Here is my fishy first-aid kit!

NovAqua Plus and Fish Protector are added with every water change. Aquarium salt gets added weekly, and Indian almond/catappa leaves are replaced as needed but are constantly in my tanks.

By brand, I have:
• API: Aquarium Salt, Pimafix, Melafix, Jungle Fungus Clear Tank Buddies (original recipe)
• Kordon: NovAqua Plus, Fish Protector, Methylene Blue
• Mardel: Maracyn Oxy, Maracyn Two
• Seachem: Kanaplex
• Hikari: Ich-X
• SunGrow: Mini Catappa Leaves
• Pure Essential Oil Works: Clove Oil
• generic/unsure: Epsom Salt (purchased at WalMart)

I still need to get tetracycline and Artemiss Microbe-Lift, but I’m satisfied with what I have now. If anyone has any suggestions or things that have worked for them, please let me know!


Love this.

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