novel cover art

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one! This was kind of two projects in one. I had to do a book cover for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration course. In addition I did this as a personal project; a graphic novel retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The script is still a working progress but in the meantime I will update with concept art until it is time to reveal the final piece. :)


Oh, the seductive power of cover art. Whereas my intellect reminds me that a connected novel showed this book will probably not work for me, my eyes are protesting that such a gorgeous package could not possibly contain anything less than a sumptuous reading experience. Until I look up reviews and rediscover for the nth time that this is a Regency, not, alas, a Georgian, and draw a sigh, half relieved, half wistful.

(The Duchess Diaries by Jillian Hunter, part of her Bridal Pleasures/Boscastle series. Art by Jon Paul Ferrara.)

To everyone that pitched in on the Serpent’s Shadow cover- thank you! It took a lot of drafts and back and forth but the final cover can be seen on, where it’s  available for pre-order:

Give me the awessssome

And for the first time anywhere- Here’s the full, uncropped hardcover jacket art! Coming in October from the minds of Rick Riordan and Orpheus Collar, 160 pages of epic conclusiveness to a trilogy of graphic novels 5,000 years in the making :D