“And the quiet, singing voice of the rose. The song that promised all might be well, all might be well, that all manner of things might be well.” The Wolves of the Calla, Stephen King. Pictured: a page from the graphic novel, “Treachery” and my new tattoo. It is an adaptation of *the* rose, art by Kerri Shelafoe at Rendezvous Tattoo.



A differenza di molti appassionati ho conosciuto Pietro Sedda, tatuatore tra i più apprezzati e seguiti in ambito internazionale, non per i suoi lavori, facebook o il suo, a detta di tutti, incredibile studio di Milano ma grazie al suo primo libro Santi, marinai e balene… uscito nel 2012 per Logos edizioni, libro che mi sono trovata diverse volte a voler recensire ma che alla fine ho sempre rimandato. Poche settimane fa è invece uscito Black Novels for Lovers la seconda raccolta dei migliori lavori che Sedda ha realizzato in questi ultimi anni. Un libro di tatuaggi che può essere considerato anche una monografia d'artista; fotografie di tatuaggi che possono essere considerate anche opere d'arte. Disegni colti, raffinati e complessi che devi guardare svariate volte per riuscire a cogliere tutti i dettagli, le sfumature, i particolari; ritratti di marinai, balene, volti di donne che trovano una perfetta armonia, una naturale fusione col corpo che li porta; la predominanza assoluta del nero che come dice lo stesso Sedda completa tutto. Nell'introduzione che l'artista fa al libro si legge “Black Novels For Lovers è il mio atto d'amore, un proscenio abitato dai miei attori. Come un presagio, una dolce alchimia, racconto piccole storie, antiche novelle melanconiche senza memoria; uomini ermetici, assorti in pensieri e sogni fantastici o cetacei pronti a donarsi come trampolino di lancio per i nostri più intimi voli pindarici”. Una raccolta di splendidi romanzi scritti ad inchiostro su pelle.

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Pietro Sedda is a renowned tattoo artist I’ve known thanks to his first book published by Logos edizioni (Italy) in 2012; his new book Black Novels for Lovers is out now and it collects his best works of the past years. It is both a tattoo book and an artist’s monograph; his tattoos are real works of art: refined and complex drawings that you need to watch carefully to catch all its details and hints. The portraits of seamen, whales and women are in perfect harmony with the body. The colour black dominates and “completes everything” as Sedda says. In the introduction to the book the artist writes: “Black Novels For Lovers is my act of love, a proscenium inhabited by my actors. As an omen, a sweet alchemy, I tell small stories, ancient and melancholic stories without memory; there are hermetic men, immersed in thoughts and fantastical dreams, or cetaceans that are ready to act as springboards for our most intimate Pindaric flights”. This is a collection of wonderful novels handwritten in ink on the skin.

Author: Pietro Sedda / Publisher: Logos edizioni / Italian - english edition / ISBN: 9788857607764 / €35.00 #graffiti #world #artists #team #music #decor #license #brands #branding #licensing #dancheong #graphic #novels #rockbands #rockmusic #rockdrums #rockschools #rocknroll #dragons #tigers #tattoos #motorcycles #lifestyle #motocross #motolife #catalog #tv #movies #stories #mships #clothing


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stuff i write at 2 in the morning on long car rides in the rocky mountains

You’ll have to excuse me for falling in love with you.                                    

But you see, I’ve never been blessed by God before.

For only God could have sent down an Angel to warm my icy heart.

Like a magnet, at once

You found my wayward, cold, metal heart drifting pointlessly through a world of hopelessness and self-loathing,

And you drew me into the warm hope of your embrace.

While you were just a chapter in my life’s novel,

I tattooed those beautiful words into my entire being.

For every word you said

Every sigh, every smile, every laugh still rings through my head.

But as the stars wait longingly for their moon to rise again and give them a chance to glow once more.

I fear not that your absence is permanent.

For while I don’t where, and I don’t know when

I know for sure that we will meet again.

For God brought you into my life once

And he will bring you back.

And like those stars I shall be growing stronger and older

Yearning for that second chance at that warm hope

That emanates only from you