novelty lamp

Batboys taking S/O on vacation and using Snapchat: Dick Grayson

S/o -significant other
[ ]- Written captions

The first thing he does is take a video tour, where he finds his s/o on the bed already jet lagged

Then a picture of the sunset and the view

A picture of their s/o in a burrito blanket, the mirror shows Dick on the balcony in his underwear holding the camera.  [Got hit by the blanket thief last night]

A video of them driving somewhere singing Africa by Toto

A snap of s/o filling up the rental car [ car emoticons]

Selfie of him and s/o at the beach in a touristy area

Sneaky selfie with s/o reading a book on the beach

Then video of the same position except s/o is now waving to the camera

A series of videos of Dick diving and doing flips off of the diving board at the hotel pool [He’s been doing this for Four hours]

A picture of the shop he lost his s/o in  [abandoned :(]

Then a series of videos around the store trying to find them. When he finds them he dedicates a whole snap story to sneaking around filming them looking at clothes using funny voices as if filming a documentary. [Found a replacement. laughing emoji]

S/o does the same at the electrical store, except without the sneaking about. The shop workers look confused but can’t help laughing at the two of them.

Dick gets it back and films himself asking his family to help convince s/o to buy and take home a novelty lamp for their apartment. S/o giggling “Nooooopppe” in the background. The shop assistant is just laughing along with it but awkwardly standing there.

Lots of snaps of their food and the room.

A video of Dick sleeping sprawled all over the bed cuddling the blanket with s/o whispering: Who’s the blanket thief now?!

It concludes with a picture of the lamp from previous snaps, plugged in next to his side of the bed. [Home]