noveau riche


Now, ladies and gentlemen… (no disrespect, especially to some of my family) But I am of the opinion that the late Ferdinand Marcos was terrible but great. He was a twisted dictator, as twisted as they come, but he was hell intelligent. He is like Lord Voldemort. He inspires spite, fear and fury… but also awe. oh the trappings of brilliance.

One can appreciate the greatness behind the evil. It’s like Adolf Hitler, no doubt, he is one evil man. Probably one of the most evil that ever walked this earth… He can give Satan a run for his money. but he inspires awe in me… how in the world did one man, one man with a funny shaped mustache, convince millions of others to think that his shrewd, extremely inhumane ideas were correct? how? mind boggling. He must be some speaker, huh. Or maybe he can cast the imperius curse. who knew?

anywho… that’s how I feel with Marcos. And yeah, also, his first wife is a right piece of work. Imelda is really amusing.. her opinions really gets me…:)

One classic is “Filipinos want beauty. I have to look beautiful so that the poor Filipinos will have a star to look at from their slums.”

It is true yes. Filipinos love beauty… the masses worship the stars, the reason why celebrities are treated as gods.

And Filipinos are sharply cheeky as hell; they will insult you way below the belt, reason why cheap tabloids sell so much. all about Politicians’ dirty laundry and even trivial things like less than perfect physical and superficial attributes are stuff of satire and ridicule.

But she uses the ignorance behind that awe so she could appear in all of her nouveau riche glory and rub their noses deeper in the dirt. LOL

Oh Imelda… you are the original Lady Gaga.

If I may,

just reiterate the fact that that  having money does NOT ENTAIL having class. Just because you can afford to charge a pair of Loubs. to your Centurion does not mean you have to treat everyone like shit. You can be the most pedestrian person and still carry yourself with dignity and class, just like you can be filthy rich and be an asshole. 

I’m done. 

Orient in Notting Hill (Downton Abbey AU with blitzklinge)

The city of London was overcrowded and grey…if you went to the wrong places.

But the wealthy paid a subsequent amount to insure their neighborhood remained clean and civilized should a neighbor wish to take a walk in agreeable weather, or take their carriages out for a ride without having to wrinkle their noses at filth and feces on the ground.

Notting Hill was ideal for such, and had many high class homes complete with gardens, spotless roads, and members of the upper class.

More people from the neighborhood decided to take a walk that day due to the large number of wagons and cabbies outside of the formerly empty house known as the Red Palace.

It had been bought and sold by a member of the “noveau riche” who had a taste for Oriental design…and who happened to be a horrid gambler. He had earned and lost his fortune faster than one could imagine, and the house was left empty, regularly cleaned for the next owner. It’s bright red paint job on the walls, angled rooftops, all still conveying the sensibilities of English building, had furniture and crates unloaded from carts by workmen and into the house.

Finally…a much more classy carriage strolled up in front of the house as the carts began to leave, having been emptied…and with no small amount of curiosity, the neighbors waited to see who would emerge.

Thus the scandal of how one of the Orient came to live in Notting Hill…began.