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Sensitive souls don’t have it easy in this cruel world. They feel like their souls are getting trampled on in so many ways. That’s why you see their eyes light up when they can caress a face or an animal, or breathe in the scent of a flower.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the Hippie novel “Lonely Traveller”

The Doctor/River Song + The Time Traveler’s Wife Quotes  

Don’t fall in love with everything: Fall in love with sunsets, with the pure and unpolluted eyes of an animal, with the flower petals in spring, with the rain beating against your window while you’re reading a book, and with people who respect your views, even if they don’t share all of them. But don’t fall in love with materialism, with the technological progress that makes machines the masters of our souls, and with people who only want to take advantage of you.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the “Lonely Traveller” novels
In thinking about when we might have lost our peace we might need to go back to our childhood. Back to a time when we enjoyed smelling flowers and caressing animals and exploring nature. A time way before society got us reformed to their way of competitive and materialistic thinking, bringing upon us that hectic and stressed-out lifestyle that took our peace away.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the Hippie novels “Lonely Traveller”
MM Update chat time

I’ve been going through the tag and checked some otome sites that I usually follow for walkthroughs  but I haven’t found anything concerning the time the chats take place so I decided to make this post. The day is incomplete though, I only managed to get to the game branch. 

00.00 Today is… (Zen, 707)

03.29 Zen’s birthday (Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung)

07.07 (really cheritz?) Can’t leave! (Zen, Jumin)

10.26 707 the cardboard ambassador! (Zen, 707, Yoosung)

Visual Novel

12.31 This is all a dream (Zen, Jaehee)

Visual Novel

14.06 Cardboard 707 and cat owner (Zen, 707, Jumin)

16.21 Suspicious Jumin (Zen, Jumin Jaehee)

Visual Novel

18.13 Traveling anarchist (Zen, Yoosung)

19.47 Banned plaster bust (Zen, Unknown)

Game Branch

21.19 Am I the weird one? (Zen)

23.50 Flow of dimensions (Everyone)

When you’re thankful for the little things, then the big things start happening.
—  from the hippie novel “Lonely Traveller Part 2, by Sereno Sky
We just don’t like too many rules, too much industrialization, too much religion, and some of us don’t like too many gurus to lead us around. And we surely don’t like wars and the destruction of Mother Earth and her resources. We actually do think about the future, even though we live in the ‘now.’ What we like is friendship and getting along, and a certain amount of spirituality. We like peace and love on earth. That shouldn’t be that difficult to understand.
—  Quote from a book I recently read called “Lonely Traveller” by Sereno Sky (source: instagram)