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February BPC // Day 7 - Female Authors //

Some books by female authors I want to get to soon!

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“I can survive well enough on my own — if given the proper reading material.” ― Sarah J. Maas

wethemoondaisies  asked:

I would greatly appreciate a love letter from Sirius :) I love reading historical fiction novels, baking cupcakes and randomly giving them out to my friends and neighbors, and doing hair/makeup (on myself and especially others) My guess is that you like any soulmate au? Thanks so much, hope I'm not too late!

Love Letters Are Closed!

“So sorry, I didn’t know you were doing love letters from FBAWTFT as well, could I possibly get one from Newt instead? Again so sorry and thanks!”

(Never a problem love. I do like the soulmate AU There are so many different ones to chose from!!)

Sirius Black


Might I just say that you looked ravishing today. Something different with your hair? Whatever it is, I think it’s your best so far. Though I do see to say that every day. It’s true every day. You’re more lovely than the last! James things I’m being a sap but I’ve told him to shove it because at least I’ve got you on my arm while he’s still prancing around Evans like eventually that will make her give in. It’s sad really. Remus however likes to point out that I really have no room to talk by the way I was trailing you those last couple of years. I’ve made it a point to tell him to shove it as well. I’ll see you after detention right? Who knew declaring one’s love with colorful banners would upset the teacher?



Newt Scamander


I’m looking forward to coming home. I know you’ve probably been baking up a storm? You usually are when I’m due back. As much as the creatures and I love your sweets I think we’re more looking forward to seeing you. I’ve missed waking up with you in the morning and seeing your smiling face. I think Pickett’s gotten sick again, either that or he’s still upset over having to be separated from you. Regardless it will do us all a lot of good coming home to you. You’re so close but still very far from my arms. I can not wait until that’s no longer the case.