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Favourite Summer Activity - The Vamps


During the summer, you both like to hit up as many music festivals as possible since you think that’s the ideal thing to do in the summertime. You and Connor would drive up for a few days, camp out, and get up every morning anxious for your favourite bands to perform. You both would probably be sporting matching band t-shirts and Connor would probably insist on holding your hand all the time so you would get lost in the crowd.  sit on the soft materials of a blanket, savouring each band or singer while sitting next to one another, not imagining a better way to spend the summer.


Road trips is where it’s at for you two. You both like to do spontaneous things during the summer because it’s time to let loose and enjoy the freedom it brings. You’d plan to go somewhere new and refreshing with a lot of random pitstops at restaurants, fruit stands, and novelty shops. During the car ride, there’d be a lot of playful teasing and arguing about who has been navigating/driving skills, but all that would quickly be forgotten because of your awesome summer playlist blasting through the speakers. You’d enjoy each other’s company and the wind blowing through your hair, and didn’t care if you got lost because you had each other.   


You two would be all over a beach or a quiet lake because you both love to swim and enjoy the sun on the warm sand. You guys would take a lot of walks near the shoreline, collecting shells and dipping your feet in the cooling water. Occasionally, you guys would rent a quant cottage near the water and spend a few days there, just relaxing. There would also be a lot of playful water fights, sand castle building, tanning, and photo taking (bc Jems is the selfie master). It’s a typical thing to do in the summer, but you guys would never get bored of your tradition because the beach was your special spot. 


Drive-in movies wouldn’t be something you two could pass up. You’d be there like every two weeks and enjoy whatever films they had playing, whether it was an awful one or a classic. You guys would have comfy duvets laid out in the back of the car and a lot of pillows, with some general movie night snacks to make it the perfect movie watching space. Cuddling is a given during this summer activity and yes, you both would be very adorable during the movie, stealing unexpected kisses and quieting chatting. There would also be a lot of moments where the two of you get really loud and giggly over something, ending in you get shushed by all the surrounding people, but that would only make you two laugh harder.

A/N: Oh god, was this any good? It’s been a long time and it’s so foreign for me to be writing again. I’m so nervous posting after so long because maybe I’ve lost my touch? I hope you like this short one, and hopefully I can get something bigger up soon!

Wintertime with Ashton would include...
  • Lots of baking cookies bc he wants to get good by the time your parents come to visit
  • Staying up as long as it takes to see the first snow of the season
  • Buying a shitload of holiday scented candles.
  • Giving you his jacket whenever you guys are out and the sun goes down
  • “I know you had one already but I want to make sure you’re as warm as possible”
  • Putting powdered sugar on whatever he can because “it looks like snow”
  • Having to bring him inside some nights because he got too focused on writing song lyrics out in the winter setting
  • Cuddling under blankets and him wrapping his body around you
  • “God you’re so warm sweetie”
  • He’d definitely wear Christmas themed novelty pajama pants 
  • Car drives to go see everyone’s holiday lights
  • Giggles because you get a hot chocolate mustache
  • “This is why you’re sweet, babe” 
  • Switching to cuddle on the couch bc it’s cold
  • Rambling about everything and anything while wearing his hoodie
  • “I can’t wait to have the holidays with little guys running around here”
  • Morning hikes to see the sunrise over a snowy horizon
  • Telling you to close your eyes when he gets home so he can go hide your presents
  • Catching snowflakes on y’alls tongues
  • “Kissing you tastes way better”
  • Making a gingerbread house and then the roof ends up collapsing
  • Putting you on his shoulders so you can put the tree topper on
  • Spending every waking moment with you because it’s his break and he wants the holidays to be about you and him
  • Horse carriage ride downtown to see the Christmas displays
  • Leaving love bites all over each other’s necks since they’ll be covered up anyways :-)
  • Candids of you both out on winter dates end up being the Christmas card pictures you guys send to family
  • Breakfast in bed often since it’s warmer
  • Which ends up in cuddling because he’s too damn cozy with you in his arms

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