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That night I wrote in my journal: “Trees are schizophrenic now and beginning to lose control, enraged with the shock of their fiery new colors. Someone — was it van Gogh? — said that orange is the color of insanity. Beauty is terror. We want to be devoured by it, to hide ourselves in that fire which refines us.”
—  Donna Tartt, The Secret History 

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!! I am so excited and proud to announce that the release of the “Love is Love” graphic novel is tomorrow, 12/28, and we have plenty at the Gamer’s Gambit!

The graphic novel was created through the joint efforts of IDW Publishing and DC Comics in order to support the survivors and honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that happened earlier this year. Containing stories by multiple artists and writers such as Jim Lee, Gail Simone, Patton Oswald, and many more, the graphic novel is a collection of stories and reactions that were felt across the world as the news of this horrific hate crime broke.

I had to hold back tears as I flipped through this book; on one hand we see the reactions from characters as they watch the news unfold about the attack on the LGBT community. We see the sadness, the anger, the confusion as to how one human being could twist themselves around such hatred and let it consume them. And then, through other pages, we are treated to vibrant and beautiful colours featuring couples finding strength, family members accepting those who take a brave step and come out to them, a resurgence of love that refuses to simply break down and let anger taint everything. We see the faces of heroes and villains we know and love–Harley and Ivy, Batman, Batwoman, the Lantern Corps–reach out to help us find the power we’ve always had inside us. The power to push back.
The power to love and keep loving.

All proceeds from “Love is Love” will go to the families of the victims and the survivors via Equality Florida.

To quote a page of “Love is Love” that resonates with me personally:
“Keep creating your art. Tell your stories and celebrate life. Because that’s how we beat this thing…”


The useless days will add up to something. The shitty waitressing jobs. The hours writing in your journal. The long meandering walks. The hours reading poetry and story collections and novels and dead people’s diaries and wondering about sex and God and whether you should shave under your arms or not. These things are your becoming.
—  Cheryl Strayed, excerpt from Tiny Beautiful Things
Small Moments of Witchiness


-When the air pressure changes and the wind picks up

-Arctic Monkeys songs

-Radiohead songs

-Going to witchy shops on rainy days

-Black, green, purple, or red dresses

-Ravens or crows hanging about

-black, heeled shoes

-London when it’s grey and windy


-Full moons

-Tarot cards in little coffee shops

-The smell of lavender inscence cones

-Long dark acrylic nails

-Long corridors in old houses in England

-When the rain hits your window and the wind howls late at night

-Lightning illuminating your room for just a second


-Dark full-brimmed hats

-Cursive handwriting

-Cumbria, England

-Cornwall, England

-Necklaces with little bottles on them


-Agatha Christie novels

-Collections of tea

-Seeing spirits in public and knowing no one else can

-Using a pendulum

-Using one word spells in your daily life

-Driving in the rain

-Carrying crystals in your pockets

-Writing in your grimoire on a rainy day

-The smell of leather

These are just a few things that makes me feel especially magical, I’ll probably make another part to this! xxx


Disney’s DuckTales and Tangled: The Series Comic Books Coming This Summer

IDW Publishing Will Launch Comic Stories Based on the Animated Series

San Diego, CA (April 18, 2017) – Disney fans rejoice! DuckTales and Tangled: The Series are Disney’s latest animated TV series to make the leap from the small screen to the printed page with brand-new comics from IDW Publishing, in collaboration with Disney Licensed Publishing, an imprint of Disney Book Group, LLC.

First, DuckTales (woo-oo) returns! Featuring familiar favorite characters like Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, plus Huey, Dewey and Louie, this comic series will be modeled after the highly anticipated new animated series coming this summer, which has already been picked up for a second season in advance of its premiere. Their comic book tales will kick-off in a #0 issue this July for $3.99, providing the perfect jumping on point for both longtime fans and newcomers. Chances are, you’re already humming along to the catchy theme song as you read this!

This August, Tangled: The Series debuts as an original graphic novel collection titled ‘Adventure is Calling.’ In the novel, Rapunzel will embark on exciting new adventures with Eugene (FKA Flynn Rider), Pascal, Maximus, and her new friend Cassandra in a special adaptation of the series. The collection will feature 72 pages for $9.99, available everywhere comics are sold.

IDW Group Editor Sarah Gaydos said “We’re extremely excited to expand IDW’s relationship with Disney. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding both of these new animated series and we aim to live up to, and exceed, fan expectations.”

IDW’s history of publishing quality Disney Comics has been well established with such core titles as Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and more, paving the way for DuckTales and Tangled: The Series to become your next favorite Disney Comic. This summer, Disney begins a new chapter in comics with IDW Publishing!

Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ Reimagined As A Collection Of Novels

A lot of people have asked me when I was going to get round to making a Joni Mitchell album-as-books print. Well, that day has arrived - here’s the wonderful ’Blue’ reimagined as a collection of classic Penguin and Pelican paperback books.

This print is available now in the Standard Designs Etsy Shop.

boyfriend changkyun

A/N: all right so i love monsta x and my babies don’t get enough attention so i’m making boyfriend!monsta x posts like this for all the members!!! this probably won’t be coherent so i hope it’s at least cute!!! masterlist!!!

Originally posted by kihyeun

  • this is going to be a shitpost please enjoy
  • omo this weirdo please love him he’s just a kid
  • you know that person who randomly shows up in your life and completely changes it? that’s changkyun
  • he has so many sides 
  • soft changkyun
  • sassy changkyun
  • genlteman changkyun
  • childish changkyun
  • extra changkyun
  • he’d be a weird romantic
  • none of the romantic stuff you expect oh no
  • it’s your birthday? he’s jumping out of a cake
  • you tell him about your favorite show? he binge watches it and then whispers lines of it out of nowhere to scare you late at night
  • okay but ever since i saw the episode of “right now” in which he kept a straight face for 88% of the ride i expect him to just try and make a game out of keeping a deadpan expression for everything
  • “i bet i can keep a straight face while cleaning the kitchen that’s how a real man does it” “okay changkyun don’t forget to wipe water off the counter when you finish the dishes” “-_-”
  • he be interesting to cook/bake with because it could go from 0 to a 100 to 25 so fast
  • i don’t think he’d really be into pda other than simple handholding but you’d share this really special intimacy with him
  • like the warmth you can feel when he’s next to you would be so !!! because it’s just between you two
  • i also see him lying his head on your shoulder and looking up at you while you talk or just staring forward into space
  • i dunno every time he touches you you’ll be able to feel how special you are to him
  • dates with this kid ??? they go from “wait we’re on a date” to “who are you and what did you do with changkyun this is so well put together”
  • he seems like a casual guy so i expect his dates to go the same but don’t be mistaken he does put lots of thought into it because he really wants you to be comfortable and happy
  • okay but his voice…….just…….remember you’re blessed to hear how wonderful and calming it is all the time especially when you’re hanging with monsta x and changkyun leans to whisper in your ear because he wants to have a conversation with you without everyone hearing it
  • changkyun !!!!! coming !!!!! home !!!! after !!!! practice !!!!! and !!!!! rapping !!!! to !!!!! show !!!! you !!!! what !!!! he !!!!! did !!!! in !!!!! the !!!! studio !!!!
  • the look on his face will be so precious after he finishes rapping
  • he just wants you to be proud of him 
  • please be proud of him
  • he’s trying his best and always does the most
  • get ready for lots of competitions between changkyun and jooheon and having to be either the referee or changkyun’s number one fan
  • seriously there will be tons of freestyle rap battles between these dweebs in your home i’m warning you now 
  • changkyun would be such a lowkey hype man for everything you do like you reorganize your place? “holy shit!!!! my love is so skilled!!!!” 
  • traveling with changkyun !!!
  • honestly changkyun would have lots of chill adventures on vacation 
  • and then you’d be walking around the city and he would pretend to know where he’s going and you’d both get really lost but who cares when you two are taking aesthetic pictures together in front of the nighttime cityscape
  • grocery shopping with him is probably really relaxed and fun and he always knows the best snacks to buy
  • so many boyfriend material pictures (that you take of him or he takes himself)
  • highkey think he would use gifs/derp pictures of you as reaction photos in text conversations (with you and everyone else he knows)
  • he is probably the type of person to have lots of inside jokes with himself so expect a lot of your laughter together to be received with weird looks from everyone around you because no one understands
  • changkyun speaking english randomly
  • like he’d just say “what’s up” to the sofa or something who is this kid
  • his surprises for you would always be something he wouldn’t draw attention to but it would be sO tHoUgHtFuL like he would learn how to cook your favorite dish if you were feeling down and you’d be like ??? who is this boy and why is he so perfect ???
  • petnames !!! not anything like “fluffy-kins” more like nicknames that are useful in any environment but are individual to your relationship
  • he would make you so many mixtapes you can’t even fight me on this they would be compilations of songs he thinks you will enjoy/knows you like or ones he wrote
  • get ready for lots of subtweets in monsta x lyrics because changkyun loves you
  • i think he’s the kind of person who just does awkward stuff or says something that makes no sense and whenever it happens you just look at him and laugh and then he does his weird aegyo and the world is normal again
  • “why are you like this?” “i.m. who i am” 
  • expect a lot of sighing. from you. you’ll probabl sigh at him a lot and he’ll just grin.
  • you get to make fun of all of monsta x so please take this opportunity and run with it 
  • (also be prepared to run away because monsta x is a lot to handle they are insane)
  • rap all of his parts in songs. just do it.
  • honestly this boy is warm and weird and you won’t really expect falling in love with him but it will hit you and it’ll feel so natural you won’t even question it because the way he makes you laugh or furrow your brow in confusion is the realest thing you’ve ever known and when he smiles at you man oh man you know that’s true love
Dead people can be heroes because they can’t disappoint us later; they only improve over time, as we forget more and more about them.
—  Veronica Roth, Four: A Divergent Collection

Velma Dinkley: A 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High Class of ‘75. Seen by all as quiet, calculating, and reserved, she has a difficult time making friends outside of her six siblings.
After school Velma goes straight home to assist her parents on the family farm, so while she is bookish she is also quite sturdy. Her eldest brother swears he’s seen her hoist a full grown pig over her shoulder, but this claim has yet to be proven. The Dinkleys moved from West Virginia to California nine years ago and as a result she has quite the accent when her temper is lost. 

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You’re not supposed to ever give your books away. You gotta keep them forever because their something to be proud of. Your collection of books tells a story to people about what you’ve felt, experienced and learned over the years. It’s an archive of every stage of your life.
—  What my Dad told me when I was 13 and thinking of giving away some of my books because I’d read them already.