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Hey, guys! I’m super excited and thrilled to announce the release date of my second novel! It’s the sequel to my original and the second in my series “The Fire Rain Chronicles”. The day to mark on your calendars is MAY 10th! <3 <3 <3

I’ll be finishing up the last draft for this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo, polishing all of those plot holes my fantastic beta readers found for me and giving a shine to all the wording. Can’t wait to find out what everyone thinks after they read it!

I-65 Happiness = David Tennant seamlessly rolling in and out of Ten’s voice while reading The Feast of the Drowned (as well as many other perfect voices, including such a spot-on Mickey I forgot I wasn’t actually hearing Noel.) 😍😍😊

okay, but this book though.
Set in 1880 New York, this book tells the story of two witches who own a tea shop that helps that ladies of the neighbourhood by providing wisdom and remedy teas all while dealing with the oppression of women at the time AND the mania still floating around about witches.
I could literally rant about this book forever but ! Even more amazing ! It actually has proper witchcraft in the book !!! It pays homage to Wiccan traditions and all of the herbs actually correspond with their meanings. As well as this it delves quite deeply into the Witches Ladder and even has the chant !
An amazing book that I think should be going crazy on witchblr right now

@maggie-stiefvater may have concluded the Raven Cycle just last year, but she already has a new standalone YA novel hitting shelves later this year, titled All the Crooked Saints. Find out more from the author about what’s in store for readers, her process, and of course, her upcoming Ronan Lynch trilogy.