People who are all alone have every right to be friends with one another.
—  Shirley Jackson, Just an Ordinary Day: The Uncollected Stories

Storium is an awesome collaborative online storytelling game in which you and your friends (or strangers) play characters who interact through a series of scenes, overcoming challenges and writing your own unique story.

The Narrator chooses the world that the story is set in (with choices such as ‘occult pulp horror’, ‘medical drama’ and ‘cyberpunk’), then starts each scene, using cards to give the players challenges to overcome.  The other players then try to overcome these challenges, progressing the story in fun and interesting ways.

It’s a clever storycrafting experience that nurtures creativity, imagination and interaction. 

Play The Full Game, Free (Browser)


current read 24/08/2016 • Gone Girl

I’m so late to the party I can’t even see the band wagon anymore…I was going to read this later since its at the end of my TBR shelf, but then I saw the first minutes of the movie and I got all excited.
I don’t doubt this is an amazing novel plot and character wise, but I am struggling with the authors voice as it alludes to a time and age I can’t relate with. Nevermind, once I hit the thick of the plot I’m sure I’ll be swayed!