novelty glass

okay. okay i have to go over all the little details i love about the matching roadrat spray

  • junkrat likes novelty glasses confirmed
  • junkrat likes sweet mixed cocktails confirmed
  • roadhog loves wearing speedos
  • theyre so gay???
  • i appreciate that bliz remembered australia is in the southern hemisphere, so their holiday season is early summer
  • the little towel rolled up behind junkrat’s head. he’s pampered
  • adorable fist bump. they’re bros. they love each other
  • hog’s just wearing a fucking wreath. as you do

Miniature jar cups upcycled into these beautiful shot glasses.

This set of two glasses is perfect for sharing. Making a lovely addition to a dining table or for a party.

Whether its a cosy night in or a celebration these glasses are perfect for any measured beverage.

The cups on top are small Mason jar cups. Under the cups joining the cup and the stem is golden polymer clay. The base of the cups are upcycled wine glass stems.

anonymous asked:

Me, already making a deal with the devil, ready to stab myself to death, wearing a oversized clown novelty glasses: "hey,,, buddy,, my dude,, hey listen. Listen. Buddy." (Whispering, as i caress the face of the devil himself. He is very uncomfortable)" i do what i wanrt "『paranoia』

the devil loves your sweet touch of morbidness,,, and as the child of satan i personally can say its true,, that you indeed are a CUTIE kms

should we ever boot andrew jackson off the $20 for having been a racist, genocidal asshole, a short list of some better candidates (pt 1)
  • ida b wells
  • sally ride
  • neil degrasse tyson
  • langston hughes
  • george washington AGAIN except wearing a pair of those novelty glasses with the attached nose and mustache and eyebrows
  • mr rogers
  • lin manuel-miranda
  • beyonce
  • anthony mackie 
  • anthony mackie…as the falcon
  • sunglasses emoji
  • a dog riding a skateboard and looking really pleased with itself
  • literally any muppet but i think maybe especially animal
Bring It

So there’s another flap going on about efforts to make the comics industry and talent pool more diverse. I’m not going to link to the inciting material, but here’s my general response:

I’m a straight guy of thoroughly-WASP heritage. My ethno-gender-support parade is called Western History. Bring on other voices. Just bring ‘em on.

As a writer, I’m not scared of the competition, because more voices, different voices, broaden the market.

As a reader, I’m not scared of other voices, because I want to hear those voices. I want voices like mine AND voices not like mine.

Let’s get spoiled for choice. Let’s have all kinds of stuff, all kinds of voices to choose from. Bring it on. Bring it on in comics. Bring it on in books. Bring it on in TV and movies. In video games, novelty neckties, stained-glass windows!

Bring it. Make it happen. Let’s have a smorgasbord of choice. By which I don’t mean just all kinds of Scandinavian food, to be clear.

[Mmmmm, open-faced herring sandwiches!]

Bianca Jagger on Keith Moon her wedding day: “Bianca, who was pregnant with their daughter Jade, left the reception early and went back to their room — only to wake hours later and find Keith Moon abseiling through her sixth-floor window, naked except for a pair of novelty glasses whose eyeballs bounced around in front of him on springs, and a pair of women’s underpants on his head.”

New Years novelty glasses have gone downhill since 2009. People are still trying so hard but you can’t make an eye hole out of a 1 and act like everything is okay.