novel cover art

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one! This was kind of two projects in one. I had to do a book cover for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration course. In addition I did this as a personal project; a graphic novel retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The script is still a working progress but in the meantime I will update with concept art until it is time to reveal the final piece. :)

I am fairly certain I am the only person in the world who gets irritated by how inaccurate the clothing is on romance novel covers. Like, no, that is a prom dress from 1983, not a Regency gown, and even if it was a Regency gown, do you know how much clothing she would have on underneath that? No, you can’t just unzip it down the back and have naked skin. There are chemises and stays and laYERS UNDER IT!!!

sometimes I worry about myself.