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Midnight Cinderella Suitor’s Fashions

@aquisces-arts wanted to see what the suitors would look like in modern clothes, so I did my best conceptualizing what each would wear and why.

Let’s start with King Byron:

Byron dresses very monochromatically– wearing different shades of black head to toe, and choosing gold accents that catch the light. 

If you look at his hair, you can see that his wisps are very controlled. Even his cowlick is styled neatly. He would probably use a light pomade. The details on the jeans give texture without distraction, like his black casual shirt in the game. 

The gold zipper on the knees also satisfies his love of gold hardware. If you notice, Byron does not wear jewelry aside from his earring, which he shares with Nico, so I think a planetary key chain would be a good choice for him, as it combines his star-gazing hobby with an outlet for an accessory.

Of course, a Rolex is a must, and I think he would always give himself a chaste spritz of cologne before stepping out of the door. This scent is unisex and has a dry-down that smells of vanilla, woods and leather.

I don’t think he would shy away from stylish shoes– he may even be a subtle trend-setter. Because Byron can hold his liquor with the best of them, and because he doesn’t tend to let himself get too casual out in the open, I thought martini glass novelty socks would be a fun twist. It would be his own little secret. While it may not be that wild of a thing for the rest of us, considering Byron’s aloof personality, he may feel that it really is daring indeed.

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paujurgolper  asked:

yo, so im working on a guzma cosplay, (guzma from pokemon sun and moon), and was wondering if you had tips on making the glasses, cuz i got no clue the hell im doing. (pardon my profanity)

They have a very unique shape, so I can see where the challenge is. 

My first thought would be to try and modify existing sunglasses, or maybe giant novelty glasses based on how huge they are! Maybe start with a rounded pair as a base and pop out the right lens. Then cut the lens so you have the half-moon shape. Then clip the sunglass frame on the right side so you have the half-moon shape at the bottom and an open top. Glue the sunglass lens back in place and use an epoxy modeling putty (like GreenStuff) or an adhesive thermoplastic like Worbla to create the slanted top bar. Then paint when fully hardened.

Otherwise you can break it down into two parts if you want see-through lenses, or one part if you don’t mind them being opaque. You can create the frame from a wide range of materials: you could sculpt it from an air-dry or bakeable clay, you could make it out of plastics, you could cut it out of foam or cardboard or pretty much anything you can get into the sunglass shape. As for the lenses, you could use a tinted plastic or a clear plastic and add the tint to it. Some tutorials recommend using plastic duotangs/folders from an office store since they are easy to find, fairly cheap and easy to work with. I would recommend checking an art store, or online, for acetate sheets.

You might also find these tutorials inspirational.

Duckie / Admin

Mother's Day!

So this Sunday in America it will be mother’s day.

And since I work every Sunday regardless of arbitrary holidays, my small son will be with his grandparents. And on Monday morning when they drop him back off, I will be greeted with the same present I’ve gotten five years in a row: a home-made card and a small potted Rose from Safeway that my mother will gush my son picked out “all by himself”.

Hint: bath bombs. I want bath bombs. And a single solitary fucking afternoon to take a bath with a glass of cheap Barefoot pink Moscato from 711, and my phone hooked up to a small speaker blasting Panic! At The Disco’s “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” on god damn repeat.

All mom’s say “Nothing” when asked what they want for mother’s day. Better not get fuckin “nothing”. I’m not asking for a Pandora bracelet or a $700 purse or an all-expenses paid spa weekend. Just an uninterrupted afternoon bath.

So, I’m going to get the 10-pack Pomegranate bath bomb set from Target for 12.99 plus tax my-god-damn-self because Mom’s get their own shit done. I will graciously accept my Safeway flower that will almost immediately die because I will absolutely forget to water it even tho it lives​ RIGHT NEXT TO THE KITCHEN SINK, and I will toss the shriveled remains over the edge of my 3rd story apartment balcony, and then the undoubtedly cute “World’s Best Mom” container shall become an ashtray.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s on Tumblr. The single moms, the SAH moms, the working moms, the married moms, the re-married moms, the divorced moms, the widowed moms, the foster moms, the adoptive moms, the moms who (through whatever tragic circumstance) are no longer moms, the soccer moms, the “please just watch TV and be quiet” moms, hover-moms, tiger moms, passive moms, and everything in between.

Congrats on surviving another year of the world’s most rewarding and FUCKING SELF DESTRUCTIVE job on earth. I raise my novelty over-sized wine glass to you all.

I found some giant novelty glasses and a green dinosaur pencil sharpener and I really wanted to send them to Ken, but I’m sad because VIXX don’t accept gifts :(  There’s so much weird crap I want to give them, but I can’t! Like let me send Ravi stickers of kittens wearing gold chains and dumb shades!! I want to mail them rainbow slinkies and light-up bouncy balls!!! 


You once knew a boy who lived next to the water.

He was there every summer, maybe all year long. You only saw him in the summers when the beach was just the perfect temperature for frolicking and sandcastles and light-hearted water fights in rolling waves of aquamarine. 

He lived in the old wooden beach house by the side of the beach. It hung off a cliff with half of it on land and the other half supported by a whole infrastructure of bolts and driftwood. You used to play between the scaffolding, weaving in and out of the beams like a fish through coral. He didn’t come out often. But when you squinted hard enough, you could catch him standing behind the large glass window, peeking through drawn curtains with a frown deep enough to gift him permanent wrinkles.

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okay. okay i have to go over all the little details i love about the matching roadrat spray

  • junkrat likes novelty glasses confirmed
  • junkrat likes sweet mixed cocktails confirmed
  • roadhog loves wearing speedos
  • theyre so gay???
  • i appreciate that bliz remembered australia is in the southern hemisphere, so their holiday season is early summer
  • the little towel rolled up behind junkrat’s head. he’s pampered
  • adorable fist bump. they’re bros. they love each other
  • hog’s just wearing a fucking wreath. as you do
5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Urban Outfitters

1. They promote harmful eating disorders to young, impressionable girls with products like this:

2. It’s now suddenly “cool” to take drug overdoses, well, that is according to Urban Outfitters who are promoting them with their “novelty” shot glasses:

3. They think that having depression is now fashionable:

4. In response to the massacre of innocent students at Kent State University in 1970, Urban Outfitters think it’s cool to start selling this “blood stained” garment:

5. They promote rape culture and pass the ownership of rape on to women:

I could go on and on with a huge array of “controversial” products that the tools over in the new product development department have deemed to be the next hot assets to the PR strategy of Urban Outfitters, but for the sake of time, I think the top 5 above will hopefully encapsulate my feelings towards Urban Outfitters.

I totally understand that sometimes companies will take risks in order to gain some free PR coverage but this strategy is abhorrent, offensive and damn-right obnoxious. Urban Outfitters have a duty of care to their young, impressionable customers as a corporate citizen. 

I will never be buying from Urban Outfitters again.

Bianca Jagger on Keith Moon her wedding day: “Bianca, who was pregnant with their daughter Jade, left the reception early and went back to their room — only to wake hours later and find Keith Moon abseiling through her sixth-floor window, naked except for a pair of novelty glasses whose eyeballs bounced around in front of him on springs, and a pair of women’s underpants on his head.”

"Under The Sea"

Admin: Lilith

Imagine: One shot where reader gets turned into a mermaid? Reader x Castiel please and thank you!! :)

Word Count: 2421

Warning: Fish things, water, swearing. Your name: submit What is this?

There was a flutter of wings from somewhere in the living room. You immediately slumped down farther into the bathtub, making the water slosh gently.
“Y/N? Are you here?”
You responded to this by sliding down so far that your nose was nearly level with the water. Castiel’s footsteps grew closer and closer until they paused right outside the door. “Y/N, are you not answering because of personal ablutions?”
“Yes. It’s me.”
In spite of the situation, you snorted out a laugh. “No, I know it’s you.”
“Ah.” You could imagine him cocking his head slightly in the bemused silence that followed. “Well. Good.”
“Um. Cas, listen, I sort of have a…situation going on, here.”
“Do you require my assistance?” His voice had gone suddenly alert. “I can get the tampons and ice cream.”
“Not that.”
“Is it the other ‘situation?'” You could just picture the little smirk playing on his lips as his voice roughened just slightly. “I could help with that, too. I would very much like to help.”
There was a lengthy pause. “Brace yourself,” you finally said, taking a shaky breath and covering your face with your hands. “And come in.”

You heard the door open and shut, and then the rustle of the shower curtain as it was pulled back. There was a gentle intake of breath, and then silence.
Eventually, you peeked through your fingers. Castiel was standing over you, frozen, one hand still gripping the colorful plastic curtain. His eyes were flicking over you, his expression growing increasingly bewildered as his agitation grew.
“You’re a mermaid,” he said incredulously.

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Twilight: Here are all the jars I have!

  1. Brainy Class Preservation Unit Mk.I: The first jar I ever built, it allows me mobility as just a brain by floating through the air, and its three coils means I cannot only still use magic, but am three times as powerful, and have even greater control of my magic. It is designed to be tough enough to weather a great deal of damage, and possesses a sophisticated on-board computer.
  2. Brainy Class Preservation Unit Mk.II: An upgrade to the Mk.I, the Mk.II features a larger container for my brain, a more powerful and precise levitation unit, and upgraded magical coils. It is also much tougher physically, and has a more powerful general purpose computer.
  3. Mage Class Preservation Unit: Equipped with four high grade magic coils and a set of tool pods/manipulator arms, this jar is well suited to situations that require either more magic or finer manipulation of objects. It is also designed to be visually impressive enough to be suitable to ‘wear’ for special occasions. However, it has a smaller levitation unit that, while good for dancing, is much slower and harder to control than normal. The larger number of moving parts also means it is easier to damage, and its computer is focused entirely on the use of magic.
  4. Corsair Class Preservation Unit: This jar is designed to be simple to manufacture from scrap parts in the event that a more conventional one is unavailable. However, it is easily damaged, and possesses only a single rudimentary magical coil. Lacking any sort of levitation unit, it instead pogo-sticks around on this coil, using an internal gyroscope to maintain balance.
  5. Behemoth Class Preservation Unit: Designed for use in the unfortunate event of heavy combat, this unit is heavily armed and armored, and possesses a sophisticated targeting array. Its heavy duty coils are well suited to attack spells, and its machine guns, cannons, and missile launchers can handle any foe who happens to be resistant to magic.
  6. Explorer Class Preservation Unit: Designed for exploration into unknown and possibly dangerous environments, this jar features excellent armor, and possesses a holster for a smallarm. A unique features is the hyperspace storage module on the rear, which can hold a far larger volume than its size would indicate
  7. Mouse Class Preservation Unit: A backup model to be used in the event that no other jar is available and I absolutely HAVE to be out and about. It can float, barely, on three hover units located on the underside of its spherical chassis, and can use magic at the same level as the average unicorn.
  8. Barnacle Class Preservation Unit: This unique jar handles exactly one function; life support. As a parasite jar, everything else is handled by the host whose head is currently attached to. While taking direct control of a host is theoretically possible, doing so would be highly unethical in most cases. Good for having fun with friends!
  9. Pickle jar: It’s an ordinary pickle jar, which I hang out in when my other jars are, for whatever reason, unusable, or when I want to just relax.
  10. Oversized Novelty Martini Glass: Yes, I know it isn’t really a jar, but somehow I always wind up swimming in this freaking thing whenever I get drunk.