be friends, she walked away with fond memories of that weekend, and quite frankly, if it were to repeat itself it would be quite nice….

Regina is lost in thought about that weekend when the phone rings.  She’s surprised to see it’s Mal.  Mal isn’t one for phone calls.  She is texts and the occasional email, but that’s really it.  


“Regina!” Mal exclaims… and what was that in her voice?  She sounded a bit younger and almost… scared?  Hesitant?   “I got your text.  It’ll be nice to see you.”

“Is something wrong?” Regina asks, figuring she should just be direct.  Mal’s false excited voice doesn’t fool her - never will.  Something is off.  Perhaps Mal wanted to take sex off the table for the weekend, maybe it was a bad time for her… maybe….

“No, nothing’s wrong.  I, uh, I….It’ll be nice.  You both can meet Gwen.”  Meeting friends or romantic partners isn’t new to Regina.  But it’s the way she says her name – Gwen ­­– that throws her off.

“Oh, Gwen, huh?” she teases, imitating her tone.  “And who is Gwen?”

“My girlfriend,” Mal clarifies, though she needn’t.  Still, using the word, defining a relationship like that, is so out of character for Mal the word almost slaps Regina in the face.

“I was unaware you had a girlfriend.”  She tries to keep the hurt out of her voice, but they tell each other everything, she and Mal, and it hurts to not know of every new development in her life.

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summary: She assumed what they had meant by handyman was a slumped over mid forties father who desperately needed the spare cash to keep his greedy children satisfied for another day. She was sorely mistaken.

pairings: gray/juvia


She realized early on that she was going to have her share of problems with the new house.

The moving truck’s delay had been problem number one. Now, all that kept her new house from looking like an empty asylum was her backpack and a few boxes of clothing that did little to spruce up the place she would be living for the foreseeable future.

Oh yes, and the fact that there was no wifi.

Juvia didn’t want to sound like an ungrateful surly teen, especially since she was privileged enough to actually buy a house in a rural neighborhood in the first place. No, she was trying her best to stay positive. But with all of her furniture, comforts, blankets, and everything else was still halfway across the country, it was getting harder by the minute.

She slid her finger across her phone while sitting down cross-legged on the wooden floor of her new kitchen, playing candy crush until her mind began to numb from the repetitive shapes and sound effects. This was the epitome of boredom – but what else was she supposed to do? No proper wifi, no food, no furniture, no nothing.

She lolled her head from side to side, bored, and stood finally, allowing her phone to switch off as she stretched her aching limbs from the long drive. There had to be something else she could do – the only thing left of the previous owners of her new home were a few scrapes on the walls and of course, the 1980s age phone connected to the kitchen with a curly cord that kept it firmly tethered to the wall. Most people might be turned off by the retro piece of technology, but Juvia found it added something to her home that she couldn’t get with any other home in this area.

She sauntered over to the novelty phone, playing with the curled cord and bouncing it happily. The phone was an ugly beige color that washed out the walls, but she liked it enough that she didn’t even mind.

She suddenly yanked the phone off its pedestal and held it up to her ear, like she ight be receiving an important call any moment now.

Just as she did so, a small fleck of yellow paper spiraled to the floor sadly, a forgotten scrap of the memories that used to be.

“That’s weird.” She spoke aloud into the phone. She hung it up abruptly and retrieved the slip of paper. A few smudged words that had been lovingly etched into the segment of a post-it note read just one word. Handyman, and then a barely legible phone number.

Handyman? Juvia felt her brow furrow. Did that mean something? Was there a local who could fix things easily?

Juvia bit her lip and stared at the blank bars on her phone. There was no telling if Handyman entailed tech advisor, or if the number was even still available. But did she really have anything to lose by calling the number? It would be simple enough to say ‘my mistake’ or ‘wrong number’ if the call went sour. Plus, her boredom was slowly swallowing her whole. Might as well make the most of her time here.

She dialed the number with care, making sure that no mistakes were dealt while doing so. The numbers were clear enough that she could tell exactly what they were, but she was still nervous. Her fingers tangled in the cord as she heard the dull ringing sound on the phone.

One ring. Two rings. Her nerves built up and she felt the anxiety crawl up her spine. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the handyman decided not to pick up.


No such luck.

The gravelly voice on the other end reminded Juvia of her old garbage collector man, who used to yell at the neighbors puppy for being too curious whenever the truck rolled around. She was suddenly nervous.

“Hi! Hello, I’m – uh, I’m the new owner of the…Jones’s house? And I, just was wondering if you really were some sort of…handyman?” Juvia stammered into the phone. She felt her voice get quieter with every word, embarrassingly enough.

There was a pause on the other line, then a sharp inhale.

“What’s your problem?”

Juvia exhaled, thankful. “Well, I’m not sure if this area is of your expertise…but my wifi isn’t working? I checked the modem, but-“

The voice on the other end scoffed. “I can fix anything.”

“Oh!” Juvia exclaimed. “Well that’s…good. So can you help me out? I can-“

The voice sighed, like she had just thrown a wrench in his schedule.

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

Then he hung up.

Juvia stared at the phone for a second, unsure of what to think. Who did she just invite to her house? What if it was some crazed maniac that had driven the first family away? Had she just made a terrible mistake?

She supposed she’d just have to wait and see. And if she did get murdered, hopefully she’d eave enough clues to put her murderer away forever.

With that said, she subtly tucked the phone number of the handyman back behind the phone. Safe and sound.




Truth be told, when he said a minute he really only meant a minute.

The doorbell rang and Juvia was hardly in any shape to answer it. Her mind-numbingly short shorts were embarrassingly juvenile, as was her cream colored faded tank that was ages too short for her that was barely being held together by a flannel button-up shirt that was tied right above her belly button. She looked like a duke of hazzard, nor to mention her wild blue hair that was thrown together like a sea colored mop behind a red bandana. Classy.

Her outfit, which would without a doubt be deemed scandalous by her conservative mother, was still the least of her problems. She had after all, just allowed a complete stranger to arrive at her front door. A handyman. Which hopefully would not be her undoing.

Juvia wiped the sweat off of her palms onto her shorts and walked over to the door calmly.

Her hand touched the golden doorknob and she pulled it open, doing her best to plaster a welcoming smile on her tired face.

She assumed what they had meant by handyman was a slumped over mid forties father who desperately needed the spare cash to keep his greedy children satisfied for another day.

She was sorely mistaken.

The man on the other side of the door had a worn, bored expression across his sharp features. That was a good word, sharp.

Everything, from his face all the way down to his legs, was toned ad sharp, like one day someone decided to chip away at a hunk of granite until they had finally constructed what had to be the world’s most beautiful man.

Juvia felt like someone had just poured a bottle of maple syrup down her throat.

This wasn’t possible. He looked like he was 24, 25 years old, max. There was no way he could be the jaded handyman she’d spoken to on the phone.

“Are you gonna keep standing there like an idiot?” He asked gruffly, looking her over like she was yesterday’s news.

“I – uhm-“

“The modem’s downstairs, right?” He brushed past her empty words as he pushed past her effortlessly. She caught the smell of pine needles as he passed, and she’d never fond the smell appetizing until this very moment.

“Yes! Yes it is!” She finally answered when he began to give her a strange look. “I’m Juvia, by the way. Juvia Lockser. I just moved here from-“

“Let me guess.” He said thinly, giving her a condescending look and shifting. “You’re a small town girl from Kentucky, just looking for a plucky neighborhood where you can settle down, have a few kids, maybe an ugly yip-yap dog, and a husband that will roll over for you when you snap your fingers.” He finished his monologue with a knowing smirk, like he had her pinned all in the span of 20 seconds.

She gaped. “I’m from Nevada.”

He shrugged. “Am I really that far off?”

She looked offended, and tried to scrape together an adequate defense. “No, you couldn’t be farther from the truth! I don’t want…I don’t want any of that!”

“Oh yeah?” He asked her in disbelief. “Prove it.”

She sniffed. “I’m allergic to dogs. And, I’m not getting married until I turn 32.”

He snorted. “What’s that, a year away?”

“I’m 24, you little-“

“Modem.” He said, suddenly focused on the task at hand. “It should take me a minute or so.”

“I-“ That’s right. He had come here to help her, after all. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

He shrugged. Juvia figured that was as close as he was going to come to an apology. It was a marvel someone so presumptuous could be so breathtakingly beautiful. His raven hair was lovely enough to glint in the sunlight the way diamonds did.

“Do you want something to drink?” Juvia asked him hopefully. “I think I have a water bottle, or diet Snapple-“

“I’m good.” He answered quickly, averting his eyes to the basement. He was silent for a moment, like he was debating whether or not she was worth the fix.

“I’m Gray.” He said shortly. “Gray Fullbuster. I live across the street. I used to…fix stuff for the Jones’s.”

“Oh. It’s…nice to meet you. Sorry for the…” She trailed off, realizing that she had been about to use the word mess, but there was no mess to blame the ugliness of her house on. “Emptiness.” She decided instead.

“Sure.” Gray agreed curtly. He disappeared into the basement shortly after. The basement was fully finished and beautiful, but Juvia had yet to traverse down there in fear of not being able to find the light switch and then being consumed by ghosts. You know, the usual.

Gray disappeared for about ten minutes. Juvia awaited his return anxiously, praying that he wouldn’t wreak havoc on a system she barely understood for revenge for their earlier dispute. He seemed like an honest guy, perhaps too honest, but honest nonetheless.

When he resurfaced, a smudge of dust on his cheek, he appeared satisfied with his work. He sputtered some technological nonsense that Juvia couldn’t understand even with a masters degree, so she just nodded while he talked.

There was this weird light in his eyes when he talked about something he had a clear interest in, like there was a tiny person living inside his head who would flick the lights on whenever something needed to be fixed. She briefly wondered if this was why the phone number had been stuck in her phone. Maybe the former owners recognized Gray’s love for…fixing things, and knew he’d be empty without something to tinker with.

“Did you get any of that?”

She blinked. That’s right, she was supposed t be listening. Not obsessing over the working’s of his mind.

“Yup. Got it.” She nodded curtly. He looked at her in disbelief, before shaking his head.

“Good. Because I’m not coming back here to fix that shit again, if you break it, that’s your problem.” He told her, although there was a breath of hesitance in his voice, like he was waiting for her to openly challenge him.

“I’ll try my best.” She replied, the smallest hint of a smile playing on her lips. He didn’t return the gesture, but his face held something else. Respect? Disgust? It was like trying to read the emotions of a stone statue.

She hesitated again before speaking. “Can I…pay you? How much do you want for this?”

He immediately shook his head, waving his hands in front of her. “No. I don’t take money for this.”

Her brow furrowed. “Are you sure? I can’t really thank you enough, this is really helpful to me and I want to compensate.”

“No money.” He said sharply before turning away.

He left without another word, not to be bothered by Juvia’s peasantry. What a pleasant person.

She watched carefully ad he retreated back into his home across the street. His legs were long and toned even from a distance. She wondered internally if he worked out a lot, maybe in his front yard, where she could sip pink lemonade and watch…

She smacked her own cheek. Bad Juvia. He was a neighbor, and she should respect him as such.

Her eyes lingered on his front window. Still. There had to be some benefits to her handy hot neighbor besides the occasional wifi fix, right?




“My printer is broken.”

There was a sigh on the other end of the phone.

Didn’t I tell you not to call me again?

Juvia paused. “Well, yes, but…”

Gray made a mumbling sound, like he was cursing her out, but just quiet enough for her to not hear every word.

Fine. I’ll be over in a few.”

Juvia hung up, a pleased smile on her graceful features.

Her home was now lovely, decorated in a modern type fashion with pale and dark furniture contrasting perfectly in every room. There would be minor hitches in her daily life however, those of which required immediate attention. Attention that only an attractive neighbor could provide.

Over the last few months of living, Juvia had been progressively calling him more and more often. Each time he seemed to get more annoyed, but each time he still came back with only minor complaints.

The reason they were so minor was probably because Juvia had developed a habit of stuffing him full of sweets and food whenever he came over. Since he had refused to let her pay him, she decided that the best way to a man’s heart was through his stomach.

Gray arrived sooner than he said. He was wearing jeans and thick boots, ones that Juvia would only wear if she were about to wade through the jungles of Vietnam. Juvia assumed that was the reason Gray liked them so much.

“Nice shirt.” Juvia commented dryly. She said this due to the fact that he wasn’t wearing one.

“Just took a shower.” He grunted, kicking his giant ass boots to the side.

Boy, could she ever tell. His dark hair was shiny with water and his exposed skin was slick. Juvia fought the ever present urge to fan herself. Inviting Gray over was always a hazard, because the urge to kiss him senseless oftentimes outweighed her own common sense.

“You know where the printer is.” She informed him smartly. “And I’m making lemon bars in the kitchen, so come and get them when they’re done.”

A flicker of gratefulness passed over his features. Juvia smiled. Always offer the incentive first.

“Isn’t this the second time you’ve broke it?” He asked her, mildly amused.

“It’s got a mind of its own.” She said with a shrug. It was true that she had broken the printer once before. It seemed that whenever she had an urgent need to print something, the printer refused to work.

He made a sound, something like a laugh. Good.

“Don’t make a mess in there, or I’ll steal your mail for the next year!” She called to him as he began his climb upstairs.

“You can try!” He called back. Juvia laughed aloud and walked back into the kitchen to see how much longer her lemon bars needed.

She was happy enough that she could joke with Gray like this, the truth was she hadn’t bonded with any of her other neighbors very well, and Gray, however rough around the edges, still made an acceptable friend.

He denied their friendship of course, but it didn’t stop her from thinking of them as friends. Even though she’d love to be something more.

Juvia set her lemon bars on the counter once they were finished, allowing the scent to drift aimlessly, no doubt catching the olfactory snare of her resident handyman.

Sure enough, no less than twenty seconds later, Gray almost bolted down the stairs.

“Fixed,” he slurred, distracted by the sweets.

“Good boy.” Juvia congratulated him. He glared at her for patronizing him, and she only grinned.

“What, you want me to beg for it?” He asked her snidely, gesturing to the lemon bars in question.

She smiled and shook her head. He grabbed a knife and began cutting a slice tha was big enough to feed a family.

“Been to the gym lately?” She teased as she sat upon her kitchen counter. Gray was an extremely cut man, his chest look chiseled and worked. It was obvious he went to the gym frequently, but Juvia enjoyed making fun of him for being so fit.

“Ha-ha.” He fake laughed, staring at the lemon bar as if it were his pride and joy.

“I’m serious! I think I see another set of abs today…what is it, a 16 pack now?” She asked. He stared at her, pretending to be unamused. He was though, he couldn’t fool her.

He took a bite of the lemon bar and shrugged. “Jealous?”

She nodded exaggeratedly. “Oh yes, for sure! I wish I was as shredded as Gray Fullbuster!”

He shook his head. “You’re so weird Juvia.”

She shrugged. “I’d imagine I’d be pretty boring if I wasn’t.”

He chewed on that for a moment. Juvia only kicked her legs leisurely while leaning back and forth on her counter, making sure Gray was enjoying the lemon bar as much as she was enjoying watching him.

“Gray, can I ask you something?” She said out loud after he’d finished the lemon bar. Juvia had to admit, it was dubious to ask him a favor after having just fed him delicious sweets, but at this point, she didn’t really have a choice.

“If I say no, you’ll keep talking.” He deadpanned. He wasn’t wrong.

“You know that neighborhood bonfire thing?” She asked sweetly. A flier had been dropped at her doorstep earlier in the week, as it had been dropped on every other doorstep in the neighborhood. A summer kickoff. It sounded like a lot of fun, there was only one problem.

“Yep.” He said shortly, not understanding her underlying point.

“Will you take me?” She begged him, jumping off of her counter so that they were standing face-to-face. Well, more like face-to-chest. He had several inches on her.

“Take you?” His asked in confusion. “I don’t even want to go.”

“Please, Gray!” She pressed on. “I don’t know anyone here and I want to be introduced! You’re the only person I’ve talked to here and you’re my only friend!”

He looked down at her dryly, probably abut to say ‘I’m not you’re friend’, but he paused.

“It’s not some big party. Only like 20 people show up just to talk aimlessly. It’s boring, and social…” he said the world social like it were equivalent to malaria.

“Please help me Gray!” Juvia pleaded, folding her hands together and pressing them to her lips.

He studied her, and Juvia wondered just what he was thinking. Annoyance and regret flashed across his dark stormy eyes. He was going to say no. If he didn’t, she’d probably drop dead from shock. Gray barely even liked her. He probably knew that she had purposely broke the printer just for an excuse to see him.

Yeah. Oops.

Then, his thin lips twisted into a sort of hybrid frown-sneer. It was unique to his face, and his face alone.

“Fine.” He groaned, licking his lips and looking away, as if thinking, ‘why did I agree to this shit?’

Juvia blinked once. Twice. Three times.

“Seriously?” She echoed.

“Don’t look so surprised.” He hissed. “I’m not that big of a douchebag.”

“I didn’t say that!” She argued.

“But you were thinking it.” He told her, pushing her nose so she stepped back an inch. That was oddly…affectionate. For Gray, at least. Maybe she really was wearing him down.

After a moment of recovery, she broke into a smile. He was actually going to help her with something other than broken appliances! Without thinking, she dove forward and threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him like he was a maple tree and not a living breathing, no-touchy person.

“Oh…god…get off. Off.” He grumbled, pushing at her lightly like he’d never been hugged before and he could only shoo her away.

“Nope. This is happening. Our first moment.” She giggled, continuing to squeeze the life out of him and hang off of his shoulders like a fruit bat.

“You’re insane.” He stated, lifting her off the ground a few times in an attempt to shake her off. “And this isn’t a moment you crazy woman!”

When she finally released him, he held his hands up in the air, waiting for her to strike once more. She grinned. Good to know that the iron man had a few weaknesses besides sugary desserts.

“Thank youuuuu,” she sang happily, clapping her hands together and letting her smile devour her face. He looked at her like he just didn’t understand her, like she was a 5000 piece puzzle with all the pieces missing.

“Don’t thank me yet,” he sighed, “you owe me. A lot.”

“Well what do you want?” She asked him coyly.

He narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure.”

She sat her head on her hand and made a cheeky smile.

Yet.” He corrected himself. “You’re annoying me. I’m leaving.”

“Wow, thanks for the positivity buddy. Can’t wait for you to be my party date.”

His nose wrinkled at the word date. She noticed the muscles in his chest tighten as well. Yum.

She would wear him down. It was only a matter of time.




“That was fun.” Juvia said excitedly, unable to contain the skip in her step.

“That was torture.” Gray rephrased. His steps were more slow, and trudge worthy. Evidently the pair had very different views of neighborhood bonfires.

“And everyone’s so nice, and friendly…” she added kindly.

“And touchy, and annoying, and loud,” Gray added unhelpfully.

She shoved him playfully into the curb, their fire-and-ice personalities clashed well. He might argue unwell, but she knew she’d win that argument anyways.

“Remind me again why I did this,” he grumbled to himself, asking no one in particular, yet Juvia felt compelled to answer.

“Because you’d do anything for me.” She assured him happily. He looked at her weirdly, shaking his head.

“Juvia, I swear, you make me crazy.”

She tilted her head and shoved him again. She never really understood what he meant when he said that, even now, his words were clouded with uncertainty.




“You’d think by now you’d just…I don’t know, teach me how to fix this stuff myself.” Juvia mused, lounging across her kitchen table while Gray buried himself in her dishwasher.

“Shut up and hand me the wrench.”

“Ugh. So demanding.” She complained, while reaching into the tool box on one of her chairs and handing him the tool obediently.

“Besides, this stuff takes coordination. Talent. Patience.” Gray listed off. Juvia raised an eyebrow.

“And what? I have none of those qualities?” She asked him, taking minor offense.

“I was pretty sure I made that clear.” He mumbled, before emerging from her dishwasher, soot all over his hands.

Juvia gaped. “Where in god’s name did that come from?”

He grinned. “You don’t wanna know.”

She swallowed and sat up on her table, swinging her legs around to watch him survey her kitchen.

“Whatcha lookin’ for?” She asked him slyly.

“Just…making sure everything else is working properly…” He muttered, somewhat embarrassed for going the extra mile for someone he claimed to despise. He tapped her coffee maker with his wrench and stepped back, satisfied with his work.

“There’s ice cream in the freezer.” She finally divulged, to his excitement.

He pulled out the gallon of chocolate mocha (her personal favorite flavor) and began eating it by the spoonful.

“God, could you get any more uncivilized?” She asked him, shielding her eyes from his eating habits.

“I’ll try my best, grand duchess. While I’m at it, maybe I’ll let all of your appliances break.” He mocked her relentlessly.

“Point taken. Ass.” Juvia muttered. He pretended not to hear her.

“You know,” he said, in between devouring her ice cream supply. “Sometimes I wonder if you break all your shit on purpose just for my company.”

Juvia froze, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks and leave the rest of her face devoid of color.

Was he joking? Or did he really know?

She let out a bout of nervous laughter, a horrible habit of hers whenever she made a mistake.

“As if. I can barely stand you.” She said in between laughter. She bowed her head so that her hair was hopefully covering her blush.

He was right. Of course he was right. By now, it was becoming almost unbearable for her to cover up her crush on him. He had to have caught some of her longing glances, or offhand compliments, or anything she’d been dropping him for the past 6 months of living in her house. He’d be stupid to not notice. He’d be cruel to ignore her.

Either way, Juvia knew full well that one of these days, there’d be a confrontation. And something told her it wouldn’t end in a happily ever after scenario. Gray never was one for fairy tales.

“You’re not fooling anyone, Juvia.” He said, like he was reading her mind. She braved a look at him, and he winked.

Her treacherous face betrayed her and set on fire. Of course he knew. Of course he did.

He was just messing with her now. Asshole.

“You should go soon.” She forced herself to say emotionlessly. “I’m getting tired of your stupid face.”

He wrinkled his nose. “Yeah. Get better ice cream flavors, by the way. Or you’ll have to start paying me for my labor.”

“I’ll do my best,” she calmly muttered. She just had to keep it together for a little while longer.

“See ya, Juvia.” He said as he was leaving. That was strange. He didn’t usually bid her any sort of farewell, normally he just ate food and left whenever he felt it would please him.

He turned around at the door, his hand fishing into his pocket. She noticed that his wrists were still dirty and coated with the soot from the dishwasher, however that had even gotten there.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” He told her, nodding his head at her from her standing point in the front hallway. “Next time you break stuff on purpose, try not to leave any evidence behind.”

She felt her blood freeze in place. No. No. No. This wasn’t happening.

Juvia looked up to see that he was holding a silver bracelet. Her bracelet. It must’ve slipped off when she was breaking her dishwasher. He knew. He knew the whole time.

He put the bracelet back into his pocket and closed the door already gone, leaving her, choking on embarrassment, in her front doorway.

She grabbed the front railing and leaned over, feeling as if she might throw up. There was only one acceptable reaction to this occurrence. Only one.

She’d have to move again.




A knock came at her door around 5 pm. She figured it was just one of her neighbors trying to sell her girl scout cookies for their snot-nosed kid, so she didn’t even bother getting up off of her couch.

The knock came again, more urgent this time, so she reluctantly stood up and walked over to her door to see whatever the hell it was someone wanted.

When she swung open the door, she certainly wasn’t expecting to see Gray, slumped over across the doorframe, playing with her silver bracelet in one of his hands.

She grinded her teeth, in anger and embarrassment. What had he even come here for? To mock her for being so stupid, and hopeful?

“Forgot to give this back,” He said lazily, almost as if he were conveying that he had made no mistake in doing so. She held out her hand flatly and he dropped it into her palm.

He raised and eyebrow at her sharp glare.

“Who put a rat in your coffee?” He asked, standing up and flexing hi shoulder blades before walking into her house, uninvited.

“Can I help you with something?” She asked him, not hiding the bite in her voice. He shrugged.

“Got anything to eat?” He asked her, ignoring her seething.

“Gray,” she protested. “Seriously. What are you doing here?”

He looked at her like she was dumb. “I’m hungry?”

She bit the inside of her lip. “Don’t you have any food?”

He shrugged. “I think you know the answer to that question.”

He dug through her fridge and she dug her shoes into the kitchen floor, trying to figure out what to say next. It was like he was going out of his way to ignore the fact that he had caught her more than a week ago.

He grabbed and apple and started eating it, like he lived here and wasn’t a guest she never wanted.

“Gray.” She said firmly. “What do you want from me?”

He looked down at his apple. She rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean.” She repeated, folding her arms sternly and looking him down confidently. She had to stay strong, if she showed even a single sign of weakness-

Gray took a step towards her and she let out a tiny shriek. She mentally congratulated herself for looking like an idiot. So much for standing her ground.

“Look, Juvia…I don’t care.” He said finally, struggling with his words like he was saying something meaningful.

She looked at him in confusion and he sighed.

“I don’t care about….you know…” His eyes wandered to her dishwasher and she huffed.

“Well…why not?” She demanded. He looked at her pleadingly, his eyes asking her to just drop it. She refused.

“Because I…don’t mind.”

She blinked in shock. What did he mean by that?

He glared at her for not understanding, like it was her fault.

“I don’t mind doing this shit for you. And like…spending time…with…” He trailed off and swallowed hard, like there were a bunch of nails caught in his throat.

Juvia felt her pulse jump. Was he trying to tell her something beyond the scope of friendship.

“…Gray?” She asked lowly, taking a single step forward. He had set the apple on her kitchen counter, only two bites taken.

“Uh.” He mumbled. “I mean…don’t take that the wrong way…”

“Wrong way how?” Juvia demanded clarification. Gray looked as uncomfortable as she had looked when he caught her.

“Like…” he trailed off, looking at her like she had a smudge of dirt on her nose. “Just…fuck it.”

All of a sudden, his hands darted forward and snatched her waist, puling her to him in an instant as he closed the space between them. The kiss was firm and sort of stony, nothing like Juvia had been taught as a child. Kisses were supposed to be romantic and soft, but Gray’s was hard and desperate.

Not that she cared. The second his lips met hers, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back feverously. He seemed surprised by her enthusiasm at first, before he matched her pace and kissed her like any second she might slip out of his arms.

He pushed her back, biting her lip playfully before her back hit the counter where his apple was sitting. She could taste the crisp fruit on his lips, thank god she couldn’t get enough of it.

He pulled away from her for a moment, touching her chin and laughing.

“You make me crazy,” he said again, looking at her like she was a museum relic.

“If it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way.” She comforted him, tightening her arms around his neck to convince him that she wasn’t done with that kiss.

He looked up, thinking on her words for a moment.

“Actually, that does make me feel better.” He said with a cheeky smile, before dipping down and kissing her again.

She wasn’t going to have any broken appliances for a long, long time.




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Hot Hot Hollywood: Selena Gomez Has Gotten Inside Of A Subaru And Is Shuffling Cards While Listening To A CD Of Haunted-House Sound Effects

There she is! Yes, it’s the songbird princess of Hollywood Hill, it’s Selena Gomez! And if you love the Sing Queen of Westwood Boulevard as much as we do, then get ready to be on your hands and knees wailing for joy because The Gomlet has gotten herself inside of a Subaru and is sitting in the backseat shuffling cards while listening to a CD of haunted-house sound effects!

Wow wow wow wow oh wow! Sources are shouting that the “Same Old Love” singer has climbed inside the Subaru legs-first through a half-open window and inserted a CD of frightening Halloween noises such as screams and clangs but mostly clangs into the CD player of the 2003 Forester and is playing it on repeat! Her legs are not moving but her hands sure are, and they’re repeatedly shuffling a deck of novelty playing cards featuring the cast of David E. Kelley’s Picket Fences. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes, indeed! This gossip has the word “Hollywood” written all over it! The key is in the ignition, the engine is not on, but the battery is running, and Selena Gomez is singing along to the CD of haunted-house sound effects while shuffling her cards that are stained with au jus from her French dip sandwich that is on a plate in the front seat, but she is in the backseat with her seatbelt on and the car’s registration is expired! Oh God! Oh my God!

Call your mom and tell her she loves me, because The Gomlet is back and better than ever in the Subaru in the parking lot of the Department of Water and Power. You go, girl!

Selena Gomez fans will be pleased to learn that the Wizards Of Waverly Place star has put on her hazards and turned on the windshield wipers and cranked up the defroster and turned down the volume of her haunted-house sound-effects CD so she can concentrate on finding the aces in her deck of cards and throwing them out of the window one by one! Look out, Ariana Grande, because Selena Gomez has yanked on her seatbelt and it has locked, so if she wants to adjust it, she’s going to have to unbuckle the seatbelt, let it retract all the way, and then buckle it in once again! Shots fired!

But the drama just gets more and more of it, because The Gomlet was also spotted taking out a SECOND deck of novelty playing cards featuring the cast of David E. Kelly’s Chicago Hope, and she is now indiscriminately shuffling the two decks together while opening and closing her eyes to the beat of a series of thunder-clap sounds and the sun is just beginning to set!

Incredible and shocking and hot hot hot! It’s just another juicy day on that hill in Hollywood where movie stars are always breathing. Who knows? Maybe Selena will unbuckle her seatbelt and move to another seat in the Subaru or start playing solitaire with one of the two decks of cards she is now shuffling while the distorted sound of a howling wolf blares from the car’s speakers! There just isn’t any way to know right now, and our airways are absolutely obstructed with anticipation! It’s hot hot Hollywood, baby!

July 16, 2014 Transiting Jupiter in Leo - Pot of Gold When I think of Jupiter in Leo my vision is magnified and  showered with cosmic riches, mountains of diamond crowns and a larger than life celestial carnival. Like a birthday cake for breakfast, a stage show lined with popping balloons, a river of bubbly champagne and a dance until trance. Transiting Jupiter leaves Cancer and enters Leo on July 16 for around a year. This erupts twin themes of expansion, opportunity, fireworks, good faith, humor and larger than life emotional responses. Here we move from the gloating mother (Cancer) to the glowing child (Leo) with the paintbrush to develop all of our talents. This is the the biggest star of solar system in synergy with the second biggest planet, so the lenses of life is sure are be enlarged and revitalizing. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, rules Aquarius in esoteric astrology and exalts in Cancer. Everything Jupiter touches comes to life and Leo is the bouncing pulse of the zodiac. Traditionally regarded as the ‘greater benefic’ of the solar system, Jupiter is the cosmic lottery ticket who spins favor and fortune to those in its path. The majestic throne of Leo absolutely soaks up its visit from the sister Fire planet and relishes in the most spectacular display of sparkling sunshine. The themes of Jupiter in Leo revel in regal self expression and generate creative sparks, political amendment, pleasure playgrounds and social idealism. There are generous resources of collective charity here and the motivation to do what is 'good’ and 'right’ for humanity on behalf of ethos (Jupiter) and those who need protection, justice and safety (Leo). This is the time of magnificent fundraising events, musical festivals, abundance, blessings, court proceedings, trips to Broadway and health advances (particularly relating to the heart). We express the radiance of Leo through artwork, play, novelty and the quest for self. Jupiter wants us to find our best selves and encourages the elated cosmic dance through the universe.

Transiting Jupiter through Leo ignites a flame of spiritual power where intuitive sources of esoteric knowledge are readily available. This comes through the direct self experience (Leo) and engaging with foreigners and educated mentors (Jupiter). Networking opportunities and 'right time right moment’ experiences expand in occurrence and open the door to new windows of chance. Jupiter in Leo is a flamboyant period that may be marked by a childbirth boom, total ostentatious spending sprees, love affairs and a general over extravagance. So this can make us feel good. Too good. Too comfortable, too confident, and over zealous. The big planets here can make the eyes larger than the stomach and provoke gambling streaks, the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, sugar excess and the glorious indulgence in all of life’s pleasures. The spotlight may be shone on the political sphere through government employees, and with Saturn forming a square to Jupiter the conditions may relate to austerity measures and job losses. Bureaucratic policies may align to greater wisdom and ethics rather than radical ideology. We may become more oriented toward measures of good health or completely over do culinary gratification. Robert Hand suggests that “life flows more easily” during a Jupiter transit. The powers of thought manifestation and cosmic gift giving are accelerated during this period so we get what we wish for - whether this is positive dreaming or catastrophized worry. When we join Jupiter and Leo on the cosmic merry go round of delight and shared optimism, the starry riches of the universe shine on us in conscious rebound.

♈ Aries: The sunshine and vitality growth nectar of Jupiter blossoms the Aries flower into dazzling cosmic light show. Simply “Be” and the energies will surge from outside inside out. Now your heart is too big for your sleeve! “There is no sorrow except in captivity.” - Osho

♉ Taurus: Milkshake moon showers and sensual indulgence all await in the cosmic gift package. Here you can find a sense of peace and pleasurable comfort, although this may be found through the inner sun. “All our attachments are outward oriented and hence this illusion.” - Osho

♊ Gemini: Instead of doing double - do triple, do quadruple, do everything and anything all at one time, because you cant manage time anyway right? Instead of only expressing one thought at a time, try joining the 27 you have into one sentence  “A respectable person is invariably unrespectable within.” - Osho

♋ Cancer: Release your values to the world and wait for the golden handshake, the bounty of the last year’s abundance are ready to be splurged and shared. Generate this toward your desired sanctuary even if you have only built this in your mind  A man becomes a Buddha the moment he accepts all that life brings with gratitude.” - Osho

♌ Leo: The sky is alight with the royal throne drawn especially for you. Cherish in the synchronicities and expansion of opportunities made available to you. Play with the universe and she will giggle back with you  “Be-don’t try to become.”Osho 

♍ Virgo: Jupiter’s medical footnotes are imprinted here and the magic of healing particles are made readily available to you. The sun nourishes and remedies, sleep under some solar and find some new worlds “Thinking goes on in your head. It is not really deep into the roots of your being; it is not your totality.” - Osho

♎ LibraYou have a humanitarian ally by your side who shares your vision and wants to illustrate these into reality. Jupiter governs faith and belief, so remember to believe and everything will come true "Whatever is of consequence in life, is always hidden from view. What is manifest is the outer cover; what remains unmanifest is the soul within.” - Osho 

Scorpio: Tuck the winning cosmic ticket into your brief case and share the spirit of Jupiter humanity and Sun life force to spin the numbers in your favour. Keep your newly expanded visual eye out for golden opportunities which promise dazzling crowns for all your hard work  “There is far more opportunity than there is ability.” - Osho

Sagittarius: The stars are shining through your synapses and the soul is calling for its nourishment. Run, travel, read, take out a library card and then use it to prove your innocence when you get caught over intoxicated  “I, simply, am God. It makes everything so much easier.” - Osho

Capricorn: All the zeroes have no fun sitting in the bank gathering 0.00001% interest per year, invest in Jupiter laughter and Sun extravagance. The cosmic luck basket is waiting at the office doorstep  “Take hold of your own life. See that the whole existence is celebrating” - Osho

Aquarius:  Riches await through the Sun warmed hands of others, the soul ruler is in a homeland an accelerates mystic jewels. Your world is getting bigger but your love makes unity possible  “Always remember to judge everything by your inner feeling of bliss.” - Osho

Pisces: Delight in the music of the universe and the cosmic royalty that is you. Just believe in the new faith coursing through you, you were never wrong, you are always right, this is right, just a new way of perceiving the artwork  “One just needs a little alertness to see and find out: Life is really a great cosmic laughter.” -Osho

Elton John talks Ed Sheeran with Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • Rolling Stone: A lot of people don't realize that you work with Ed Sheeran. What's your role in his career?
  • Elton John: I've been advising him, and own the company that manages him. He asks me for advice. For example, a couple of years ago, he told me that the record company wanted a follow up to +, but he was also offered a tour with Taylor Swift, 88 shows in America. He said to me. "What should I do?" I said to him, "It's a no-brainer. You do the 88 shows with Taylor Swift. She'll be on top of the bill. You'll be coming on when people are coming in. It's not your audience. It'll give you so much backbone, and you can't buy that experience. And you know Taylor. You like her. Do that — there's plenty of time for a second record."
  • "He's such a good musician that he will not be satisfied with just playing on his own. And on the new album, x, he didn't want to put "Sing" first. Pharrell has had so much success recently. I'm worried people are going to be burned out by him." I said, "Listen, it's a song that people don't expect from you. If you want to put out 'Don't' first, it's gonna take a while to get up the charts. If you put 'Sing' out first, it will go straight in, and it will be the biggest thing on radio you've had so far." Every record he put out before that, "The A Team" and "Lego House," they took a long time to get up the charts. I think that "The A Team" took a year, and they wouldn't put him on the Grammys. I said to them, "Listen, I'll do a duet with him on 'The A Team.'" That got him on the Grammys because that's what I do. I'm a manager. It was a vital move for him."
  • "But I just give him advice. I've been around for so long and I know the scene. I knew that "Sing" should be the first single, and of course, it worked. He emailed to say, "Thank you so much." He says thank you. He listens. I'm doing it to make sure his career goes the right way. I'm very good at that."
  • RS: It's amazing that he plays stadiums with just an acoustic guitar and no band. I've never seen that done before.
  • EJ: That's unique. I mean, I played Madison Square Garden on my own, but he did Wembley Stadium three nights, which was 85,000 people a night on his own. It's astonishing. It's very brave. But sooner or later, he's gonna have to get some other musicians. He's such a good musician that he will not be satisfied with just playing on his own. I tell him that it's great for a while, but then the novelty wears off. Playing with other musicians will give him a whole new twist, and I think he'll love that, but for the moment he's very happy doing what he does. But putting on my management hat, that has to change soon."

Hmmm a little bit, though I can totally see them doing it as for like a joke or something (Ruby’s fury mixed with Sapphire pacience can create quite the hilarious juxtaposition), but yes it does irk me a bit when they believe that their characters are so..flat, like that’s not it at all

Steven Universe has done a FABULOUS job of fleshing out character (Pearl’s characterization is just ‘yeeess please unf’ to me I love it) and I just like to see if I can find REASONS as to why characters act the way they do

Like take Rose for example, when we first see her and what the character’s memories of her are, she seems like the sweetest goddess that can do no wrong.But then ‘We need to talk’ came out and gave us a bit more insight on her character. Rose treated Greg like a novelty, something she could ‘play’ with and then when he died, it wouldn’t have much significance since it seemed like she was used to it and that it has happened before (Rose never said Greg’s actual name until he confronted her and Pearl was CERTAIN that he was just a phase’ meaning that she’s probably seen this happen a lot.

and then it hit me that Rose is an alien. she’s an alien and she commanded an entire army in a war. And that the reason the gems came to earth was to put a kindergarten there and essentially hollow it out. That means at some point, Rose had an empathy about earth, so what was her personality like BEFORE?

So thi is what me and Rhin try to do, Steven Universe has been giving us glorious hints and tidbits to characterization and world building, and me and Rhin just wanna do our best to EXPLAIN them in ways we thing are plausible given the context. It also helps that we absolutely ADORE the characters that we want to see more of them

[Also in regards to Ruby and Sapphire, the two times we see them is because 1) they were just forcibly unfused and help prisoner on an enemy’s ship (who i might add, you fought a REBELLION against) and they don’t know whether or not their lover is alright and that you are most likely going to get executed when you reach homeworld and 2) a trusted companion, WHO YOU FOUGHT A WAR WITH, just entirely betrayed your trust and sullied your chosen form of expressionment for their own personal gain. SO OF COURSE THEY’RE GONNA ACT DESPERATE AND UPSET, IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT /THAT/ IS THEIR ONLY PERSONALITY TRAIT]

About 30 seconds after The Killers’ Brandon Flowers glided off stage after a stunning, triumphant Governors Ball set, drummer Ronnie Vannucci lingered at his drum kit. With the music over, he gave the crowd an endearingly awkward fist pump, earning one more roar of approval. He strolled to the center-stage microphone, leaned in and softly asked us for a favor.

“Tell your friends.”

It was an unusual request from a globally ubiquitous band that just nailed a headlining set for tens of thousands of people in New York City. Why do we need to tell our friends about The Killers? Everyone knows The Killers, man!

But after thinking over Vannucci’s seemingly silly comment, I got it. He wanted us to tell our friends that The Killers aren’t just a novelty nostalgia trip, playing GovBall for a cheap sing-along. He wanted us to tell our friends that The Killers can still rock out in 2016.