Memoirs of a Crimefighter is on sale for 99 cents!

For the next 7 days, my superhero novel Memoirs a Crimefighter is available for 99 cents. That’s just 99 cents for all 80,000 glorious words of superhero awesomeness.

Memoirs of a Crimefighter is about The Spectacle. He’s a young, irresponsible and reckless superhero who discovers when his father dies that he was also a superhero. He finds a cardboard box filled with mementos from his dad’s superhero career as Jack Titan, The Man of Myth, and it’s a treasure trove of information…until its stolen. To get it back, he’ll have to go on a journey through the seedy underbelly of the superhero world, and what he finds will change him forever.

Throughout the week, I’m going to be posting pin ups of characters from the book by different artists, and a few other surprises too. The sale ends on May 4th, so don’t miss out on your chance to read hundreds of pages of superhero fun for the unbelievable price of 99 cents. 

As any book lover knows, reading provides an ability to escape. Whether it’s for a few minutes before bed, on the hour-long bus ride to work or even a full day under the sun – books and the stories they hold are a driving force for creativity, growth and (almost always) relaxation.

Novels allow us to visit places, time periods and states of mind we never thought possible. Often these stories and their characters change how we see ourselves and put us on a completely new path.

It’s no surprise that women are big readers, contributing to 64 percent of book sales. With these statistics in mind (and our own healthy addiction to reading), we asked the HuffPost editors and our Facebook audience which books shaped the way they thought about themselves as young women. And while we couldn’t fit all of the amazing books on this list, we’ve rounded up 18 that have made life-changing impressions on our community.

In the name of written words that have left a permanent mark on us, here are 18 books that changed the way many young women felt about themselves

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Can you think of any better way to spend a rainy Sunday morning than curled up with your favorite book and a cup of tea that warms you from the inside out? I can’t, andif you can’t either, I have a few tips on how to create the perfect, cozy reading nook that will inspire you to read as much as you breathe.

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You’re not supposed to ever give your books away. You gotta keep them forever because their something to be proud of. Your collection of books tells a story to people about what you’ve felt, experienced and learned over the years. It’s an archive of every stage of your life.
—  What my Dad told me when I was 13 and thinking of giving away some of my books because I’d read them already.

“The mistake you make, don’t you see, is in thinking one can live in a corrupt society without being corrupt oneself. After all, what do you achieve by refusing to make money ? You’re trying to behave as though one could stand right outside our economic system. But one can’t. One’s got to change the system, or one changes nothing.”

—from Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Acclaimed Uruguayan novelist and journalist Eduardo Galeano has died at the age of 74. Galeano made headlines when Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez gave President Obama a copy of his classic work, The Open Veins of Latin America. Galeano was a guest on Democracy Now! several times over the years.

A common strain throughout Galeano’s work was the problem of historical amnesia. “We have a memory cut in pieces,” Galeano told Democracy Now! in 2013. “And I write trying to recover our real memory, the memory of humankind … But the human rainbow had been mutilated by machismo, racism, militarism and a lot of other isms, who have been terribly killing our greatness, our possible greatness, our possible beauty.”